Soul Force Equality Ride Members Meet with LDS Church

(via Soulforce – Facebook)

Members of gay Christian activist group Soulforce met with LDS legislative lobbyist Bill Evans, public-affairs representative John Taylor, former TV reporter Ruth Todd and LDS attorney Alexander Dushku in Salt Lake City yesterday as part of their Equality Ride, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

The group, Soulforce’s 2012 Equality Ride, had four specific requests for the LDS Church: to cut all ties with and denounce Evergreen International, which continues to use "reparative" therapy in its treatment of gays; to stop funding groups that are fighting civil marriage equality across the country; to encourage LDS Business College to bring its policies on homosexuality in line with current Mormon teachings; and to add sexual orientation and gender identity/expression to the faith’s policies for church employees.

The Soulforce group members had hoped to meet with Church leadership, although they described the meeting as "overall positive":

[Jason Conner, Equality Ride’s co-director] said Mormon officials also agreed to work on using "more inclusive language" and to reiterate to members that no gay person should "question their worth or value or be kicked out of their home because of their orientation or gender expression identity."

The church, for example, should stop describing members who were "struggling with their sexuality," Conner said. "I’m not struggling. I am completely comfortable with my sexuality."

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  1. says

    ugh, “struggling with attractions”, “unwanted attractions”, etc.

    here’s the sad reality – the only reason people “don’t want” their “attractions” is because other people make them feel lousy about it.

    nobody “doesn’t want to be gay, just because”. the only reason is because they’ve been brainwashed by other brainwashed people into thinking it’s either not right, or they’ll never be loved and accepted for who they are. the cycle needs to stop.

  2. James says

    “to stop funding groups that are fighting civil marriage equality across the country”

    Why? I mean, was the Catholic Church busy or something?

    Honestly, I don’t see the point in this meeting, LDS is anti gay everything, they aren’t going to change.

  3. KT says

    This reminds me of the time the lesbian soldier visited with one of Boehner’s aids. The aid listened intently, made a couple of concerned faces, and absolutely nothing happened. I’m sure the outcome of this meeting will the same.

  4. Bob says

    A bunch of male and female lesbians masturbating with a vibrator whose batteries are dead.
    WORK ON THE MIDDLE PEOPLE WHO MIGHT CHANGE, not the 14th level mormon minions who are polite to your face, but think you are deluded by the devil