1. Mathew says

    Oh, please. I find Brian Brown and the rest of NOM to be more obscene than Dan Savage could ever be. Just listening to anything they have to say makes my blood boil.

  2. Paul R says

    If Dan doesn’t want to do it, I will. But mainly just because I want to punch that smarmy jerk in the face.

  3. Randy says

    Bring it on! I would love a national debate about what the Bible really says. It’s right there in black and white. And the history is pretty darn clear too — and in fact the bible was used to justify discrimination against blacks even through the 1960s.

    It would be a walk in the park for Savage. Brian will probably agree to it, and then cancel at the last minute.

  4. John Freeman says

    Quite apart from Dan Savage telling it like it is, the audience clearly loved it. Good for him. I had no idea he could do stand up.

  5. ggggb says

    I think that Dan Savage is fantastic, and I literally didn’t even think that before. I used to think that he was unattractive and from Seattle—but now I like him.

  6. kpo5 says

    “As a father of seven, watching it makes my blood boil.”

    Wow. Poor sap had to picture his wife as a shirtless Chris Evans seven whole times.

  7. Abel says

    This would require one hardnosed referee to keep these two in line. Both are prone to shouting over their opponents. I would love to see Brian Brownshirt humiliated, that’s for sure. The guy is a smarmy liar and I despise him and everything he stands for. I’ll bet his seven kids are seriously maladjusted.

  8. anthony says

    That debate would be a THRILL to watch.
    There is SO MUCH documentation about the past and the present concerning that individual ( da pope )
    —such as he was the keeper of the Vatican’s Library for The Index of Forbidden Books.–

    Under his management those persons that read the banned books could be considered heretics and be excommunicated.

    Yet it remains amazing the the Catholic Church continues to grow and receive monies from it’s congregations.

    PLEASE Let there be a televised and national debate on the Biblical and Religious issues of facts.

  9. Bart says

    This is code for Brian Brown screaming “Make me relevant again!” He’s been lacking in attention after the failure of his organization.

    Brain, since I know you read this stuff, Dan Savage would mop the floor with you in a debate about the Bible. Hell, I could and I actually like the stories in it. You be better off challenging Dan to a pie eating contest. That you might win.

  10. Mike says

    I’ve seen my fair share of evangelicals get into slap fights because one or the other of them was not “born again” in the right building. And I’ve also seen fundamentalists/literalists pull out the old “It Has Been Revealed” card to explain why God is just fine with tattoos & shellfish & football & poly/cotton blends NOW, because their favored loonie told them he spoke to God & God told him all that stuff that “normal” folk like was okay now. Not to mention the Old Testament fans who believe Christians are worshiping 3 gods, when the Bible clearly says there is only One or the folks who believe Christianity is just a plot to trick people into worshiping Jews or the ones who actively practice incest because the Bible says it’s okay. So. Yeah. Rich tapestry.

    The debate would be awesome. Something akin to debating a Tea Partier on the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. All these people claim to be huge fans of their chosen documents but don’t seem to have ever actually read them.

  11. Jonathan Oz says

    Am I missing something, or did NOM’s clown sound like a WWE wrestler threatening Dan Savage with a grudge match?

  12. says

    that’s hilarious, because Brown, and any bible-thumper, will lose. because their stances based on “scripture” are actually meritless, and can only be maintained by remaining willfully ignorant of historical context and anything resembling consistency.

    i encourage this debate. savage would pwn him.

  13. Fenrox says

    lol, debate? would go like:

    Brian: (for sake of argument) Perfect bible argument for everything he wants.

    Dan: Religion is optional, nothing in it has any right to affect anything that does not choose to be affected. Anything else is a simple act of aggression. It doesn’t matter what you believe, you have to keep it to your group.

    oops argument over.

  14. pParkerT says

    I’m no fan of Dan’s, but I’m sure Dan’ll take the bait and then wipe the floor with Brian. Can’t wait to see it.

    “I used to think that he was unattractive and from Seattle”

    As a Seattleite, I’m wondering how these two things are connected. 😉

  15. says

    Oh, great! Two shameless media whores going at each other for publicity’s sake, with idiotic sycophants cheering for both sides. I couldn’t be less interested.

  16. John in Iowa says

    It should go without saying that Dan Savage has done a great deal to advance the LGBT cause as well as to focus a national spotlight on the epidemic of bullying in the US. He is undeniably an intelligent, thoughtful, and passionately committed “reluctant” (in his words) activist. However, his importance to the LGBT cause is undermined by his increasing inability to control his inner third-grader and his dependence on the juvenile use of swear words and gutter language. LGBT activists (even “reluctant” ones) have an obligation to be more responsible in how they present our cause so as not to play into the hands of the very people who would deny us our rights as human beings.

  17. Leroy Laflamme says

    Can the good people at at Towleroad not find a more flattering picture of Brown? My eyes are going to burn for the rest the day again. Don’t make me beg …

  18. Michaelandfred says

    “… a pie eating contest..” Bart, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in days! Please Dan, take up the challenge.

  19. Cassandra says

    So the handbag and the pumps are calling each other beige again.

    Neither is qualified for such a debate.

    Dan proved that he is not a journalist and that he is a bigot. He undermined the integrity of his ‘It Gets Better’ campaign. Brian Brown constantly undermines the integrity of his spirituality.

  20. says

    Dan Savage has tried to advance the LG cause, not the LGBT cause. Still, I’d be happy to see him make a mess of Brown’s arguments.

  21. says


    Dan Savage is not the It Gets Better campaign, and the It Gets Better campaign is not Dan Savage.

    i swear, some of you people are so useless. you hate Dan Savage more than you care about advancing LGBT Equality. Congrats. Useless.

