1. Rick S. says

    Meh. Typical of what is so depressing about most contemporary pop; all percussion and production, little in the way of voice, words, and melody.

  2. paul says

    Sorry i am going to say it..Nicky Minaj is basically a mess. Talentless overrated pile of old rubbish. She looks like a xmas tree.

  3. Andrew says

    Typical, expected garbage. I’m only 30, but I miss the good ol’ days where people had talent and had great voices and even sometimes knew how to (gasp) play a musical instrument.

  4. Frozen North says

    Hm. Lots of harshness in comments section today.

    I like the word play and rap parts (which is surprising for me, ’cause I hate rap.) But the chorus is senseless, boring, and repetative.

    There are some amazing great visuals in the video. But I totally don’t get the rave around a box bit near the end.
    Mecca parallel?

  5. Mike says

    I’m still shocked someone so engaged with the gay community would duet with Beenie Man. You know, the Jamaican guy banned in more than a few countries for his advocating violence against gay people. Yeah, he agreed to that “I promise not to hate on gays” treaty so he could get work visas…and then went right back to being a hateful, evil prick.

  6. Chicklets says

    I thought it was fantastic! Reminded me of a Thrill Kill Kult video from eons ago.

  7. MattS says

    Will never understand how she is so popular. Guess I’m hitting that point in my life where I “don’t get what the young kids are listening to.” I pretty much like most music, too, but just haven’t gotten into Minaj. I will say that this particular song is much closer to something I MIGHT consider listening to, but not quite.

    I am kinda fascinated with her body and how her ass looks like it was taken off a much larger woman and injected into a smaller frame. What is up with that? I mean, she has a great stomach and upper body… WTF?

  8. jesse says

    god, and i thought pop music was just supposed to be fun. this certainly was. living for that chartreuse wig.