1. David in Houston says

    Cute video. He’s seems to have a need to show off his body a lot. (I don’t blame him) He’s like a gay version of Matthew Morrison… except we’re suppose to believe he’s straight. Sadly, he’s not that good of an actor 😉

  2. R says

    Usually, I find things like this really creepy, but I think he’s actually making fun of stalkers… or making fun of himself for being obsessed… or something. It was clearly tongue-in-cheek, whatever it was.

    All in all… mheh. I could be prejudiced, though, as I don’t get Katy Perry at all. Her music is crap.

  3. kansastock says

    Although incredable now, this guy is going to have moobes in 20 year… and back problems. In the meantime, stay off the pecdeck and give me a call. The singing’s ok, but really, who cares.

  4. jimdandy says

    “beautiful voice” in headline is a little disingenuous – pretty much in the American Idol vein of pop mediocrity.

    I was expecting something great (from the headline…)

  5. MattS says

    I actually really enjoyed this and got a few big smiles from watching. Very clever and DEFINITELY tongue-in-cheek, for those haters who inexplicably think this is in any way serious. A very clever follow-up to actually being on stage with Katy.

    Regarding the guy, very hot. Has a great theater voice and those nipples. Just beautiful and they transform when he’s wet… :o)

  6. sylina says

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  7. MarkUs says

    Trying TOO hard for funny is painful after 30 seconds. I love the hit amateur YouTubes like “He Wolf” where brilliance just happens accidentally it seems.

  8. Rik Newby says

    I don’t get why there are so many people who are so quick to tear someone else down. The guy made a cute, funny video. No one is forcing you to watch it. Lighten up, everyone. If you’re that unhappy in your own life, maybe you should work on yourself instead of criticizing others.

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