Gay American Can Adopt Colombian Sons, Says Court


After a year of legal battles, Colombia's Constitutional Court yesterday ruled that American Chandler Burr, a gay author and former New York Times critic, can formally adopt two boys, aged 10 and 13, from the South American nation.

Burr's adoption had previously been revoked after Colombian authorities found out he's gay.

The court ruled that adoption agencies and officials "cannot rely on appearances, preconceptions or prejudices" when reviewing potential parents. Burr's lawyer called the decision "historic" and praised the court for eschewing "irrational religious and conservative influences."


  1. Beto says

    Good news and this court’s decision will surely influence their ruling this thursday (today!) for a lesbian couple who sued ICBF (the colombian goverment’s branch of social services here) for the same reason (one of the women is the biological mother of the kids, the other one, until this very moment can’t adopt). I will post an update when the Constitutional Court issues the ruling, likely in the afternoon as usual.

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