Hate Crimes Against LGBTQ People Highest In 14 Years


The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects today released a collective report on hate crimes against LGBTQ people.

Despite increased public and political acceptance of gays and lesbians, the number of crimes against LGBTQ people is the highest since 1998, the year they began tallying such attacks and also the year Matthew Shepard was murdered.

The amount of physical violence, rather than just verbal abuse, has also skyrocketed — and, not surprisingly, younger people, transgender people and people of color are targeted the most. From NCAVP:

This year’s report shows that LGBTQH youth and young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 years old were 2.41 times as likely to experience physical violence compared to LGBTQH people age 30 and older.

As in the case of the murder statistics, transgender people and people of color were more likely to experience physical injury in a hate violence incident. The report found that transgender people were 28% as likely to experience physical violence compared to non-transgender people, and that LGBTQ people of color were two times as likely to experience physical violence compared to those who were not LGBTQ people of color.

These numbers are discouraging, yes, but there is a bit of good news: NCAVP found that mainstream media and the general public are now paying more attention to hate crimes of all varieties.

"In 2011, NCAVP members witnessed a critical shift in the national narrative on anti-LGBTQH hate violence. In the 2010 hate violence report, NCAVP analyzed person level data1 for the first time, which allowed NCAVP to examine the diverse and disparate impacts of hate violence on specific LGBTQH communities," they write in their report.

"As a result, journalists, advocacy organizations, policymakers, and LGBTQH community members began to focus their attention on how hate violence disproportionately impacted LGBTQH people of color, transgender people, and transgender people of color."

Unfortunately these reports based on media accounts and not all incidents are reported either to the police or by journalists, so there are likely many more cases going unnoticed.

Here's a PDF Download NCAVPHVReport2011 of the NCAVP 2011 hate crime.


  1. says

    Clearly “the church” is doing its job. These people are getting desperate. They don’t even know WHY they hate gay people, just that someone waving an antiquated book of myth and fantasy told them to. The more gay people come to be accepted as humans, the more ‘the church’ feels its stranglehold on humanity slipping away.

    Here’s hoping 2012 truly is the end! (of their world)

  2. Francis says

    Knowing the trolls on this website this is probably going to turn ugly, but the fact that basically half of murders/violent hate crimes of non-trans men are black and combine that with the severely high rates of trans-violence, especially in minority communities, really highlights to me just how extremely severe an issue being gay is in these minority/inner-city communities. Like, those numbers, I knew the numbers were bad, but it is alarming to read. And, of course, everywhere else, it’s an issue as well.

    55% of the hate crimes were motivated by “heterosexism”. That’s a word/belief system many people tend to forget, they tend to focus on homophobia, but heterosexism is just as dangerous, if not more so. These are individuals who see the advancements we are making as a community, who see more LGBTQ folk coming out and affirming our existences, and they see us as impeding on their turf. And they attack us for it.

    As Mike put it, this is desperation we’re seeing, across the country, the feeling of threat against us cannot be denied, A LOT of people are flat out scared of our existence. It’s sad that this desperation has cost the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters.

  3. Brandon says

    Look at those high points hit in both 2004 and 2008 – both election years. Based on the rises that preceded them, 2012 won’t be good. Political fervor has a cost, whether it be from hateful speech against us or from those who won’t stand and be more vocal in our support.

  4. Cliff says

    It goes without saying that these numbers will greatly increase if NOMA is eliminated. Gay’s haven’t examined the consequences. There will be major incidents unfortunately, but the celebrities should be fine.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Sadly, it’s to be expected as the bigots lose their support and they become more desperate. Those with limited intelligence almost always resort to violence when they reach the limits of their ability to communicate their frustrations. The upside is that this kind of behavior more quickly pushes the moderate or undecideds to move in our directions or be lumped together with this bigoted, violent, ignorant fringe.

    This is the beginning of the end.

