1. NVAgBoi says

    Ummm, so Damian McGinty is just magically back? After being totally AWOL for weeks? I mean, it’s not like he just didn’t have a storyline….he wasn’t even in the background…as an extra.

  2. Hue-Man says

    He was front row this week when Puck rocked his way through the rehearsal room. 8:50 mark.

  3. Latebrosus says

    Did anyone see Quinn in the crowd? It’s interesting that they’d keep her status in the wheelchair unrevealed.

  4. Neil says

    @nvagboi, Damian never went anywhere (nor did his character Rory). Damian only got a 7-episode run from his win on The Glee Project. It got extended to the end of the season, but as a “guest star” he probably can’t (contractually) appear in every episode. Even fairly permanent characters such as the principal, Sam, and Coach Bieste are “guests” and are not in every episode. I think Rory was missing from 3 episodes, though I do think he seemed “conspicuously absent” in at least one of those.

    Rory did claim that he was being deported back to Ireland in the Valentine’s episode, but that seemed to just be a lie to get him the girl he wanted as his date.