    You’re like the republicans who care about the republican party more than they care about the united states of america.

  22. Ricco says

    Anyone looking at the Popes going all the way back to the beginning to the present, and the Catholic Church’s twisted, sick priesthood . . . anyone with a brain or modicum of decency anyway . . . would have to ask how anyone could possibly continue respecting one of the most violent, intrusive, and nefarious religious organizations in human history?

    The crimes the Catholic church has committed against children, and their exploitations of the poor throughout the world, I personally wonder how any man or woman, especially a man or woman who has been molested or had a child molested by one of the Catholic Church’s perverts could possibly respect the church as a church.

    Any American who funded al-Quaeda would be scrutinized, yet no one thinks anything of the millions of people pumping their money into a church that has butchered, and terrorized more people than al_Quaeda ever has . . . ever will!!

    With such a virulent history to draw upon, I would say Dan Savage was downright polite, and restrained in his comments on the Pope.

    Also, Dan Savage was not addressing children, but kids on the brink of becoming young adults. I would have to question the mental stability of a teen who fell apart because someone said some things about the bible they did not like, and I have to question their suitability as world-be journalists, as students, in staging a walk-out because they don’t like what the speaker is saying.

    A responsible parent, one who was not prone to being incensed when people dare to disagree with them, would rebuke their kid for walking out of a lecture.

    It is people like NOM’s Brian Brown that is responsible for the decline in our public schools to employ critical thinking.

    As C.S. Lewis’s Professor Digory Kirke, in the Chronicle’s of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” would say: “What do they teach them in these schools?”

  23. says

    these “protestors” are exactly what Savage called them out to be. it sure is easy to choose, instead, to be angry at Savage rather than their own chosen conservative/christian “allies” or communities.

    savage’s comments didn’t offend any “intelligent” Christians who know damn well what he was talking about – piety and hypocrisy.

    where are these so-called “gay conservative christians” when their own chosen affiliates are promoting and condoning anti-gay prejudice? they’re silent – waiting for a liberal, or something, to call out the bigotry, so they can cover their own @sses by saying “don’t insult our faith!”

    it’s a distraction from the reality of the topic, and arguments, at hand.

  24. Ricco says

    Why are there straight people, CASSANDRA, pretending to be gay on this site?

    I support your right to do so, but it does seem strange that a straight anti-gay woman would hang out in the gay blogosphere.

    Just saying.

  25. Scrawny Kayaker says

    Abel @10:40. They would need a contract that said each side had to put up as much cash ($100,000?) as Dan and his boss can front IN ESCROW, to be paid to the other side if either failed to show up, did not perform adequately (i.e. no standing wordless and crying like a Boehner-Baby), or failed to heed the moderator and allow the other their time to speak. You’d take turns nicely if some lawyer in charge of the money had that big stick to back up the moderator, eh?

    Obvs, Brian Brownshirt will not agree to this, ’cause Dan would certainly double his money.

  26. says

    ever notice how some people get more upset at “people saying that priests are child rapists” than about the vatican and RCC covering up and protecting the priests that rape children?

  27. wtf says

    Oh stuffed animal, no one gives a sh!t what you think. truly. so stfu and p!ss off.

  28. Molc says

    Hmmm…Dan wins another debate and Brian Brown gets to make a fool of himself on a public stage yet again. Sounds good to me.

  29. gomez says

    savage did ironically engage in bully-talk, which he apologized for and he should take brian brown down once and for all.

    he needs to learn not to sabotage his own message tho

  30. Bob says

    @Stuffed Animal AND OTHER DAN HATERS…
    While you are busy being Queen of the May, Dan is fighting for YOUR life. What are you doing besides carping?

  31. mary says

    “I support your right to do so, but it does seem strange that a straight anti-gay woman would hang out in the gay blogosphere.”

    Ricco, don’t knock it. Towleroad is exactly the place for a straight anti-gay women to be hanging out. How else can she become a straight PRO-gay women? Believe me, it happens!

    And Kiwi, it’s nice to see that you’re back. I thought for a few days that you’d been banned from the site. Can’t imagine Towleroad without you. You’re… to put it?………distinctive.

  32. mary says

    The fact that Brian Brown and NOM are making such an issue of Dan’s speech shows that he (Dan) failed in his mission. I would bet that NOM has seen an increase in its contributions since this speech occurred.

    I respect Dan Savage and feel that he could be beneficial to the gay rights cause. To me he is someone who is probably best preaching to the converted (which is hardly a waste of time: think about it, preachers do this every Sunday.) But he’s too confrontational to win over the opposition, which is a hard thing to do even if you’re NOT confrontational. My advice? Make Jonathan Rauch the “national gay spokesman” for trying to reach out to the other side. He has both the knowledge/skills and the personality for it. He’s the one who started me reading more about gay rights issues and questioning what my positions should be. It takes some time, but the right spokesperson can reach even many people who imagine that their positions are firmly held.

  33. Michael says

    I could smoke that closet pic, or anyone, in a Biblical debate so Mr. Brown, feel free to contact me.

    For starters, Paul stated “male bed” and “soft” in Corinthians and no one knows what he meant. Less than a 100 years ago it was condemning masturbation instead. Paul specifically referred to the clobber passage in Leviticus when writing ‘male bed’ and ‘soft’ and, wouldn’t you know, ‘as with’ means ‘bed’ every other time it’s used in Leviticus.

    Trust me, I have much more.

  34. Charlie says

    Dan Savage is such a foulmouthed bully. He seriously needs to go away somewhere.