  6. Dave says

    Everybody knows that the hate crimes are being done by the anti-gay Christians who are the ones who are teaching their children to hate and commit hate crimes to stop gays. The Southern Poverty Law Center or http://www.splc.org
    has a list of all of the anti-gay Christian hate groups with information about all of them. Know who the enemy is as they are some crazy people who you need to watch out for. It is these people who get the weak minded people to go out and commit hate crimes after they stir them up with their anti-gay Christian propaganda and lies. They also use children to do their dirty work thinking they will not be arrested or held accountable for their crimes. The best thing to do is find out who is the ring leader or instigation behind these pawns and expose them for the criminals they really are and get them arrested for their crimes against humanity.

  7. J. Marsden says

    Granted,, I’m two martinis in, but doesn’t the correlation between escalated hate speech and violence seem significant? Maybe the kind of hate speech we’ve seen in the last week or so does usually ramp up at election time, but I don’t remember anything nearly as vitriolic from those last election cycles.

    Of course we’ve always had the “big” voices parroting their hateful refrains, but we’ve been hearing lately from some very small ones. Maybe technology is just now catching up with small-town bigotry, but the stats on the apparent correlation would be interesting to see.

    Somebody who isn’t mixing a third martini should run them.

  8. says

    I don’t think we have cause for serious concern. The gay community is much more visible today and this is an election year when the far right is going to goad every religious idiot to do their worst.

    Bottom line, this will subside because of Federal Hate Crime laws. We saw it subside with the Asian, Hispanic and African American communities and we’ll see it again with the gay community. Five years from now we’re going to look back and laugh at the religious right’s attempts at hatred and degradation. Stand proud gay people.

  9. Gregv says

    I’m sure the stats on anti-gay and anti-trans hate crimes have always been expenentially higher than any stats have ever revealed. People din’t report crimes when they expect thst police will dismiss them or further attack them. In many jurisdictions, it has even been official policy to record hate crimes of all other sorts but to dismiss them if they were to attack gay or trans people.
    These stats may be no more than skightly higher rates of reporting and recording of the crimes.

  10. Gregv says

    @DavidR: LGBTQH likely means Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Questioning and Homosexual. Some also add QTIASGL2S (Queer Transvestites, Intersexed Asexual Same-Gender-Loving and 2-Spirited) as well as some other letters.

    I think the various acronyms are not only too wordy but also redundant (I don’t need to separate gay people with various different terms depending on their sex or race) and also combine too many dissimilar groups and then tend to be used as cliches for situations where most of the letters in the acronym don’t apply.
    One thing that bothers me is that the wordy acronyms become so unweildy that they eventually tend to get dropped altogether so that we are left with (for example) just the “Sydney Mardi Gras” or the “Pride Parade.” It seems likely that the history of such events may already be forgotten altogether by a lot of people as they edge toward being generic community events.

  11. alex says

    Murders related to hate crimes always deserve attention. But, the difference between 10 and 30 infinitesimally small when your sample size is 313,000,000. It’s roughly 0.00001% of total population. Conclusions that connect election cycles to hate crime murders are not statistically valid. There are plenty of statistics that accurately portray LGB inequality; we don’t need to make them up.

    To put these figures into perspective: According to statistics from the National Safety Council, you are 15 times more likely to die from an accidental fireworks discharge than from a hate crime. And, 36 times more likely to be struck by lightning.

  12. Bill says

    Statistically, if the rate is 25 murders per year and is constant, you’d expect numbers between 20 and 30 about 2/3 of the time – the standard deviation would be 5.0. The press frequently reports statistical fluctuations as “crime waves”, and the police then put on a big show, and when the numbers randomly go down, the chief of police takes credit.

    The data shown in this article simply do not provide any evidence of a real increase in the murder rate – mean number of murders per year.

