Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1108

COOKIE SNOBSTER: Mitt Romney will not eat store bought treats.

PLAYING PAUL: If Ron Paul’s presidential campaign were a video game.

CAN’T RESIST: He’s no role model, but R. Kelly knows how to make music.

ALL RELATIVE: The trailer for Your Sister’s Sister.

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  1. Anon says

    I am quite familiar with the “beloved institution” (as the manager puts it) of Bethel Bakery.

    This bakery does not make its own cookies or it own donuts. They ship them in.

    Back in the day, it was a beloved local bakery. It is still quite popular, especially for its wedding and birthday cakes. Their forte is cake decoration.

    Most of their shipped in cookies are quite decent, especially if you happen to get them fairly soon after they have arrived.

    The bakery used to be known for its pretzel donuts. They no longer make their own donuts or cookies, only cakes.

    I can’t stand Romney, but he wasn’t too far off on the cookies.

    Really sloppy reporting (or lack of investigating on the media’s part). The reporters should have tasted the cookies.

    The proprietors of this bakery are “Christians” and they are loving the publicity.

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