1. says

    I love this, very fun. In high school, we learned something about surveys and I remember wanting to do a sex survey where one question was about gay feelings and I fantasized about marking the surveys so I’d know everyone’s true feelings, lol.

  2. NullNaught says

    I don’t like having gay sex turned into a comedy bit. Jimmy Kimmel is creepy and this bit seems more than a little homophobic. I didn’t have an opinion on Jimmy Kimmel before this as I had never seen his show. I will definitely avoid him after this. He is not our friend.

  3. Abel says

    Hey @NullNaught, ALL sex is funny. I don’t see this as homophobic at all. In fact, I thought many of the answers were charming and disarming. “Look at her tits!” was my favorite.

  4. Albert says

    Jimmy Kimmel is always doing these audience participation survey skits. This is the first one he’s done on having a gay experience. Nothing homophobic about it. Lighten up already!

  5. Rick says

    I’m not exactly psyched that this appeared on a comedy show. Nonetheless I think it’s a fascinating experiment, having a group of people anticipate the survey answers. It says a lot about what we think we can intuit from a brief encounter with a person…reveals something about the judgments and presumptions we seem to share.

  6. NullNaught says

    I am not forgiving of straights who do anything homophobic at all ever. Zero tolerance, no second chances. I view this as homophobic. What else do I need? He has already ruined himself with me. There is no coming back from a single homophobic slur or action or even intimation.
    I don’t H8STR8S any more, but I sure as $hit don’t like them. I give them no wiggle room.

  7. says

    I’m sure all of these people knew upfront that the interviewer was from Kimmel’s show and the question was going to be humorous. You’ll notice none of them were outraged or indignant. What I do find funny is that one out of every two girls said yes. And, of course, our gaydar is spot on. It was obvious to me that even if the guy who dabbled in college said no, we wouldn’t believe him. I applaud the openly gay guy. Ten/Twenty years ago people would have just kept on walking or told the interviewer off. Life for gay people is getting better.

  8. NullNaught says

    This is not a remark. This is a comedy bit based on the premise that there is something funny about asking people if they have had a homosexual experience. The purpose is to embarrase people on the street over homosexuality. This strikes me as more and more homophobic the longer I think about it.
    The context itself is what I object to, not any particular statements within the bit. What comment do you think I have taken out of context?

  9. George F says

    Having such question for a fun poll just goes on to show how much our society has evolved in our perception of what “gay” is- Years ago everyone would have just answered NO to that question on camera instead of being candid about it…

    And this makes me like Jimmy Kimmel even more!

  10. Jeff says

    Nullnaught writes: ”
    The purpose is to embarrase people on the street over homosexuality. This strikes me as more and more homophobic the longer I think about it…”

    I don’t think it was homophobic at all. And if the purpose was to embarrass people, it was an utter failure. Not a single person was embarrassed at all.

  11. NullNaught says

    Try turning it around; if he had asked people if they had had a heterosexual experience there is no joke, is there? People wouldn’t even understand it is supposed to be funny. The only thing that is supposed to make it funny is homosexuality as apposed to heterosexuality. thus homosexuality is the joke. Making homosexaulity into a joke is blatantly homophobic, in my mind. It is demeaning to gays to make there sexuality into a joke.

  12. David Hearn says

    Oh for God’s sake people, lighten up. This is not mocking gay people. The producers never would have even asked such a question on the Tonight Show 30 years ago.

    As for some of the responses, had Kimmel asked “Have you had sex with a woman?” in The Castro, you would have dozens of men affecting instant drag queen “Oh Hell No!”

  13. Mary says

    Most people don’t like being asked about their sexual desires by a stranger (people voluntarily answering a questionnaire is another thing.) If the general public thinks that gay rights leads to being humiliated in public and especially being forced to admit to (or lie about by denying) bicuriosity or bisexual feelings, they will turn against gay rights in droves.

    I’d be careful with this kind of “comedy.” Just sayin….

  14. Ryan says

    The fact that NULLNAUGHT says, “I don’t H8STR8S any more, but I sure as $hit don’t like them” says a lot. Why would you ever make such a blanket statement? You dislike ALL straight people?

    I don’t see homophobia in this. They’ve done this segment before, and it was on topic this week because of Obama’s gay marriage comments. And why can’t we have humorous discussions about sex and sexuality? I’ve been to dinner with large groups of gay people and the whole, “Have you had sex with a woman?” conversation always gets some hilarious answers. It can work both ways.

