1. jim says

    More-more-more! I want to watch the whole show! Love Zach, every time I see or hear him he’s wonderfully clear, concise, persuasive and non-threatening. He’s a nice counter-balance to my man Dan Savage!

  2. Paul R says

    He’s the kind of person where you can’t help but think, Wow he’s going to be quite successful.

  3. allan says

    gorgeous and very intelligent. I wonder what his flaw is. there has to be something!

    I am so going to envy/hate the person this guy is going to end up with. lol

  4. toddo says

    Actually, yes — the book’s been out for two weeks or so…So go buy a copy already! An outstanding young man…

  5. Bart says

    I hope my sons are as well spoken about my relationship with their other dad when they are his age.

  6. Bill_IE says

    Thanks for the link Jim. Well worth watching. He is clearly an outstanding young man.

  7. DM10003 says

    One thing that Zach should have started with about religious arguments against gay marriage is that religions DO NOT OWN the institution of marriage nor do they own the word “marriage”.

    Critics of gay marriage are not even mentioning atheist or civil marriages, nor are they stopping childless or even loveless marriages. Nor do they address how the vows fail to mention children, fertility, sex, or even heterosexual sodomy. Nor are they protesting tattoo parlors or Red Lobster restaurants (two places of Biblical blasphemy).

    Homophobes are bullying who they feel are weak so they can score points and gain ground in a rather cruel and cowardly way.

    Just as we don’t read the apostles for laws about the cost of a fishing license, we separate religion from government marital status. Homophobes try to talk around that fact by claiming that marriage should be taken out of government so they can “own” it — all to avoid the reality of the non-religious basis of marriage and of their lack of a copyright on the word “marriage”.

  8. IonMovies says

    He’s more commited to our cause, getting equality and demanding our fair treatment than some gays out there (shaking my head)….that’s what makes him even more special to me.

  9. MattS says

    Very impressed by this guy and SO glad he’s getting all this media exposure which will no doubt help shape public opinion for marriage equality. Easy on the eyes, too. ;o)

    Piers Morgan gained a few points for that interview, as well. It almost makes up for the nasty things he said about Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl. Not quite, but almost.

  10. UFFDA says

    Zach Wahls…I want to hear him talk about everything! He makes me feel like I have gone into a state of meditation achieving clarity, wisdom and elevation. I feel better in the world that he is among us.

  11. Bob says

    Zach, we love you. Don’t let the attention go to your head — although you are a great guy with lots of abilities, you are young, and have strong moms to keep you sane

  12. DrMikey says

    @Larry – you can find the complete interview at CNN.COM if you simply use the search bar and type in Zach Wahls Piers Morgan.
    Zach is certainly an articulate, intelligent young man who likely would make a great candidate for political office. I would love to hear him speak about other issues, although I am confident he would be just as convincing.

  13. Bob says

    People always talk about “the religious” as the opposition. I’m Catholic and have never experienced any kind of homophobia in my church. Most Catholics I know are gay supportive. I feel like the media creates factions and lines that don’t totally exist.

  14. Sam Armstrong says

    @Bob — Regardless of what most people you know may believe, the leadership of the Catholic Church have certainly made it clear what they believe (and are afraid of.)

  15. jack says

    There is a danger in putting any human on a pedestal, but I’m going to join in and put Zach on one. He seems like an outstanding young man. I hope all our homage doesn’t go to his head.

  16. Ambrose says

    @Bob: Then you have your head in the sand. The current hierarchy has proposed a united front with other religious communities in opposition to gay marriage. A bishop recently mandated that a college in his diocese dis-invite a distinguished gay alum from speaking at graduation. Vatican officials issued a formal reprimand against American nuns for not speaking out vociferously against gay marriage initiatives. Catholic bishops in Washington and N. Carolina are having letters read in parishes to promote illegalizing gay marriage or even civil unions. Those are just a few recent items in a potentially endless list. You and other LGBT folks can’t get married in your church, go up to have your relationships blessed, or have them in almost any other significant way acknowledged publically. If you accept your second-class status within Church teachings as reasonable or natural, then that’s sad.

  17. jack says

    @ Bob: If you don’t know that the Catholic Church is run by a collection of good old boys, closeted self loathing homosexuals, you should get your head out of the sand. It is true that at the local parish level some priests and nuns don’t follow the dictates of the hierarchy, but the institution itself is run by self loathing homosexual homophobes.