Ugandan President Denies Anti-Gay Discrimination Exists: VIDEO


Yoweri Museveni must be living on another planet, because the Ugandan president last night claimed that there's no such thing as anti-gay discrimination in his country, despite the fact that for three years conservative lawmakers there have been trying to pass the "kill the gays" bill. Apparently all that hubbub is simply about kissing in public.

"Africans are by nature discrete people," Museveni said on CNN. "We never exhibit our sexual acts in public. Therefore, the problem [is] with exhibitionism," rather than homosexuality. But then Museveni went on to say that a "second problem would be trying to lure young children into homosexuality."

Asked by Christiane Amanpour to explain the aforementioned bill ordering gay people to be killed, Museveni replied, "I have told you there is no discrimination, there is no persecution, certainly there is no killing. The only thing that is controversial, not only for homosexuals, but for all forms of sexual acts is exhibitionism. You don't kiss in public.”

Watch Museveni try to explain himself, AFTER THE JUMP.