1. ichabod says

    Rev. Anthony Evans: “…the black church will never support gay marriage,” he said. “It is and always will be against the ethics and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Hmm, according to the Bible, Jesus said bupkis about this. Shouldn’t a religious man know his own holy book?

  2. Isaac says

    The one great side affect of Obama coming out for marriage equality and civil equality for gays more generally is that he is LEADING many blacks who had been sitting on the sidelines out into the light on this issue. It’s amazing to see all of the black leaders come out in favor on this. To see even the rap and hip hop culture beginning to come around is an interesting welcome sight, because they will affect so many more young people than the churches.

    The preachers who continue to be against this will begin to look backward rather than within the mainstream within the black “community.” I think this is the beginning of end for their strangle hold on so many of the views of the black churchgoing types, which are legion within this community. It will be ok to go against your pastor on this because there are so many others on the other side.

    In many respects, Obama’s “evolution” will have more of an effect on the African American community than the country at large.

  3. says

    @Isaac I agree with your premise, that this has resulted in black the church having to take a look at it’s stance on ay marriage. Where I take issue is that the media will always try to blame the black church and black people for the woes of the gay community.

    I would argue the Jerry Fawells the Ted Haggarts,the Pat Robertsons, to name a few have this distinguishing title shared amongst themselves. I do not want to diminish the bigots of the black church but please let us not forget the incendiary remarks some of the above individuals have said.

    I as a black man know all too well what prejudice is, and it rears it’s ugly head in the gay scene all to readily. (check out the gay personals) However what I do not like is when we become the most homophobic when anyone with a brain would see that homophobia is not race specific.

  4. R says

    not that I consider myself Christian, but where, exactly, does Jesus ever speak about gay anything? oh, yeah, no where.

    sometimes, I swear, the more religous a person is, the less they’ve actually read and understood anything their holy book(s) have to say.

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