    I realize there is a lot of homophobia in the world, but Jesus Christ on a cracker, some of the comments on Towleroad take small, innocuous things way too seriously.

  15. NullNaught says

    Unless I have reason to like a straight person, I don’t. We have had different experiences with str8s. I can’t forgive what has been done to me. It is a measure of progress that I can even say I don’t hate all of them anymore. It is only since seeing how many str8s now stand up for us on Towleroad that I have been able to make it to this point. I suspect we are of different generations and that you have had a relatively easy life.
    You were at a party where everyone was in on the game and consented presumably to be questioned in such a fashion. What if Jimmy asked that question of somebody who was in the closet? Can you imagine how devastating that would be? The guy would go home wondering what gave him away. He would be sick with fear for days. You can hardly imagine the pain Jimmy would cause (probably has caused) such a person
    Maybe you are a facist like Littlekiwi and you don’t think anyone has the RIGHT to be in the closet. Maybe you think people don’t have the right to that sort of privacy. When put on the spot like that, people feel like they have to say something. Their sexuality has been challenged. This is really a very very ugly thing. I can’t believe you don’t see that.

  16. ichabod says

    I thought the bit was charming. Certainly more “slice of life” than anything that could be construed as negative. I found it rather affirming.

  17. Leroy Laflamme says

    Jimmy Kimmel is not remotely homophobic, fer goodness’ sake! He is totally our friend. Can you just imagine the mouthful that reporter would have got if NULLNAUGHT had come wandering down the street? That was good clean fun & in no way demeaned or marginalized us. Btw, wasn’t there some rabidly anti-heterosexual poster on Towleroad a couple of months back called H8STR8S? That you, NULLNAUGHT?

  18. Bambam says


    So you’re basing your perception of people based on internet interactions? That sounds…well, that sounds straight up foreboding.

    Also, you say that you can’t forgive them for what they’ve done. What have they all done? That’s a huge blanket statement (96% of the world). Get help.

  19. Griff says

    Meh. Not insulting, but not too terribly ground breaking either- I was really hoping for a big burly bear or lipstick lesbian to really throw off the audience’s expectations on homosexuality.

  20. NullNaught says

    @Leroy Laflamme
    I have announce my change of handle several times. An earlier comment on this thread by me states “I may not H8STR8S anymore…” I don’t know how I could have made it more obivous that I used to be H8STR8S. I mean no deception. I have changed; I no longer hate them all – I just don’t like them. I am actually proud of this progress. I was ready to change.
    Yes, I have thought about what I would do if they had asked me. I have no doubt I would be in jail right now for agravated assualt; or if I was holding something heavy or sharp, assault with a deadly weapon.

  21. NullNaught says

    The abuse I have suffered at the hands of str8s has put me in psychotherapy for almost 20 years. I am on a $hit load of med.s. I am seeking help.
    Not every single str8 person in the world has done something bad to me; every single str8 that I have encountered has, however. We have doubtless had different experiences with str8s. You no doubt are very young and have no idea what homophobia really is because you never had a chance to live through it. All the experience I have had of str8s was in the bad old days. I have been a recluse since I retired when I was very young. I see on the internet that life has changed somewhat and so have I. I no longer hate, I just can’t ever bring myself to like them.
    I am happy you have had such a sunny life. I hope it continues that way.

  22. Stephen says

    Kimmel is not homophobic. In fact he can play very fluid with sexuality. This is, after all, the man who made the video “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck”

  23. NullNaught says

    Uh… “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck” makes me more certain he is a homophobe, not less. What is funny about two people having sex? Nothing, unless they are doing something wrong. What is wrong? Jimmy Kimmel is masculine. Everybody knows faggots are all swishy limpwristed she-males, right? That is the stereotype isn’t it? So that is what is funny – look everybody! That masculine guy is acting like a faggot! Hahaha! Let’s all laugh at faggots! Hahaha!
    What a creepy fellow he is, as well as being a blatant homophobe. Thank you for supporting my thesis.

  24. jexer says

    This is NOT homophobic to me, not one bit.

    If anything it shows that you just never know about others until they choose to tell you, so be respectful.

  25. truthteller says

    This is funny stuff!

    I don’t find it a bit homophobic. Comedians make fun of everything and everyone, and they should. Hell, we make fun of ourselves–the ones with a sense of humor, that is.

    That fact that people no longer recoil when asked that question says tons about how far we’ve come.

    My favorite answer was the dad with the baby. The fact that he admitted to watching a gay porno makes others who are curious feel there is nothing wrong with their curiosity and it also dispels the notion that curiosity can make you gay.

