Bristol Palin Blasts Obama For Listening To His Pro-Gay Gals


In case you’ve been missing illogical statements from the Palin brood, daughter Bristol today admonished President Obama for listening to his girls’ words on gay marriage, which he credited with helping him “evolve” toward full acceptance of marriage equality.

“While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads,” Palin said in a blog post. “…It would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. Or that — as great as her friends may be — we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.”

Pardon, Ms. Palin, but I don’t believe there’s any evidence suggesting kids do better in heterosexual homes. Actually, there’s no proof whatsoever of that go-to right-wing argument. Nice try, though.


  1. NaughtyLola says

    And that’s why she and Levi are married and raising their baby together, right? Yes.

  2. Matt26 says

    BP is pushing down gays, daughters, fathers who respect and listen to their daughters.

  3. Cam says

    So says the unmarried high schooler who got knocked up.

    Funny, wasn’t it a Palin daughter who got into trouble for calling somebody a “Faggot” on their Facebook account?

    Can’t call Bristol a flip flopper, she was once a bigot and still is.

  4. mark says

    …wow, really Bristol ??? you are going to start casting the proverbial stones while “quoting” the bible…? honey, turn around ..your fellow church goers are casting stones at YOU dear…

  5. ron says

    how can she not see the hypocrisy in her opinion… oh yea,…. she’s a chip off the old block

  6. Grover Underwood says

    if kids growing up in a father/mother home are so great, what in the hell happened to her?

  7. VDUFFORD says

    A Mothers day Message for Bristol!
    Go back to Alaska…get the family together and don’t forget mommy…get into your Hummer…drive to the Alaskan Wilderness that I believe is called the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and get permanently…LOST!

  8. gaylib says

    I’d rather have Malia and Sasha’s father than your baby daddy anyway. At least he waited until he got out of high school to have them.

  9. Robert says

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over that caterwauling. Could someone please take Bessie back to the barn so the adults can have an intelligent conversation.

  10. Glenn says

    The fact that we actually posted and read an article on her opinion indicates that something is very very wrong in this world.

  11. eric says

    thus spake the celebrity unwed mother.

    bristol was able to have her baby because she has the support of a big, loving family. so her little darling has 2 mommies, bristol and grizzly mom sara. and first dude todd provides all the male role modelling required.

    but since he spend weeks salmon fishing and the moms are running out making every buck they can, who really is parenting baby palin-johnson?

  12. Jeff says

    Especially if you take Bristol as an example, it is clear that kids don’t do better in heterosexual families.

  13. Oliver says

    “kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.”

    Her child should be taken away from her and put in a foster home with a mother/father.

  14. Nick says

    We are so thrilled you weighed in on this BP- how’s that Rhodes scholarship coming along for you or is Alaska’s one woman welcome wagon with child again?

    What a sage! -You betcha!

  15. Swiminbuff says

    That whole clan are just so douchy. Unwed Christian celeb mom tells America the importance of growing up in a good Christian mom and dad family. Really honey!? In the Biblical world would not someone have stoned you by now?

  16. kpo5 says

    Even IF kids “do better in a mother/father home” (NO evidence to support that, plenty of evidence to support they do just as well, however), why in the world wouldn’t we give equality to the parents of the estimated 2 MILLION children being raised in LGBT homes? Wouldn’t we WANT to make life as easy for them as possible by giving their parents equal rights and equal benefits?

    Failed argument continues to fail.

    But hey, Mitt Romney agrees with Bristol Palin. He must be like, super smart.

  17. NHbrooklyn says

    Don’t these people know how much “traditional marriage” has evolved.

  18. Johnny says

    lol…and who had unprotected pre martial sex…..”crickets”…yeah that’s what I thought you buffoon!

  19. WOW says

    Yes, the poster child for straight marriage!

    Ummm, obviously your Mom listened to you and “evolved” on the subject of unwed teenaged mothers. You know, those slutty girls the religious conservatives (her Mom’s ilk) usually like to judge and demonize. She apparently changed her tune with you!

  20. Danny in the East Village says

    How can that crystal-addled little fool not know what a laughing stock she makes of herself? Palin girls must really like the taste of their own feet.

  21. WOWW says

    But don’t question her comments or lack of knowledge because Mamma grizzly will then turn it back and blame the “lame stream media” and liberals for what just came out of her daughter’s mouth. Wait for it any second now.

  22. topdawgbombadil says

    If only we adhered to the literal teachings of the Bible this idiot would have already been stoned to death for being an unwed teenage mother and we wouldn’t have to listen to her rantings.

  23. Carl Strauser says

    I am trying to find the citation online but didn’t a recent study (last three months or so) indicate that lesbian couples make the best parents?

  24. Ricco says

    Maybe I have no right to comment on a story that I did not bother to read . . . but that is kind of the point I want to make.

    Why is anyone listening, and worse, repeating anything Bristol Palin has to say?