  13. Gareth says

    I completely agree. It’s highly likely that the spike in statistics is related to more people feeling safe and supported enough to report the crime in the first place. As many stories on this site have highlighted recently, we’ve experienced a major step-change in perceptions of homosexuality in wider society. Sure, there are still ignorant, hate-spouting asshats out there, but they (and there attitudes) are slowly dying out. Now, people are much more comfortable calling them out on their bigotry, and the fact that there are laws in place now which recognise ‘hate crimes’ simply makes it easier to document them. Having said all that, one single attack on someone from the LGBT community is one attack too many.

  14. DRG says

    I think there may be more crazies coming out of the woodworks due to the greater attention and support of the gay community, but I’m with the others that think there is just more reporting of verbal and physical hate crimes than ever before. Especially in those communities that now are feelling safer about coming forward…young adults, Transgendered, Blacks and Latinos.

    Also…LGBTQH?! Really? Questioning is Bisexual, at least until you figure it out. Homosexual? That’s what LGBT people are. Common folks, LGBT is hard enough to get people to remember.

  15. says

    this makes sense. we’re hiding less, we’re in the streets, we’re winning battles, our visibility is up and so is support…. so that’s gong to unleash the small-minded armies of furiously angry and insecure people. the last-gasp crowd.

    just as Obama’s Presidential win woke up the racist bigots of America who can’t believe a “negro” is running their country, there are now the furiously angry men and the wives they beat taking their anti-gay anger to new extremes. why? they’re furious that we’re not scared of them.

    everyone has secrets. people seem to tolerate secrets. what they don’t tolerate, and what their little minds can’t handle, is seeing people they feel are “lesser” or should be living in fear living out, open, honest and defiant lives. it upsets them, you see, when the target of their scorn and prejudice is not afraid of them.

    this is why now, more than ever, there is a need for higher visibility and solidarity. are you an adult? time to think of ways you can help the community. don’t let the hard work rest on the shoulders of the young. the front lines need backup

    have the awkward conversations with your family members. have the awkward moment with your acquaintances and co-workers where you confirm that you are gay, and that you demand equality in the USA. this is not the time for any more hiding. calling all adults – we need support to keep the momentum going.

  16. Rick says

    Hilarious how some of you try to put a political spin on this and blame the evil Republicans and evil “Christians.”

    As Francis pointed out, half the non-trans victims were black and it is safe to assume that virtually all of these were victimized by other blacks, who were neither churchgoers nor Republicans nor Romney voters.

    As for the trans victims, any man who hits the streets in high heels and a skirt knows the risk he is taking by doing so and knows how to eliminate that risk….and if he is attacked, it will generally have nothing to do with religion or politics, but rather with his willful violation of masculine standards of behavior. Nobody should be murdered for that, of course, but such behavior is never going to be acceptable in society, regardless of how many laws might be passed.

  17. says

    as long as those who continue to hate gender-nonconformists act like wimps and hide in the closet, the hard work will continue to be done by those with actual spines, who defy baseless bigotry, rather than cower before it like a wuss.

    like it’s always been.

  18. DB says

    I’m assuming the ‘H’ in ‘LGBTQH’ is for ‘human’? The ‘Q’ must be for ‘questioning’. Isn’t it time to stop using these ridiculous, esoteric, vague, offensive, disconsonant, redundant, grammatically incorrect, meaningless, and inaccurate jumbles of consonants? Please just say ‘gay’. Don’t lump in other unrelated groups such as ‘transgender’ people. If you want to address an issue with a separate group such as left-handed people, transgender people, or Evangelicals, please do so separately.

  19. says

    DB, no dice.

    it’s not just “gay” because it’s not only “gay” people who are living in a world still predisposed to prejudice and bigotry.

    if you think you’ll gain favour by throwing our brothers and sisters under the bus, you’re wrong.

    we’re all in this together. any gay man that refuses to stand in solidarity with our trans brothers and sisters deserves every ounce of prejudice and bigotry he’ll ever face in life.

    real men stand up those who are oppressed. only cowardly wimps say “let them do it themselves, this is about meeeee!”

