1. mary says

    Although I find his behavior perplexing and very destructive to the cause of LGBT acceptance, I’ve always found Dan Savage unbelievably sexy. Go figure.

  2. SoLeftImRight says

    Mary, I’m curious, in what way are you perplexed by Dan’s behavior and in what way is he destructive to LGBT acceptance? I don’t get that.

  3. mary says

    SorightImleft, I’m going to keep it brief because I’ve been annoying people here lately with my ramblings. Basically, redefining people’s last names to mean something vulgar and licking doorknobs to give people a cold are immature stunts that don’t do justice to any cause – gay or otherwise. Many straights already have a false image of gays and lesbians as eccentric anti-social people. Most of these straights aren’t going to review places like Towleroad and see the true diversity of the LGBT community in terms of values, styles, and personalities. For many Savage’s actions re-inforce the stereotype, and therefore, make it less likely that straights will warm up to gay acceptance.

  4. SoLeftImRight says

    OK, Mary, thanks for answering. I don’t share those views, but at least I see where you’re coming from. The santorum label is so many years old, and while, yes, slightly immature, perfectly encapsulates the disgusting nature of the man, so I really don’t have a problem with it. In fact I’d rather deal with santorum than Santorum any day of the week. Cheers.

  5. kai says

    he makes a career out of being vulgar, which is fine, as long as he’s not putting himself out there as a representative of the LGBT community, which unfortunately, he is.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    Dan DID NOT do any thing to Santorum, one of his readers made the name change. PLEASE just get the facts str8, then you can fly off the handle. But to get facts all wrong and to fly off the handle, well that is just igornant.

  7. D.R.H. says

    Mary, would like to point out the origins or the Santorum name change.
    Santorums comment was, ” “That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.” He might as well have added “but” between the two statements because he as much as called me a dog rapist.
    When someone thinks so lowly of a group of people as to lump them into the same category as pedophiles and zoophiles, people tend to react… angrily? Santorum makes no disguises about his complete and total dislike of homosexuality and tries to blame any and all of societies ills on us. We have just cause to retaliate and if that makes us less “like able” then I suggest you reexamine your criteria for what makes a good person. Personally, I don’t like people that use their religion to justify hatred. But that’s just me.

  8. Quite Contrary Mary says

    Santorum got what he deserved. As to the knob licking, well, get over it.

  9. Bee Boo says

    It’s unfortunate some people actually believe his sophomoric bathroom humor advice about sex. His degree in theater with a work history as a video store clerk does not make him qualified to advise people on their real sex issues. Per blogs he’s had a hand in ruining a lot of relationships promoting his philandering affair views and practices. Hopefully impressionable folks realize he’s simply an entertainer rather than a qualified sexologist. Trying to be a representative for the LGBT community just makes him seem ridiculous.

  10. jack says

    I am an out and proud man and I don’t like Dan Savage. Really, I just don’t like him.

  11. Jay says

    Count me a Savage fan. He has had to become a gay leader because so many gay leaders did not stand up to speak on behalf of the gay grassroots. He has described himself as a “reluctant” activist. No, he doesn’t speak for all of us; nor is he representative of all of us. But his values are good, and he and his husband have done a great deal of beneficial things, including the “It Gets Better” project.

  12. says

    he doesn’t represent the Gay Community. he never claimed to, either.
    he’s a sex-advice columnist who is gay. he has written an absolutely TERRIFIC book called “The Commitment” which I encourage you all to check out.

    And Jay is correct, he’s become a “leader” by default. He’s not a self-styled, nor self-proclaimed “Gay Leader”, and if any of you have a problem with him being seen as one you have only one option – raise your own voice, heighten your own level of Visibility, and stand up to be counted to do the same.

    You can’t be mad that he’s stepped up to a position that nobody else seems to be willing to take. You can only stand up yourself.

    Hating dan savage will not bring about LGBT Equality. Because of Savage the rest of the world is, for the very first time, finally giving a flying f**k about the ongoing LGBT YOuth suicide rates.

    So pick your battles, brothers and sisters.

    when he’s right, he’s dead-on right.

  13. Paul of Tilling says

    “Many straights already have a false image of gays and lesbians as eccentric anti-social people.”
    Mary, that is very true, so the actions and demeanor of gay people regardless of whether he is a Log Cabin Republican lawyer or a scruffy looking reluctant activist like Dan Savage makes no difference. People who hate/dislike/fear gay people are not going to change their opinions even if we all behave like Miss Manners ladies and gentlemen. Do you think the likes of Tony Perkins would sing a different tune if Dan Savage was as squeaky clean as Donny Osmond?
    I don’t think so…

  14. says

    The “gay people would be perceived differently and accepted if every single one of them behaved the way anti-gay people want them to behave” thing is a preposterous and unintelligent non-argument.

    it’s selective amnesia. they’re already ignoring every single “good” (subjective….) gay person. you could put 100 suitable-for-viewing-by-insecure-straight-bigots gays in a room, and they’ll still complain more about the “gay guy with the tight jeans and the rainbow flag” having a coffee next door instead.

    learn to discern between Excuses and Reasons.

  15. Dan says

    The people complaining about the Santorum thing seem to be ignorant of why it came about–Santorum compares gay relationships between consenting adults to incest and sex with animals–he’s been doing that for decades. The google issue may have been childish but it did not damage the gay community. Also, “he makes a career of being vulgar”? What is this? A site for Puritans? Are you aware of what culture is like now?

  16. Becky says

    In addition to being childish the google thing was really funny. It didn’t give gay people a bad name–it showed our sense of humor and gave a lot of people who aren’t right wing nuts a good laugh.

  17. ratbastard says

    Here’s a reality slap to the face for some of you self described and appointed ‘advocates’ and ‘radicals':

    Nobody sane, of at least average IQ, and with a shred of self respect, likes being lectured to [when they didn’t ask for said lecture], mocked, treated in a patronizing manner; not gays, not straights, not females, not males, not whites, not blacks, not Hispanics, not Asians, not young, not middle aged, not old. And having healthy self esteem doesn’t mean an obsession with acting and appearing ‘hard’, being a mouthy punk, a control freak, having a need to look down on others to elevate yourself, being obnoxiously passive aggressive.