    Jesus Antony Christ! What’s next the musings of Willow, then Trip!!

    Stop it Towleroad. Just stop it!!

  25. WOW says

    @Ricco: I think Towleroad should have posted it! We need to know about and be able to point out the hypocrisy and sheer stupidty of the same people who want to deny us equal rights. She mad the comments, so it should be reported…this is what we are dealing with from the religious right.

  26. mary says

    As a social conservative and a Republican, I find the entire Palin family to be one huge embarrassment. I mean if Bristol entered into a lesbian marriage her son would have TWO parents instead of the half parent he has now (an immature still acting like a teenager girl whose baby daddy ignores his offspring.) While this isn’t what I’d wish for the poor kid, it also is a good argument in FAVOR of same-sex marriage. But Bristol appears too stupid or naive to understand this or understand why she of all people should be the last person in the Republican orbit to talk about marriage in any form.

    For the past few years the social conservative movement has been afflicted with a terminal case of D-U-M-B. I don’t know how the heck this happened. If this keeps up, I myself may have to run for office just to correct the problem. Then Towleroad posters can come to my rallies and throw real tomatoes…not just the Internet virtual ones!

  27. WOW says

    @topdawgbombadil: yes, the religious folks are always saying we should follow the traditions of the bible! LOL

  28. Paul B. says

    Could anything be more bizarre than a morality lesson from any of the palins… one of the most celebrated disfunctional families in the US?? After hearing this I’ve come to the final conclusion that they were dropped off here by aliens…the ones from outer-space…who conveniently forgot to come back to get them.

  29. Ro says

    I’ve had a somewhat bad day and needed a good laugh. Thanks Bristol for your idiotic comedy of words.

  30. mary says

    Wrong, Paul B. The Palins are actually robots created by the Left to make social conservatives look bad. They were a political gift from some liberal scientist to the Democratic party. And they are the gift that keeps on giving.

    …….(a joke,folks. I only wish they really WERE just robots!)

  31. Jersey says

    Lol, looks like Trig’s not the only Palin child with severe developmental issues.

  32. StevyD says

    Why would anyone, ever imagine that a sentient being could issue forth from such a caustic environment as Sarah P’s uterus. Any spawn whelped from that Snow Hag of the North will not only be missing a chromosome or two, but their guttural bleating’s should be given as much credence as one would the sound of fingernails on a classroom blackboard.

  33. IAN F says

    I still blame McCain for bringing this bigoted family to national prominence. They’re like an evil version of the Kardashians.

  34. Michael says

    This is the most classic quote from the past day. I don’t know where to begin… Hmm, she obviously didn’t listen to her mom when she got knocked up, every study shows kids do just as well if not better when raised by gay parents, etc, etc, etc…

  35. Stalcom says

    Hey, didn’t Sarah Palin consult her kids about accepting the VP nomination?

    She accepted after her kids gave her the thumbs-up.

    What does that say about Sarah Palin’s judgment?

  36. Bob R says

    It’s amazing that this hypocritical little tramp would comment about parents and parenting when she has experienced a colossal failure in both categories.

  37. Mark says

    This from the whore who’s unmarried and can’t keep her legs shut? Her mommy and daddy did such a great job with the Palin family and their various progeny. I guess it’s a good thing Bristol learned to read – even though she clearly lacks any critical thinking skills.

  38. S. says

    Is anyone really listening to Bristol Palin? When did she become an authority on anything. Bristol, put your toys away and come down for dinner!

  39. Jim Ed says

    I suspect Bristol Palin has consented to be a tool for use by her mother’s marketing staff, and this is another contorted attempt to somehow help her mother’s brand in the “non-cognitive” (to borrow NOM’s term) market.

    Whoever wrote this may have been the same person who wrote the word “canard” for her.

    And, yes, her statement is hypocritical for more than one reason. That’s quite a feat, actually.

  40. Bart says

    Parenting advice from Bristol Palin…CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!

    Forget being wrong, forget that this girl is an idiot, forget that she’s everything she is. I’m betting that Sasha and Malia aren’t knocked up at 16. What does that say about her father? And the father of her child — strike two.

    I feel sorry for her kid.

  41. WOW says

    Sara will probably be on Faux News tonight complaining that people are unfairly attacking her daughter and playing her usual victim act. Even though Bristol board made the comments on her blog, nobody forced her to. The Palins: all talk but won’t take the consequences of their comments.

  42. Roy says

    The girl is a whore and she’s got a problem with us? Another piece of brainless trash just like her mother.

  43. t says

    maybe her mom shouldn’t have listened to her about the joys of her baby daddy schlong

  44. Chris says

    The most pressing question that comes to mind upon reading this story is…who the f*ck cares what Bristol f*cking Palin thinks? She’s the bigoted promiscuous daughter of a bigoted, dumbass ex-politician that preaches abstinence and discrimination.

