1. cdubois says

    We need more compassionate bully outreach and address the pain of those children as well. I think it is often safe to say that bully behavior is the symptom of a greater internal issue. That would also go a long way in helping this cause.

  2. says

    Nicely blanketed: “Strong societies draw strength from the talents of women, people with disabilities, religious minorities, LGBT people and those of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. You notice that Hillary always speaks up for gays. She’s the really “cool” one in that administration.

  3. says

    And when Obama has been re-elected we will go all out for Hillary in 2016…….what a decisive step towards a progressive society that would be.
    Just think of the appointments to SCOTUS which she could determine.
    You must run Hillary…..your country needs you.

  4. says

    Yes, Hilary is a national treasure, a hard worker, is compassionate and diplomatic, and projects the concept that any issue can be resolved. She is a great patriot who will be long remembered.

  5. 14thStreet says

    I thought that this piece was poorly written and the delivery was weak. It sounded very JV. I like HC a lot, but this was blah.

  6. J. Leo says

    Who’s paying any attention to this? It is no more or less than preaching to the choir. The bullies are not looking at this and if they are it’s strictly for laughs.

  7. David Stevens says

    Just slapping some posters on the wall and saying “Dont bully” is not enough for the schools…. they are NO Hillary Clinton. There are concrete steps schools can take to stomp this national tragedy out! PPL Need jobs! let teachers teach and bus drivers focus on the road!!! there should be hall monitors and bus monitors that are female and/ or non biased background checks. Often Staff “secretly” wish for the GAYS to get beaten or killed. In times like this, all bets are off, time for more cameras to capture the attacks and prosecute ppl who will not allow others to get their education without being harrassed.. Gay_News_Now on Twitter

  8. Leroy Laflamme says

    I hope she’s not ‘too old’ to run for President in 2016. I didn’t back her last time because I thought (unfairly) the stank of her husband clung too close, but her performance in the interim years has changed my mind completely. She’s a compassionate woman & a superb speaker – witness her hard-hitting speech to the bigots of the world at the UN, with no notes. If she had a teleprompter, she didn’t look at it even once. That speech was clearly written by herself & was delivered from the heart. I believe she’d serve the nation very well as POTUS – if she has the calling, & if they have the sense to elect her. And if Obama isn’t the one to finally abolish prejudice against LGBTs in American legislation, the honour (& the glory) may very well fall to Hilary. I have a dream …

  9. GMB says

    Just to be a little gay, I gotta say — her hair looks really pretty in this video!

    Hillary’s the bomb. I hope she runs in 2016.

  10. Anonymous for a reasonous says

    Secretary Clinton is great.

    But she needs to ensure that everyone else in the State Department gets the memo.

  11. jack says

    By all means try to convince the bullies that they are wrong. However equally or more important is to empower the bullied. If your child is being bullied get him to a good Martial Arts school. It will improve his self confidence and enable him to kick some bully ass.

  12. jack says

    Hillary Clinton is a remarkable woman. From most accounts she has been an outstanding Sec of State. I voted for her in the Pa democratic primary and believe she would have been an outstanding president. I don’t agree with those who want her to run in 2016. She will be 69 yrs old. She would be 69-77 in a two term presidendy. I believe that at that age we are past our prime. The presidency seems to be a very physically demanding job and the democrats have some very talented younger folks, like Cuomo of N Y and O’Malley of MD to name just two who probably have most of the same views as Hillary and the youthful energy to do the job.