1. Gigi says

    Did you see the Lady in the White Hat deliver her anti-gay rant the other day? It was all over YouTube and the news. It was crazy! Afterward we found out that the lady was schitzophrenic but then thought: how were we to know? She sounds like all of the other anti-gay nuts. Ladies and gentelmen, allow me to introduce you to “Dr.” Paul Cameron.

  2. chad says

    I’m not sure how much good these interviews do. Giving these idiots more exposure then they could otherwise get on their own. People who hate us will continue to do so, discrediting their arguments doesn’t change anything, obviously.

  3. Jacques says

    Yeah, I’m mainly with Chad on this, but anyway props to David for trying to keep the old dude on point. The trouble is that’s not really possible. He is only capable of stringing together a bunch of homophobic code words that don’t really go anywhere.

  4. CGS says

    Critical interviews that force people to explain their logic and prove their claims are worthwhile because they expose the weaknesses and irrationality of these arguments. The problem is when representatives of hate groups and anti-gay researchers like Cameron are invited on mainstream shows to provide “balance” on LGBT issues. That legitimizes their views and the idea that “reasonable people” can just agree to disagree on issues of civil rights and discrimination.

  5. chad says

    The weakness and irrationality of these arguments are self evident I think. A greater service would be done interviewing a non crazy homophobe. Unfortunately, they don’t grant interviews because they are smart enough to know they can’t defend their arguments.

  6. GlennZ says

    I’m glad I watched it to the end… This guy shot himself in the foot (and his cause) time and time again. Great interview!

  7. Thomas says

    @THESENATOR David is cute, but I totally have a crush on his co-host Lewis….omg I sound like a 12 year old girl. I must say something more adult now…global economics, genocide, city on a hill.