1. SOLUS says

    I for one won’t be watching…well maybe…love a good train wreck!
    Today Show seems to be descending further and further into tabloid journalism.

  2. 99% says

    Not on my television. What’s more; every tabloid show will be rebroadcasting this crap for weeks.

    The network, once famous for 30 Rock and Rock Center now can add Rock Bottom to that list. They hit rock bottom and kept drilling, baby, drilling.

    “Look! We’re not all liberals! See?!?!? We’ll give any farting mouth piece a microphone!!!”

  3. Me says

    Isn’t she under contract to The Faux News Channel? Well, NBC is clearly sending a message what direction they are going to focus on in the coming election. No thanks.

  4. Dale says

    The woman has nothing to offer. No insight, no knowledge, and no journalistic research. That screechy voice is enough to keep her off your home TV. Could you imagine getting up in the morning to her? No Thanks.

  5. Rob says

    As a marketing ploy this may hugely backfire. I would not have switched to GMA FOR Katie Couric; but I will most definitely swith to GMA AWAY FROM Sarah Palin.

  6. VDUFFORD says

    CBS Charlie Rose,Gayle King and Erica Hill is a lot better morning news if you need a fix morning news.
    They start with around the world in 90 seconds with Rose thats about all you need.
    I like King once in a while an interesting guest appears.

    NBC Today show to damn long always trying to sell you junk you don’t need…now its Palin.

  7. Marcito says

    @ 99% . . . A+++

    Even if it’s a 4/1 “prank”,
    it’s not a stretch to believe.

    ‘Today’ show has been a “joke” for
    the last decade. The staff @ NBC News
    (& Brian Williams) must hold their noses
    every morning when entering 30 Rock

    Cheers to 99%!

  8. Michael says

    What? Is she actually going to tell the truth about something? Is she going to finally tell us all that she is shutting up? She proves how brainless and bigoted she is with every utterance. I will watch her be mocked on The Soup and SNL and YouTube. That’s as close to actually hearing her voice as I would ever like to get.

  9. SoLeftImRight says

    Monstrous decision. I sometimes catch some of the morning shows before work and when I work from home. They are uniformly awful and getting worse all the time. The Today Show actually had an extended report today, with guests in the studio, of women who collect real life baby dolls and carry them around with them in public as if they were real. Weird, out there stuff. They run so many things that make me turn the dial, and with the presence of Caribou Barbie, I will not be flipping to NBC tomorrow, and will let them know I think it’s a sick joke to give that empty-headed moron a platform.

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