Bloomberg News Dissects Christine Quinn’s Political Style


As she prepares for her wedding and continues to lay the groundwork for her forthcoming mayoral race, Bloomberg News takes a closer look at New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

In addition to examining her relationship with Mayor Mike Bloomberg, founder of the news outlet, and her humble beginnings, the article also includes critiques on Quinn's at-times contentious political style, a style at least one person describes as a "throwback."

“She’s a throwback to the Irish-American political bosses in the history books,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac Polling Institute in Hamden, Connecticut. Its May 10 survey found that she led a five-candidate Democratic field with 26 percent approval, twice as much as her nearest rival. “She’s always thinking, ‘What do we need to win?’”

This is of course what every other politician in history is constantly thinking, so I guess she knows what she's doing.


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    Since 2006, Quinn has used her power as Speaker and hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary funds to advance her political career at the expense of the democratic process and the public she alleges to serve. The way in which she strong-armed the City Council to overturn term limits is just one example. We must look beyond her identity to her actual record. Do we really want to elect the candidate with the worst human rights record in the City Council (according to the Urban Justice Center)? Or the candidate who has killed bill after bill that has a veto-proof majority of sponsors b/c they don’t suit her political agenda?

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