  20. Rick says

    @DB I think we are just going to have to start new organizations that do exactly what you are advocating. Existing gay organizations have been taken over by Far Left extremists who are not only out of touch with the social and political mainstream (which is why their campaigns for everything keep failing) but are out of touch with the majority of gay people. They are doing great harm to our movement and have strayed wildly from the core purpose of eradicating homophobia into a “gender-non-conformity” ideology that is creating enemies for us where they did not exist before and destroying our credibility, not to mention clouding our message.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say we should also exclude lesbians from new organizations because most lesbians are feminists and insist on feminist ideology being pandered to in any organization they become a part of–and feminism does not represent the interests of men in general, including gay men.

    The only alternative at present seems to be the gay Republican organizations, but not only are they attached to a political party that many of us do not find appealing, but they don’t seem to “get it” any more than the Far Left extremists do–they are way too focused on economics and way too cozy with people who hate us.

    There is no doubt that the vast majority of gay people are sick and tired of being tied to transsexuals and transvestites and I also think the vast majority of masculine gay men are sick and tired of having their image soiled by being associated with effeminate gay men and their woman-obsession.

    Something needs to be done and the only solution is to disassociate ourselves from the radicals by creating our own organizations and refusing to let them join them–and once having formed such organizations, to publicly disassociate ourselves from these groups and the ideology they represent.

  21. says


    “something needs to be done”? too bad it won’t be. know why? you guys don’t have the balls to stand up to be counted as gay men. so you’ll forever be coming online to live vicariously through an anonymous internet handle, because none of you are man enough to actually go out and represent “what gay is” (to you) to the rest of the world.

    you sit at your computers wishing that someone else would do the work that you yourself are too insecure and cowardly to do.

    right. make a show of how “not like those other gays” you are. it won’t happen. you’re simply too damned cowardly.

    you could prove me wrong by starting a group, a blogspot, a youtube channel, dedicated to what you think gay men should be, and should be doing, and can start by putting your face and name to The Cause.

    but you won’t. because you don’t have the guts.

    The Ricks: “Yeah! We need to start a new group that has no lesbians or femmes! Now, who wants to start it? I can’t because I don’t want people to know that I’m gay”

    Fail. At life. For all time.

    you crack me up, RICK. desperately wishing a movement would begin but none of the guys you want to be a part of it have the balls to live Visibly. 😀

  22. david says

    basically every election cycle has a spike in hate crime. It was a wedge issue and when a wedge issue being tossed around by politicians, the public react to that pondering. I wonder what an uneducated religiously brain washed person would do to that pondering.

  23. Flowered Rose says

    To be fair the real ackronym reads: LGBTQCIAP – Lesbien, Gay, Transgender, Queer Questioning, Curious, Intersex, Asexual and pamsexual. I think 9m letters is enough. it’s 1/3 the alphabet.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, FLOWERED ROSE.

    For many people in this society, and this world, that ackronym means one thing: GAY. And that’s the was in 1969. I don’t need it to be any different today.

    For those of you who want the world to separate sexual minorities….well, give it another 30 to 40 years. But by then the sexual minorities may not feel any need to separate. And they’ll ALL be GAY as they were in 1969.

  25. jamal49 says

    These violent crimes will go higher unless the FBI or the Justice Dept. grows a pair and starts prosecuting those evangelical hate-mongers for inciting violence. Or, round of up a few of us queers and go to those churches and kick those pastors’ asses clear into next week.

  26. DeeperStill says

    KIWI, sometimes your genius shines. Your comments on this thread is one of those times indeed.

    And PLEEEEEEEEASE let it be Obama four more years, America!!!

    The alternative is simply too frightening to think about. Truly!

    Best wishes from Denmark xXx

  27. says

    Powerful haters…

    A friend of mine and his family were forced out of their home by police under threat of arrest after discovering the husband was a bisexual man.

    They, (my friend’s family), had purchased the home on land contract and the hater tried and failed to evict them then used the sheriff’s department and other LEOs to make them leave and kept the contents of their home.

