11 Democratic State Chairs Call For Including Marriage Equality In Party Platform

DNCWith only four months until the Democratic National Convention, 11 state party chairs have joined the growing chorus asking the Dems as a whole to finally embrace marriage equality.

Party heads from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont and eight other states today announced that they want the Democratic Party to include a commitment to same-sex marriage in their official platform.

One of the chairmen, New York's Jay Jacobs, remarked, "Marriage equality is simply the right thing to do, and that's why I strongly believe that the Democratic Party should stand united for a freedom to marry plank in our national Democratic Party platform."

While President Obama would surely like to put gay marriage on the sideboard before November's election, increased pressure from colleagues like Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry will most likely — or at least hopefully — inspire him to take a definitive stand for or against equal rights.


  1. Bart Von says

    I would agree that the DNC should adopt marriage equality. More and more we see that the people most alienated by the issue are the ones least likey to vote democratic. At this point I would suggest it would speak volumes about fairness and democracy. This could attract more independents than those put off by the issue.

  2. says

    So maybe it’s time for the Dems. to stand up for equality.

    Not for the Catholic/Evangelical/Baptist bastardisation of equality.
    Or do the Dems. want to wait until it is safe to adopt that platform of policy ?
    When are they going to grow a pair and stand up for principle……not pragmatism. #
    The high ground of EQUALITY awaits, just take it.

    Now who said that it’s always the right time to do the right thing ?

  3. Derek Washington says

    THIS is why I am a Democrat. We believe in and foster diversity and equality. The other side thinks diversity and equality are bad words that are just scary words to be used in fundraising emails.

  4. says

    I’m not so sure on this guys. I think this is a very delicate albeit salient issue. I am a STRONG Democrat and I despise the Republican Party and everything they stand for. But, I believe it might be a better strategy to not alienate voters, no matter how wrong they are on the issue, and risk losing seats in Congress or even worse, the Presidency. If we can ensure the Democrats gain seats in both the House and Senate and retain President Obama, there is no doubt in my mind that we will see progress on marriage equality and many other GLBT issues. But if we allow the Republicans to gain seats or take over the White House, we are going to see a serious erosion of any forward progress we’ve made. So while we know marriage equality is the RIGHT thing to do. It might be taking a gigantic gamble that could have drastic consequences.

  5. MiddleoftheRoader says

    I agree with Christopher Blackwell. Most of us have a strong sense, in our hearts if not our minds, that Obama will come out in favor of marriage equality. However, pushing him to express that view before this election is not going to get him more votes — it’s going to lose him votes. If anyone really thinks that Romney is the better alternative for gay and gay-friendly voters, or that Romney and Obama are no different so why bother voting at all (which is effectively a vote for Romney), then it’s not possible to convince that person otherwise. But many of us think that if Obama endorses marriage equality before the election, he’ll lose votes overall because some of his supporters do not favor marriage equality and could be stirred-up to vote against him or because he will be painted as “caving in” to the “gay lobby”.

    This election is too important to risk losing the Presidency. Most likely the Senate will become Republican; if Romney beats Obama, then a Republican President and Senate will give us 1 – 2 more Supreme Court justices like Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts (because there’s a good chance that Ginsburg and/or Breyer won’t serve for another 5 years). Is that what we want — another 20+ years of a conservative Supreme Court as all of the gay rights cases come up for review?

    Sorry folks — it’s OK to feel with your heart, but please think with your heads. Don’t trash Obama on this issue in the midst of an election. For those who disagree, I respect your views …. but abandoning Obama at this point unless he endorses marriage equality risks losing too much, and gains very little (if anything) in the short run.

  6. says

    @ Middleoftheroader;

    I completely respect the point you are making.

    it is a risky strategy to put marriage equality on the policy platform.

    But no matter what they do I am an Obama supporter.
    We cannot allow a generation of potential progress to be destroyed with a conservative appointment to SCOTUS…….poor Ginsberg would have to hold on for ever if Romney were to win.

  7. says

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  8. jack says

    I am a 73 year old USN veteran and life long democrat. I just don’t want you folks to try to elect President Humphrey, Dukakis, Kerry and Gore. I voted for all of those liberal democrats. The American people thought them too liberal . Please don’t push Obama too far left BEFORE the elections and cause the election of Mitt Romney.

  9. mikeflower says

    The Republican Party Presidential Platform has, for many years, contained planks that oppose gays & lesbians. Homophobes are not going to vote Dem no matter what the dem platform contains. Obama should support Marriage Equality as well as oppose the actions of his DCCC lieutenant & Blue Dog-In-Chief Steve Israel. He won’t.

  10. says

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