French Prime Minister Vows to Implement Marriage Equality and Equal Adoption Rights for Gay People

Newly-elected President François Hollande’s pledge to enact marriage equality is being pushed by his Prime Minister, Pink News reports:

AyraultA communiqué issued by the office of the prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who took office on 15 May, marked the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia yesterday with a pledge to put the president’s manifesto promise into law.

It said: “On the occasion of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the Government’s commitment against violence and discrimination perpetrated as a result of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“The Government is determined to challenge prejudice and to put an end to discrimination and violence. It will implement the commitment of the President of the Republic to the right to marriage and adoption to gay couples.”

France's parliament rejected same-sex marriage last June in a 293-222 vote.


  1. G.I. Joe says

    Last June everybody knew the vote would fail, since the majority of the House was right-wing.

    Hopefully, with the legislative elections coming this June, the House’s majority will be that of the newly elected president. If it is, the bill will only be a formality.

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    Heartening to hear actual commitment from Hollande, & so early on in his presidency. History will not be kind to Sarkozy. Alors. vite, s’il vous plait. Vite!

  3. Charcus says

    It’s about time, France is now surrounded by countries who have had marriage equality for many years. So hopefully they will catch up during François Hollande’s presidency.

  4. Giselle says

    Germany does not have marriage equality. Gay couples can get only the equivalent of a civil union. This promise by Hollande for marriage equality and also adoption is much ahead of Germany, in Germany a gay couple cannot adopt together. I hope things will change there too but the ruling CDU party has to lose an election first for that to happen.

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