1. Brim says

    Right on. I wonder in a poor economy what the conservative response to this would be since she doesn’t only appeal to rights but (essentially) to the market. Interesting vid though.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Are these spots playing on television or only on websites that people who intend to vote for the amendment will never go to and won’t even know about?

  3. jim says

    Wow, did she put the whole marriage equality issue in accessible-to-everyone terms! Job well done!

    Love the Carolina accent too, so comfortable and relaxing.

  4. Damn Yankee says

    You can get an idea of how safe it is to live in NC depending on who wins elections there and what they say and do. Until the tide turns I would not want to be gay there, or biracial, or even an ethnic minority of any origin.

  5. says

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