Gay Man Delivers Speech After Being Banned From Catholic School’s Commencement

Sheahan-Stahl“My motto in life is dream, believe, become. If you dream it and you believe it you can become it," Dominic Sheahan-Stahl said in a speech to about 700 people at Central Michigan University yesterday.

Sheahan-Stahl, you'll recall, had been invited to deliver the commencement speech at his little brother's graduation from Sacred Heart Academy, the Mt. Pleasant school three generations of his family attended, but was disinvited after officials at the Catholic school found out Sheahan-Stahl is gay.

Rather than bowing out of the fight, though, Sheahan-Stahl posted an emotional YouTube video explaining his disappointment and eventually scheduled the CMU gig.

"You know those moments in your life that don’t happen often. But the moment when something happens it starts in the pit of your stomach and creeps into your heart and it fills your whole body? I felt that feeling when I got my first professional job and I felt that feeling the moment I was asked to be the commencement speaker of the 2012 graduation class of SHA," Sheahan-Stahl, wearing a shirt that read "Live Through Love," said during his speech. "I want you to know that feeling has never ever left me."

Sheahan-Stahl, an actor working here in New York City, also gave the crowd some very valuable advice: "To compare is to despair."

"Am I a failure because all of my friends are on Broadway?  To compare is to despair. My life, like your life, is my own and it has its own direction, time and pace," he instructed his supportive audience.

Midland Daily News provides a few more details:

At the end of his speech he had the entire audience repeat after him — “the world needs what I have to give.”

“Never ever, ever forget that because every single one of you in this room and every person in this world was put on this earth for a reason. You’re all wonderful, you’re all amazing and you all matter,” Sheahan-Stahl said.

He received a standing ovation.

“Always live through love and always remember that no one is outside the love of God.”

Even if one doesn't agree with Sheahan-Stahl's religious message, it's hard to argue with the fact that he's spreading some pretty good word.


  1. pdxblueyes says

    As a Graduate of CMU in 1981, I commend the University in allowing this man to speak. Mt Pleasant is a small town, full of small minded people. Good people, but limited on their world view. I am happy that he was able to deliver his remarks to an audience via the university. Thank you for inviting him to speak.

  2. aj says

    He delivered a message that the Catholic School failed at delivering, “That we are ALL created by GOD, We are Good and we are Whole”! PERIOD
    What the Church taught in this episode of life is that “We are All NOT Created In God’s image and some of us are worthy of scorn, derision and hate”!!! Very Sad state of affairs for the church and if I had a son or daughter at this school you can be sure i would withdraw them immediately!

  3. Jack says

    Compare these words to those of those
    “religious leaders” quoted elsewhere and realize why they are called haters. This guy is inspiring no matter where his inspiration came from, Ms Coco

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