    If this isn’t corruption, what is? My friend is so pissed that he is running for Sheriff in that County to clean house and could use our support.

    He started a petition that asks the US Attorney’s Office to investigate this corruption and could use more signatures.


    Before experiencing this hate he really had no idea it really existed. Please help me help him by promoting this link in your own circles and lets make this a national issue for equal justice and for our constitutional civil rights!



  28. Kyra says

    I have noticed that all of the comments that were made here (page 1 only thus far) have been specifically directed in support of the “G” part of the LGBTQ spectrum. I am curious as to whether we have considered that there are four other aspects to the “rainbow”? I mean granted, if every gay man stood up, banned together and shouted in unison “We are finished taking this abuse from the ‘Judeo Christian establishment”, a lot of things would change. But here is a thought from one of the other sides of the LGBTQ coin… Forget about the LGBTQ label, forget about who is getting bullied more, forget about who is getting abused more and start thinking about the fact that LGBTQ members around the world are a million person family! We see more and more young men and women coming out as gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, or queer everyday and all the while we are so focused on what has happened in the gay community that we lose sight of the other family members! I am transsexual, bisexual, inter-sexed, and in a life partnership with a genetic woman (whom is a christian). I was assaulted while walking to and then from work on two separate occasions within 5 days. On one occasion, the police caught the assailants after hurting me, both were drunk in public. No arrests were made, no charges were filed, and they let the guys go at 6:00 a.m., 30 mins later, to walk the streets while intoxicated after getting an eyewitness report and police call of not only my assault but destruction of property, describing these men both times! However, a gay 20+ year old man was NEARLY assaulted at a park in town and it was a full report in the local newspaper!

    We need to band together as a whole if we really expect to make a difference! We can speak with all of the “pretty and intellectual words” that we choose but in the end, we are failing. We are losing for one reason that we have been missing for years… the hate mongers and prejudice social groups HAVE banned together in their hate of us! We are fighting a war, sisters and brothers. We stand here, one at a time, and yell out at an army of bigots. Do you think that an army will ever hear the voice of one person over their own? Sadly, if we stood together, we are bigger than they ever were but we are too focused on our own little group to care about the whole! If we banned together, how much louder would our unified voice be than the voices of the hate groups that control our world now? We control 75% of the worlds finance! We hold positions of power in every office on the planet! The President of the United States stands behind us! By “we” I do not mean gay men or lesbian women. I say “we” in reference to the whole of the persecuted, degraded, beaten, battered, torn, abused, murdered, angry, terrified members of the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual-Queer family. Remember that at Stonewall, it was not only one aspect that stood outside those doors to defend it but all five and some allies! But that is my little rant. Thank you for letting me get that out. <3 Dr. Kyra T.

  29. Dr. Kyra T. says

    @ Rick: You are the reason that we are left beaten and bloody in the streets, Rick! It is thinking like your comments on June 1, 2012 regarding african-american transsexuals and crossdressers being assaulted and how it is their basically fault because “they knew the risks” that is the reason that we are all left behind in the global eqaulity stance. Are you really that ignorant as to think that has anything to do with “black on black crime”? Are you really so naive as to believe that if a “man” walks down the street in high heels and is assaulted, it is his own responsibility? Is it also a gay mans responsibility if he is attacked for being gay, whether he exhibits his sexual orientation or not? Rick please, woman to man, I implore you… READ A BOOK!!! Here is a really good one for you (and to satisfy your own bigoted mind, it is about gay children!). Please read this and then say that it is the fault of the person rather than that of the prejudice social standards placed on us for our orientation as opposed to our expression! “Youth Suicide: The School’s Role in Prevention and Response. Written by Wanda Y. Johnson”. Please remember that the gay man would would have never gained the strides that they have without the other members of the LGBTQ-PASI standing beside them every step of the way. Likewise, neither group would have advanced as they have without the others, however, we will all fall away if we think as you do Rick!

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