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Watch An Interview With Student Booted From Pageant For Gay Marriage Support: VIDEO


Andy yesterday passed along word about a California student kicked out of a high school competition for saying he hopes gay marriage will be legalized within a decade.

A local CW affiliate snagged an interview with the student, Kearian Gertz, which you can watch AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if Joe Abell himself is closeted and acted out of panic. And yes, I am basing this suspicion primarily on the telltale lilt in his speaking voice, and yes I realize that's a stereotype, but it would not surprise me at all if this is the case. As for Kearian Gertz, good on him for being so courageous and not letting bigotry get him down.

    Posted by: Rob | Apr 5, 2012 3:36:24 PM

  2. this kid ROCKS.

    it's amazing how strong these young people are, willing to take the weight of our community onto their own small shoulders to bring visibility and awareness to this ongoing culture war.

    far too many conservatives work to create this idea that "gay people" materialize out of nowhere and enter this world in their mid-twenties in downtown metropolitan areas. the reality is anti-gay bigotry directly affects children, and kudos to this young vanguard for his bravery and integrity.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 5, 2012 3:48:02 PM

  3. Good for Kearian!

    Posted by: john patrick | Apr 5, 2012 3:56:09 PM

  4. Very interesting post!

    Posted by: | Apr 5, 2012 4:26:37 PM

  5. Agree with the comments above, (yes, Rob, when I heard Mr. Abell's voice, it definitely got me thinking a bit) but especially Kiwi. LGBTQ kids these days, and really, a whole lotta straight kids these days as well, just are NOT going to take discrimination without fighting back. They're not going to be quiet while injustice is occurring around them. And the will to battle the status quo and speak out for themselves and empower themselves in the face of horrific actions like what happened to Kearian is so brave, and so honorable. I have so much respect for kids like Kearian and his friends.

    We also have to remember and always be thankful for the people who went through HELL to get society to, at the very least, a point where circumstances like this would occur, where instead of LGBTQ teens feeling disenfranchised and hopeless, more and more feel strength and pride. The people who do their part to show support and love towards LGBTQ children. Parents who are there with unconditional love and guidance for their LGBTQ sons and daughters. The teens who have the back of their LGBTQ friends and who do their part to stand in support of our community. It helps you realize even through ALL the crap that still goes on, there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

    Posted by: Francis | Apr 5, 2012 4:34:11 PM

  6. Wow Francis, what a terrific comment, PROPS! The saying, we stand on the shoulders of giants comes to mind.

    What struck me about the young man's comments was his desire to fall in love and be married. Young people today see some married gay men and married lesbian women. They see that as something they want. That is worth fighting for. These kids have dreams that no generation before them had the hope to even dream it. I remember that so well from the Prop 8 Trial. It was Kristine Perry I think who said it, that when she grew up she never had even a hope of marrying a woman as it didn't exist.

    Posted by: StraightGrandmother | Apr 5, 2012 6:00:20 PM

  7. Did you change the secret code you have to type in in order to post a comment. I am having a hard time reading this new system. I had to click through about 10 of them to get one I could make out. The old system was much easier and better.

    Posted by: StraightGrandmother | Apr 5, 2012 6:02:35 PM

  8. From someone who was there and does not know this guy, but knows of people who do. He did not say anything offensive, or inappropriate or out of line at all. If anything, the audience actually really liked what he said. He was asked a question and gave his response. It was shocking how this was handled. Actually scary.
    We've almost reached a point where not only can't gay people attain rights, they also can't even TALK about wanting freedom. That should be very, very scary to most LGBT and LGBT allies. My sister and I were so digusted while in the audience after hearing he was disqualified from the competition (he could have actually won it! I think that was their fear too. That an openly gay student would represent the school)

    Posted by: Joel Limens | Apr 5, 2012 10:19:33 PM

  9. So now gays will be penalized for expressing discrimination they face? and people say gay rights aren't civil rights? they are the most horrible of civil rights injustice of our time. This whole story is madness, and the school administration said they don't disagree that they kicked the kid out of the contest, they just disagree with calling him out in front of everyone and how it was handled.

    Posted by: IonMusic | Apr 5, 2012 10:21:42 PM

  10. ....and we wonder why our gay youth kill themselves when their peers beating them up for being gay is one thing they have to face, but the school staff also treat them like absolute dirt.

    The biggest issue LGBT adults need to be working toward is the safety, security and protection of every GAY child in America. That should be our communities main focus today. Because this is getting out of hand and a new story is surfacing every day like this.

    Posted by: P.J | Apr 5, 2012 10:23:42 PM

  11. Thank you Straightgrandmother for the kind words! And that saying definitely does apply here.

    Ultimately, these countless stories now of freedom of speech being blatantly stifled in these schools is yet another indication of the backlash against our community as we gain visibility. It gets worse before it gets better-----that's what we're seeing. People, and not just straight but many gays, are scared, as we as a community and our allies are starting to actually fight and speak out. And when people are scared, and view something as a threat, they lash out at that threat and will attempt to stifle the thread and eliminate it. That's what incidents like this represent. Especially in schools, because teachers/principals/bigoted parents/etc. will see homosexuality as being dangerous, something that if sanctioned and supported, children will choose or kids who identify as gay will stay gay. That's the gorilla in the room that isn't being talked about. What these bigoted teachers and parents really hate is any potential "indoctrination" of homosexuality to our youth. Which is why they see a harmless answer as the one Kearian gave as political and offensive. Bigots see homosexuality as a virus that spreads if it isn't contained.

    With that being said, situations like this are going to continue occurring and what it's going to take to put an end to them are increased visibility and education of gay issues to our youth, and lawsuits. We can't fix the hateful adults, but LGBTQ youth (and straight youth too) CANNOT be collateral damage, and that is something we all control. Do your part to make sure the schools in your community are not sanctioning homophobia and are promoting a culture of acceptance for LGBTQ children. Demand LGBTQ education and Gay-Straight alliances at your local schools. If available make sure you help at a LGBTQ youth center in your area, or at the very least make sure that LGBTQ youth in your community have an adult they can lean on for support.

    Posted by: Francis | Apr 5, 2012 10:51:22 PM

  12. For the life of me I can't understand why some of you would like to believe that every anti-gay person is a closeted homosexual. Do you honestly think that reflect well on us? Do you think that Jerry Falwell or the guys who bashed Trev Broudy were gay? Why would you want to think that? Because a handful of politicians profited by being in the closet and selling out gay people?

    Posted by: David Hearn | Apr 6, 2012 12:30:39 AM

  13. kicked the kid out of the contest, they just disagree with calling him out in front of everyone and how it was handled.

    Posted by: Cheap Web Design Services | Oct 31, 2012 12:58:41 PM

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