1. Alan says

    Awww, cute couple. I hope they throw a huge party on their 50th anniversary. In gay anniversary years, that’s like being married for 700 years. I’ve been with my guy for eleven years, and we’re the longest-together couple of any of our friends. I get tired of seeing gay guys go through men like toilet paper. Find a good man and settle down. Find a man that respects you, treats you well, and isn’t screwing everything that moves. And for better or for worse, you don’t just get up and leave when the going gets tough. It takes work. Hard word and selflessness.

  2. Ernest1960 says

    @Alan. Congrats on 11 years! We’re at 30 years ourselves. I can’t imagine what they had to go through starting out 48 years ago! Wow.

  3. Paul B. says

    Congratulations to those that hang in and make it work! I’ve been living in sin with the same man for 28 years…yikes!
    I have to say that I’ve never been more angry in my life…all these years and not married, no legal rights. We haven’t kissed or held hands in public once in 28 years together. On the street, nobody would even know what we are to each other. There isn’t a word to describe what I’m feeling.
    I’m disgusted, heartbroken and ready to kill someone. I have no history of violence and except for the acts of violence I commit in my head lately…I’ve stayed pretty peaceful. I’m sorry to sound looney…today is a bad day. I’m supposed to meet some redneck clients of my husband and they’re coming to our house to visit this weekend. I don’t want them in here…I can’t stay…I won’t meet them. I know how they feel about us even though they tolerate us. I used to be able to put on a nice face but I’ve run out of time and patience. This isn’t good.

  4. Dave says

    And God said set my people free. Time to set the gays free people, President Lincoln freed the black southern slaves and now President Obama is going to set the gays free. The Civil War freed the black southern slaves, don’t make the people fight another war to free the gays, if history has taught us anything it is that the oppressed will always rise up and get their freedom one way or the other. We now know that it is the anti-homosexual Christians who are the slave masters and they are the target of the new war to free the gays.

  5. Paul B. says

    Wow…did that just come out of me? I’m sorry, this is not the time & place for such talk.
    I’ll figure it out…please forgive my rant.

  6. BABH says

    “We haven’t kissed or held hands in public once in 28 years together.”

    Why the hell not? No-one in your community is going to think you’re their equal if you don’t act like it. And take “living in ‘sin'” out of your vocabulary too, if you don’t want people thinking you’re repressed and self-hating.

    Good luck figuring things out. Hang in there!

  7. Stefan says

    @Dave–Yeah, being gay in America often sucks. Discrimination sucks. Inequality sucks. But being gay is not analogous to slavery *at all*, and it has not resulted in generations of entrenched and institutionalized socioeconomic segregation. It’s not even close. And the struggle for our rights is not equivalent to the road that led to the Civil War, nor would gay rights ever be the singular motivation for such an event. Some perspective might be helpful in how we position our struggle in terms of the history of human persecution.

  8. Michael Lederman says

    This is ridiculous either of these men can get married today in any state they so desire. So to say they cannot is a lie.

    The question is can they marry each other and to that I say no and so does the majority of voters in states that put it to vote. Before the courts even consider gay marriage why not look at multiple partner marriage, child marriage (see sharia), and other outside of the norm types of couplings.

  9. vanndean says

    Michael Lederman, how ridiculous! Why would they want to get married to some member of the opposite gender? They are gay. Do we not have enough evidence which proves that what you suggest is not a good idea. There have been enough lives disrupted because of people thinking that you have a solution. Follow the advice your grandmother gave you and tend to your own knitting and let others tend to theirs. Instead of using your computer to post idiotic crap, perhaps you could use it to Google a copy of the Constitution of the United States and see if you are capable of understanding the wording and principles established by 14th amendment.

  10. ohplease says

    Really Michael Leberman? I agree with Vanndean, why would they get married to someone of the opposite sex? They are gay!!!!!! It wouldn’t make them happy and it certainly wouldn’t make their spouses happy so what would be the point? Children cannot consent to marriage, that is called rape. period. Don’t be fooled, in a few years, this stupid idea that gays can’t get married will be almost non-existent. But in the meanwhile, I’m gonna get together with a group of my friends and make decisions on whether or not you should get married. In fact I think I might just start an organization and lobby against it. petty? yes but I think when you are denied the right to get married, you’ll see things in a different light.

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