1. Jason 2 says

    I don’t understand why people give idiots like this chaplain a platform to preach their message. The should be coldly ignored, perhaps spit on a few times. That’s it.

  2. says

    This guy is a paranoid religious fanatic. Pakman is so much more intelligent and rational than Klingenschmitt. Klingenschmitt was a lost soul as an orphan, a lonely little boy, and then became a Christian fanatic by being indoctrinated by his adopting parents who changed his life, taught him their ideas and saved him from loneliness. In his form of argument, he himself was a child who was recruited into a lifestyle.

  3. Steve says

    Klingonshit is highly mentally ill. He is on record as having performed an exorcism on a lesbian who had been raped and laughing at her when she cried.

  4. james says

    Why would I want to acquiant myself with this man and his bizarre ideas?

    It’s interesting to me that 25 years ago, talk show hosts would invite gay guests on to talke about gay rights, and that was “radical and provocative” and helped gain viewers. Now, to accomplish the same thing, they have to invite people like this fool. That he gets any platform at all may indicate how times have changed.

    I like Towleroad but do not think it is necessary to highlight every temporary celebrity who says something anti-gay.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Last night on Bill Maher’s Late Night, one of his guests asked a question that is my new favorite quote. “why does America double down on dumb?” This do aptly describes the conservatives in this country. When faced with facts, science, reason…instead of learning, instead of growing and expanding and expelling ignorance, they double down on dumb.

  6. Lazycrockett says

    But the Pigs drowned themselves after being possessed by the demons. So his statement is flawed. Cause if same sex in animals is caused by demons then the animals would kill themselves instead of humping each other.

  7. Dale says

    I found the study on the Internet and it is absolutely without a doubt accurate and proven science.


    I read on the Internet that religion was created by man to manage and control the masses and wealth and was not ordained by any god. It also said the bible was a book of fairytales. I even saw a youtube video that backed up this way of thinking.

    Case in point.

  8. UFFDA says

    This is just too divinely stupid isn’t it? As seen here Christianity is a kind of mad swine disease that causes people to stumble around unsteadily until they fall down in their own crap and have to be put out of their misery.

    And Pakman, by the way, did twist the chaplin’s twists all around to make them even more ridiculous. Might as well I suppose.

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    interesting little theories he’s got there. I wonder what they’d say about them at a real seminary instead of at the sh/t-h0le bible colleges people like him get into.

  10. Timothy says

    David is extremely talented and has a knack for conducting these interviews with difficult people. When he does these interviews, the show shines. He needs to focus more on work like this and less on the aimless banter b/t him and his engineer/co-host, Lewis. The show devolves into a late night college bull session.

    David, get a co-host who is really sharp and up on all the issues, cut down on the idle banter, and do more interview segments and the show will take off.

  11. Patrick says

    Every time I hear someone claim that Mendelian genetics somehow proves being gay cannot be an innate trait (or someone who claims that the second law of thermodynamics disproves evolution), I’m reminded of the fools in Shakespeare — using words that sound right without any idea how hilariously idiotic their statements are to those who know what the words mean.

    Does Klingenschmitt bother to think at all? If his Mendelian genetics argument had any validity, there could be no genetic traits that render anyone infertile. Utterly asinine.

  12. Michael Lederman says

    Several things separate us from lower animals, among them are the ablity to decern between right and wrong and acceptable and non acceptable. Another thing is that lower animals do not have the brain capacity to override their primitive instincts. Perhaps you homosexuals would rather be considered throwbacks to a more primitive form of human, that would be something that would explain much of your behaviours.

    We’re Here We’re Not Queer Get Used To It!

  13. Tom Cardellino says

    Undear Michael Lederman,
    Please take cyanide or some other painful and prolonged method to drop dead. You are a coward as well as an arrogant member of a majority by simply the luck of the draw. From all of your circumstantial privilege, the best you can come up with is that teenage screed? Stop breathing the precious air that the rest of us humans need to survive the abject stupidity you so drunkenly espouse as if you had a sober brain cell to call upon. How many fag-bashings, execution of gays for merely being gay, children beaten to a bloody pulp simply because they might appear gay, just how many empirical VOLUMES of death and subjugation of gay people does any one straight person need in order for them to discover their own human empathetic heart? You, Mikey Lederman, if indeed that is your real name, you miscreant, have no empathy, have no heart, and have no excuse for it considering your chosen moniker most likely resides in a first world country. You are the kind of aberration for which I wish suicide would become fashionable in your circles. Groupthink is evidently something to which you adhere wholeheartedly. Please, please, please set a trend amongst your fellow Neanderthals and relish the idea of self-immolation as the penultimate objection to the recorded-history-long contribution of homosexuals to human civilization, please? I’ll send you the gasoline and matches free of charge if you become brave enough to put something on the line besides mere hateful verbal sentiments.

  14. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @Michael Lederman and Gordon Klingenschmitt,

    Male lions are renowned for homoerotic behavior. Check the subject out on YouTube. You’ll be forced to admit that lions always have the edge on fundamentalist Jesus worshipers like you. The score in the Colosseum is the same as it ever was anywhere else:

    Lions 10; Christians 0

  15. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Michael Lederman again,

    Perhaps the above comment was too vague. Let me spell it out. You and your fellow Christianists have become rather unpopular with the vast majority of your fellow citizens. Does that clear things up?

  16. St. Theresa of Avila says

    This is becoming like a hollywood movie…

    The United States of America, 2012: Closet Homosexuals versus Honest Homosexuals – the Final Battle! All of these freaks are coming out of the woodwork for their final assault. If Obama’s progressivism isn’t quickly rolled back, their world is going to start to fall apart. Hatred of “teh gay” is an essential recruitment tool of the evangelical-industrial complex. Romney, fake moderate, MUST NOT be elected.

  17. andrew says

    I just knew that those homosexual penguins were possessed by the “devil”. What I did know as a 17 year old navy recruit was that the chaplains who lectured us on morals etc were poorly educated boobs. And when jesus drove the demons out of a human and they entered the swine who ran into the sea and drowned, did the demons also drown? Can’t demons breath under water? Do evil spirits need oxygen? And why did those Jews have herds of pigs? Pork anyone?

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