    It’s a comedy skit. Lighten up!

  26. andrew says

    It was a funny comedy skit. Jimmy Kimmel is a good comedian and a friend of the gay community. It is sad that some people have been so psychologically wounded that they can’t enjoy the humor. The problem is theirs. Not Kimmel’s. It is not a generational thing. I’m 73 and thought it was a very funny bit.

  27. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    you guys who have no sense of humor about this remind me of the excruciatingly humorless, terminally politically correct lesbians of the 1970s around whom it was impossible to joke about ANYTHING without getting an ashen-faced lecture about who you *might* be hurting.

    your humorless, like theirs, does/did nothing to enable gay people to take a healthy place in society.

    Get TF over yourselves and stop thinking everybody should share your humorless hang-ups.

  28. NullNaught says

    did you consider what it would be like to be in the closet to your family and out and proud to your friends and have that question asked of you? What do you do? Deny yourself and feel like $hit and be treated that way by your ex-friends? Out yourself to a family who is not ready for it? You can’t say “none of your business” because that declares you are gay – straight people just answere the question.
    I hate the fat homophobic retarded jackass that is Jimmy Kimmel because he is abusive of his power to invade people’s privacy.
    I don’t like straight people becuase I am psychologically damaged. Being psychologically damaged has nothing to do with why this is abusive. Read my posts more carefully if you are going to obviously refer to them and myself in your posts.

  29. AladinSane says

    Nullnaught, I think the answer to the question if you don’t want to talk about it on television is “I don’t want to be on your show.” That is how adults behave. Maybe you think poorly of straight people, but I have seen no evidence of Kimmel or his staff ever being malicious or homophobic. While you may think this was a negative piece I find it extraordinarily positive that a couple of people admitted to experiences quite unashamedly and there was no negative reaction from their friends or the audience.

    You admit to being psychologically damaged and in counseling. You say that every single hetero person you have ever met has treated you poorly. Is it possible that you react negatively on an emotional level in a way that most others would not because of this? I ask because calling someone a “fat homophobic retarded jackass” is usually an indication of a visceral response and not a well reasoned one.

  30. Gideon S. says

    Believe it or not, behind every cameraperson is another person with a stack of papers, and as soon as your camera time is done, that person will take you off to the side and ask you to sign a release form. They can’t show your ugly mug on TV unless you sign one. So, if you were asked something that upsets your delicate sensitivity, and you don’t want anyone to see you on TV for fear of being outed, simply DON’T SIGN A RELEASE FORM!!!

  31. NullNaught says

    @Gideon S.
    I had no idea how these things work. I have never heard of a release form. believe it or not, my life has just never intersected with this particular triviality. So that line of reasoing is off. I still believe it is homophobic because of all the other reasons I have stated here. I was just trying to illustrate how devastating I thought this could be. But people faced with such a question have to analyse whether to come out to this stranger righ here and now. And even if they are not outed nationally, they are outed involuntarily, or they have to lie to this stranger. This stranger has no right putting them on the spot like that, have they? Could not just asking that of somebody be very harmful in itself?
    What if you were deciding if you should come out or not because you were very afraid? If they ask the question and you don’t immediately laugh and say “no” then you are kind of outed. It is not something anybody has to think about. You know if you have ever had gay sex or not. It is not something you are unsure of, now is it? So if you hesitate, you are outed to this stranger, and the cameraman and the guy with the forms and the strangers standing around listening to you because they are taping. Don’t you think all these people would be invading your privacy? You hesitate, and they all of them look at you with that knowing look; we’ve got a faggot here.
    So you decide to hide deeper in the closet. Real pretty.

  32. andrew says

    @Nullnaught: While you are free to spend your adult life feeling sorry for yourself because of all the nasty things SOME straight people did to you; I would suggest that you stop using the word “retarded” to characterize people with whom you disagree. That is an extremey hurtful phrase to special needs people and those who love them.

  33. AladinSane says

    Nullnaught, if you live your life believing that being gay is something to be hidden and fearful of the reactions of others that is your business. But because YOU haven’t heard of a release form and have had negative experiences with every het you have met it does not necessarily follow that everyone else has. You are projecting. You live your life in fear. You may have good reason, I don’t know. But everyone else doesn’t have to agree to be afraid the way you are.

    You didn’t seem to be at all concerned that you called Kimmel “retarded” which developmentally disabled adults consider offensive. Pot, meet kettle.

    I also find it interesting that you skip my previous post to jump on something you consider “trivial” from Gideon.

