Gay Times with the Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and Baby Daddy


Jake Shears and Baby Daddy give good chest on the new cover of the UK's Gay Times.

They also get a nice write-up in London's Evening Standard:

"Jake, 33, was raised on San Juan Island, just north of Seattle, and came out as gay at school, before telling his parents: ‘Although, if they were surprised by anything, then they were in some deep denial,’ he says. ‘I was a very effusive, verbose, effeminate, wacky kid.’ One early brave turn came during a high school talent show when he sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ in a wig, adopting the persona of ‘Whip Me Houston’. His largely Mormon classmates practically chased him out of town with pitchforks. He met Babydaddy (originally from Lexington, Kentucky) through a classmate while studying journalism at Occidental College in LA. The pair moved to New York where Jake spent a year or two as a go-go dancer and did a cabaret turn as Jason the Amazing Back-Alley Late-Term Abortion, covered in blood and coat hangers. They set up Scissors as a duo before meeting Ana at Knockoff, a Lower East Side cabaret night she was running. They auditioned for a drummer and bass player and Scissor Sisters was born."


  1. Peter M. says

    Ah, Babydaddy…woof :)
    I just found out that he’s gay, I always thought he was straight…I’m so excited, I’d do him in a heartbeat, LOL.

  2. marcel says

    Jack Shears leaves me cold. He is so the opposite of natural sex appeal, he is like a manscaped Mark Jacobs ad. Baby Daddy is so much more appealing.

  3. Paul R says

    Umm, Marcel, to each his or her own. I wouldn’t give a second look to Baby Daddy (though I’ve nothing against him). Jake is amazingly cordial and attractive, and one of the best performers I’ve seen.

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