1. Michael says

    I was there at the speech since my sister was graduating. It was a really moving speech and I was close to tears. The people sitting in front of me, unfortunately, showed visible signs of awkwardness. Maybe one day stories like Berry’s will be universal.

  2. RML says

    Perhaps we need to stop calling this behavior “homophobia” & give it the lable it truly is & deserves—”homoechthra” i.e. hatred of homosexuals

  3. Alan says

    I grew up near this guy, we went to the same University for the same 4 years; he continues to live in DC – why have we never met?

  4. Pedro Delgado says

    Hmmm…the same OPM Director that doesn’t recognize my same-sex partner as my spouse. How can I be “true to myself” if you don’t allow me to do so?

  5. Peter says

    Very moving. @Michael – I would take that awkwardness as a badge of honor. It proves we have people willing to press the issue despite discomfort, right?

    @Pedro – no, it is DOMA that doesn’t recognize your same-sex partner as your spouse. We are governed and bound by laws, not dictators. The best that a federal agency head can do is expand benefits as far as they are able to under existing law (which Berry has done with same-sex benefits and gender identity protections) and recognize that a law is unconstitutional and stop defending it in court – which Berry and Obama did with Golinsky vs. OPM…paving the way for same-sex spousal benefits in that case. DOMA will need to be repealed or thrown out by courts in order for your spouse to be called your spouse under federal law. In the meantime, thank god people like Berry press the law as far as they legally can.