    But here’s the thing: people in the closet spend all day every day deciding when or if to come out. If you agree to be interviewed on air you have already decided which way you will answer. You KNOW that somehow you might be exposed no matter the issue because you are already paranoid.

  34. AladinSane says

    BTW Nullnaught, your position logically implies a conclusion which you have not stated. If it is not NOW ok to ask someone if they have had a gay experience when will it? And if never, why?

  35. NullNaught says

    I didn’t see the post I failed to respond to. It was an oversight.
    I am used to anti-mentally-ill bigotry on this sight, so I am not at all hurt by your insulting insinuation that because I have been traumatized I can’t think.
    You did not read my posts at all carefully. I am out and proud and have been so for many many years. I don’t fear. But I remember what it was like in the closet. You don’t want it exposed to anyone; not even some a$$hole on the street with a microphone. That question outs you if you don’t reflexively lie. It is hard to reflexively lie when shocked like that and someone in the closet would be very shocked by that. If you read my last post, you will see that I assume the person in the closet doesn’t consent to the interview. somebody walks up and asks you a shocking question; you don’t reflexively lie; you are outed to these strangers and go deeper in the closet. You never consent to any of it but it is done to you just the same.
    When I was in the closet, I wasn’t good enough at if for everyone and straight guys would every once in a while ask me that while in argument with me just to humiliate me and make me back down.
    Because it will never be completely safe for all gay people to come out, and because it will never be the case that all gay people will be willing to come out, it will never be o.k. to ask such an intimate question of a complete stranger. Never.

  36. UFFDA says

    NULLNAUGHT – I am sorry for your pain and very happy to hear that you are on the mend, it takes a long time sometimes and in such case that’s what time is for.

    Me…I thought the video was fun – not awkward or embarrassing as I had feared – and the last response was the best. “Does gay porn count?” – only if you liked it. I think he did.

  37. Rob says

    I don’t find it homophobic in the least. The underlying issue is that same gender desire is common among a random sampling of people on the street- and it’s fun to show it. Even among two pairs of friends who weren’t up front about it beforehand and clearly found it racy and fun to divulge in this setting.

    Comments to the contrary sound a little shrill to me.

  38. Contrarian says

    It must be a generational thing. What you Facebook types see in Mr. Kimmel escapes me entirely. I find him annoying and his talent, if any, well hidden.

  39. Leroy Laflamme says

    Motheragod, it’s the NULLNAUGHT Chronicles! May I suggest, for your own good, you spend less time venting on the internet & more time healing in private? Your ‘shitload of meds’ are clearly not working, & your provocative rants are only aggravating your wounds. Didn’t your mother (I know, I know, hateful heterosexual) ever tell you not to pick at scabs? You get yousrelf into such a snit, even your command of the English language flies out the window – you use ‘sight’ for ‘site’, ‘there’ for ‘their’. It’s plain unhealthy. You say you no longer hate – yet you would be in prison for your response had you been interviewed for that segment? But, waitaminnit! I have a sneaking suspicion you’re not at all who you say you are – you’re having a whole lot of fun cranking the rest of us up, aren’t you? These rants of yours are just cyber mischief aren’t they? Oh, thank goodness. For a while there you had us thinking you were for real. Love & Light atcha, The NULLNAUGHT Formerly Known As H8STR8S. Love & Light. No, don’t lash back, I’m moving on. Come one, everybody, let’s go.

  40. gomez says

    um, mary, that’s, again, a ridiculous argument. and one i’ve never heard before. again. so congratulations on that.

    but every week i can count on hearing some new anti-gay twist from someone.

  41. Guy says

    Wow. A lot of people who’ve commented negatively on Jimmy Kimmel need a sense of humor about themselves.

    (Also, remember that the people who appear on camera were the ones that gave their consent. I’m sure many others refused to answer the question or would not allow their footage to be aired.)

  42. Dylancat says

    Yes but at the same time Nullnaught, you, as we’re always telling ‘straight’ society, shouldn’t judge a group of people based on the actions or words of one…
    There are clearly other issues at play here otherwise such a piece wouldn’t have you quite so defensive… I hope you find peace with them.

  43. john says

    The video was charming and not even the slightest bit homophobic. It was actually charming, I’d love to see more answers from “real people” out and about! However.

    Showing that video to an audience, pausing in the middle, and the audience laughing at how obviously gay some people are? That was a little uncomfortable and more than a little homophobic.

    I’m surprised that the producers didn’t find some straight acting muscle marys to answer, or some super gay straight guys. I know tons of both.

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