1. Francis says

    I’ve been on FB and twitter the past hour or so discussing Amendment One. I really hate making broad statements such as this, but a lot of people in North Carolina are really messed up. Like, it’s uncomfortable to read the stupidity. And I actually thought I was totally used to this type of stupidity, since I live in Virginia, but I don’t feel the ignorance from folks here like I could feel from many in North Carolina. It’s a very sad situation. Hopefully the youth get out the vote, that’s are only shot, that college students and young adults 25 and under vote in huge numbers.

  2. Us vs. Them says

    A big reason the issue is tricky for Obama is that two of the constituencies that were pivotal to his 2008 victory – young voters and African-Americans — are at odds. While gay-rights advocates frame marriage as a civil-rights issue, many churchgoing African-Americans approach it in a religious context.

    In North Carolina for example, an Elon University Poll in February found that only 35 percent of voters ages 18 to 34 support a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Among black voters, the percentage supporting the ban jumped to 46 percent…

  3. andrew says

    Amendment One is going to pass. Deal with it. The same sex marriage issue as well as republican success in many states in passing voter picture I D requirements and millions of attack ads by the Koch Bros and there ilk along with the bad economy are going to elect Romney. The next 4 or even 8 years are going to be lean. I am voting for Obama but I think I am on the losing side.

  4. rick scatorum says

    I believe this same law took effect in Va. How is it affecting gay couples?

  5. Brett says

    The fact that this stupid law covers civil unions makes it a likely candidate for dismissal in the courts. It’s promulgating and enforcing contract law and is probably un- enforceable. The marriage part is different and is equally asinine just has different rules around enforceability.

    Just my .02

  6. Francis says

    No legal protection, Rick, to put it simply. No legal recognition, no legal protection, so basically here in VA, we’re on our own. There are zero laws against anti-gay discrimination in the work place, no hate crimes recognition, nor discrimination in the adoption process against same-sex couples. I’m not the best person to speak on behalf of it but I can tell you from first hand discussions with many of my friends that the legal junk that gay/lesbian couples here in VA have to go through to secure ANY rights at all is very stressful, in many cases only to see that work end up rendered invalidated. Obviously, it’s horrible and makes life a lot more tenuous.

  7. andrew says

    Make no mistake about it, the republicans have already stolen the next election. Romney is the next president of the USA.

  8. Jack says

    Homosexuality is found in over 450 species,
    Homophobia is found in only one. Do you seriously believe God will judge someone for loving a person of the same sex, but will not judge you for hating someone you have never even met? The 14th Amendment states: “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privilege or immunities of citizens of the United States.” When the power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace. Personally, I believe in equality and acceptance.

  9. says

    This video may be sweet and cute but it’s worthless in the gay marriage fight. You can’t fight scare tactics by appealing to people’s better angels.