    The only bad thing about the internet is it gives a voice to wastes of space like both of them and makes them believe anyone cares what they think.

  45. simon says

    “thousands of years of thinking about marriage” is one man many women all over the world with the possible exception of Alaska.

  46. Tom says

    Why is anyone listening to these people? Maybe if the press didn’t regurgitate every utterance of the Palins, they would finally go away.

  47. Tom says

    Personally, I’d rather talk about Romney’s bullying and physical abuse of a possibly gay classmate in high school and how he doesn’t remember the event (it was 40 years ago) but the people he got to help him still do. Is it bad that he doesn’t remember or that he bullied soooo many that the incidents have faded together. Palin? Mehhh…

  48. jim says

    Andy, please tell me you’re posting what this cheap piece of trash has to say purely for comic relief today.

  49. Edd says

    I would never let a Palin talk to me like that. I’d be like, “Hey, you get you’re Palin ass back in the kitchen, and make me some pie.

  50. andrew says

    Andy Towle: Why do you post meaningless B.S like this? Do you just like to throw raw meat in the room and watch all the boys go nuts?

  51. Laura says

    Wow. Let me see if I have this straight. The unwed teenage single mother is lecturing the president, who by all accounts, is a terrific father, on the proper way to raise children?

    She came from a 2 parent heterosexual household and look how she turned out. That right there says it all.

  52. Shawnthesheep says

    We shouldn’t listen to the opinions of the intelligent and well-behaved daughters of the President, but we should listen to the pregnant teen daughter of the former governor of Alaska/losing VP candidate?


  53. Bigboy says

    @ Andrew: this is relevant. This story is gaining traction in other media outlets and it should. These hypocrites spout off there stupidity meanwhile, look at their lives, and they should be called on it. I’m glad I know about it now. These are the idiots we are up against and they dare hold back equal rights from me? Damn right this story is relevant to me and it should be to you too.

  54. Bigboy says

    *their (typo)

    @Shawnthesheep: half governor. Remember, she quit like any true patriot would do serving her state.

  55. says

    One of her other excuses was that ‘traditional’ marriage has been around for thousands of years…kind of like slavery.

    Also, she’s getting pretty lippy for a woman (wonder what the Bible has to say about that)

  56. Bigboy says


    Yes, and up until the early 20th century, women weren’t allowed to vote, weren’t allowed to own land, run for office (that should be of interest to her Mom), and they certainly didn’t take to kindly to knocked up, unwed girls either. So, would she like to continue those “traditions” as well?

  57. PJ says

    I think the Obama girls are more down-to-earth and much smarter than the whole Palin brood put together.

  58. andrew says

    Nobody gives a s**t what Bristol Palin thinks. Andy Towle just posts crap like this to get emotional responses from the left wing peanut gallery. And it works like a charm.

  59. millerbeach says

    Unbelievable. An unwed mother giving advice to the President of the United States? Bad advice at that? Why don’t you go ask mommy why you shouldn’t fool around with tools named Levi BEFORE getting the ring. What do you have now? A baby, with no man. You are an abomination, Bristol. You are a sinner. Repent before offering advice to a man living a wholesome life. You, of all people should be the last on the planet to cast judgement upon others. You are a fool.

  60. Darren in atl says

    Bristol needs to look no further than her own family (pregnant teenager, two bastard grandchildren; boyfriends’ parents arrested for drugs; soon-to-be three bastard grandchildren from the trashy future “ho” in the youngest girl, and of course a mother like Sarah) to determine whether heteros are better parents and create a better family life than the gays. And by the way, Bristol. . . you still need more plastic surgery on that chin!

  61. Book 7 says

    Palins and Kardashians: Why is ANYONE giving them ANY AIR TIME WHATSOEVER?????
    Please make it stop!!

  62. Frank says

    People in glass trailers should not throw stones. I’m sure this fool didn’t even read her own “statement” once it was written for her and sent out on her behalf. I think there’s a joker in the Palin camp who slipped this in to see if Bristol would recognize the hypocrisy and call it out. No such luck!

  63. Dawson says

    Based on this women shouldn’t have any rights because for thousands of years they didn’t so aren’t we changing history by giving them any voting, marriage, property rights?

    Shouldn’t a women based on past hisory be the property of the man?

    And does she believe that minorities should have any rights since they didn’t till relatively recently.

    Also based on past history the world was flat too and it was heresy to think otherwise.

    Yes, let’s base everything on the past.

    So this knocked up fool is the voice of reason.

    My question to her and every religious nut is should we kill adulterers too as the Bible states?

    Should we also kill any child who is disrespectful to their parents as the Bible states?

  64. Jerry6 says

    Why should we be interested in anything anyone in such a disfunctional family has to say about anything?

  65. says

    “…That’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.”

    In those “thousands” of years, the concept of marriage has, itself, been evolving. But then, why bother with facts when saying something simply makes it so?