1. gaylib says

    William Barber is a hero for ALL North Carolinians. He is truly a civil rights icon who stands up whenever injustice rears its ugly head. He’s been a constant target of the racist right wing in this state for years, and now has taken on the homophobes too. No matter what happens tomorrow, Rev. Barber has made it clear that he and the NAACP stand behind us in our fight for equality. I for one and truly grateful.

  2. ben thomas says

    thank you reverend, as a child brought up in a southern baptist home, i thank you for speaking the words that i can’t speak. thank you for being brave for me, when i cannot be brave enought. don’t even know you, but i love you.

  3. JFE says

    Excellent stuff here. I hope posts like this get more comments that the upteenth post of “I-said-crack-their-wrists-but-I-OBVIOUSLY-didn’t-mean-hurt-them” pastor.

  4. NullNaught says

    Thank you God, even though I don’t believe you exist, for sending us the Rev. Barber.

  5. TJ says

    Wait, what? A person of color against the amendment? Several,, even? There are people who regularly post here whose heads just exploded.

    As for the gentleman in this video, BRAVO!

  6. luminum says

    So important to have people of faith likes these standing up and speaking out against those who would dominate the conversation about religion and LGBT rights with their bigotry.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    Rod McCullom has been covering Dr Barber’s fight against Amendment One. I was hoping that you would also. Thanks.

    ‘Course some people only want to hear about anti-Gay Black assistant football coaches in Nebraska–of all places…the one with the big juicy buns (I couldn’t help but notice)

  8. Marc says

    This is one of the most important videos I have seen in a long time. He’s giving us ALL excellent tools in how we can quickly re-frame ANY debate in our own home towns and states. I need to watch this again and take some notes. This is excellent advice. The power is in OUR hands in how we correctly shape the debate in ways that will guarantee our win.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I’ve re-posted to my Facebook!

  9. Henry Blackman says

    What a powerful speech. Lawmakers, and hate groups ought to listen and hear it.

  10. simon says

    Those people who don’t like gays are precisely the same people who don’t like blacks. Don’t let the NOMnuts divide and conquer. First they come for the gays, next will be the blacks.

  11. scott says

    Thank you so much Reverend- you are truly a giant for justice, equality, and the TRUE meaning of righteousness.

  12. Urmensch says

    After seeing so many examples of religious people who don’t get it, it is really wonderful to see this man lay it all out so clearly.

  13. jim says

    Beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful and inspiring.

    But one question: why the hell hasn’t this been voiced loudly and consistently for the last month or two? Why are we only getting this amazing viewpoint a couple days before the election?? THIS is what should have been in the TV spots all along!

  14. elg/edwin says

    Good for the Rev. Dr. Barber for speaking out against Amendment One.

    But most likely, the good reverend represents an insignificant number of the black (or white) preachers in North Carolina.

  15. Buffy says

    A beautiful speech. As a Christian who is an LGBT ally it is wonderful to hear more pro-LGBT support from religious communities.

  16. say what says

    MSNBC Laerence O just showed

    & He will be on at 2 tomorrow afternoon with Tamron Hall

  17. William says

    Rev William J. Barber offers here a worthy,
    valuable lesson in American history, to which
    he has so eloquently stood up to the tawdry
    sides of. As a native of North Carolina now
    in New York, I am nonplussed by this reactionary move in North Carolina. The hope
    is that this timeless lesson spreads like
    wildfire around for all to witness.

  18. Sister Glory says

    Someone asked me a question… “Is this the work of Satan in disguise or is this the work of God? Well, my answer resides in my ability to identify the character of Satan and God. God is love & Satan is of Hate. Ain’t no love in the act of discriminating. The hearts of God’s strong soldiers understands that their duty in life includes what it is they are hearing and seeing in this video. All who sees this video are witnessing a sample of a great evolutionary change evolving in the heart-land of America and all around the entire world. The question of genealogy shouldn’t ever be the political or religious focus. At least that’s what the Word of God speaks against. (see also the Holy Bible/1Tim.1:1-4,5-17;Roman3:19-31) Therefore, Rev. Williams’ speech is reasonable for all to consider. The right question isn’t being asked of the citizens on the ballet sheets … Therefore, the right answer/vote can’t be given. Let’s stop the Hate PPL! A good book which explains this in clear biblical details is called Discerning Perceptive; written by Sister Glory Sanders Thompson. NOTE: God isn’t making no room in Heaven for HATERS who DESPISES MEN so vote against discrimination.

  19. Dianne says

    As an African American woman, this speech left me with the same feeling that I had when MLK made his speech in Washington so many many years ago. BRAVO for non ignorant African Americans who don’t follow every word and command of their so called pastors who preach HATE over Jesus’ command of LOVE; and thus are being led by those who have been bought off by right wing RELIGIOUS leaders who know nothing about LOVE SPIRITUALITY and TRUTH! Rev. Dr. Barber just put himself on the national map; and has more courage than President Obama present “spoken” position on this issue.

  20. Bob says

    Totally agree with his position. The whole point of having rights is to protect people from the whims of majorities. Mob rule is not democracy.

    Apart from that, it is great to see a public speaker who is a great orator. Too many of our public figures are inarticulate and boring, or can only repeat the scripted message over and over and over, no matter what question is asked.