1. Gus says

    Another one who was a little ‘handy’ with an adolescent buddy and chose to be str8.

  2. carl says

    I hate red haired people. They should be fired if they don’t choose to die their hair.

  3. rayrayj says

    Mr. Lankford’s belief in a magical mythical God is a choice and it is protected as religious freedom. Moreover, his behaviors because they are guided by his religious beliefs are also protected as religious freedom. So to paraphrase Orwell, some religions, people, groups are more equal than others.

  4. Kenneth says

    as someone that society ripped out of the closet kicking and screaming starting in kindergarten while bullying me the entire time, i am here to say he is right. People don’t walk up to others and say gay or st8. People like him walk up to others and say FA*#@t or str8. I am so tired of people saying it is a choice. They obviously have no idea and i pray for them!

  5. etyrnal says

    The follow up question is: Do you make the choice to be heterosexual every day? Have you made the choice not to be homosexual?

    Why don’t interviwers ever call them on this b.s.?

  6. says

    get this dinosaur out of office immediately. i can’t believe people like this are still running our country!

  7. camsf says

    Yes, religion is also a choice. However, freedom of religion is specifically protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Sexual orientation is not *specifically* protected, but might be through interpretation of other parts of the Constitution.

  8. says

    well, this little queen clearly DOES make “the choice” to not be gay every day. what a pillow-biter.

    flood his facebook pages.

    yet another backwoods backward thinking republican. wow. what a shock.

  9. gregory brown says

    I think he looks like a Bob Vander Plop cousin…which opens all kinds of incest possibilities if they ever get together at some convention.

    Something about the Oklahoma wind sweeps these folks into state politics.

  10. Matt says

    The issue here is this man’s lack of respect for other Americans’ freedom, dignity and privacy. The question Rep. Lankford raises of “choice” is, as always, a complete red herring and stupid waste of time.

  11. sparks says

    I wish EVERY journalist/interviewer who questioned someone on this topic would simply follow the logic: “So you chose to be heterosexual? Do you feel that you COULD enjoy sexual relations with men, but you’re making a conscious choice to be with a woman? Okay then, if it doesn’t sound pleasurable to you, why do you believe it’s realistically a choice for others?”

  12. Mike in the Tundra says

    @AJ – He completely blew the fuse of my gaydar. Of course, he’s probably an expert on blowing.

  13. Wirrrn says

    It’s not a choice. But even if it was, does that give people the right to fire and discriminate against us? You can’t be fired for being a Christian, which is definitely a choice.

    meanwhile, Rep. Lankford will be caught soliciting sex in a men’s room in T-minus 5…4…3…

  14. says

    Another fine example of ignorance. People like this, and the people who ELECT people like this, simply need to be educated.

    They approve of education in Oklahoma … right?

  15. mary says

    It is very hard to justify job discrimination on ANY basis. I’ve never heard anyone convincingly make a case for any kind of job discrimination – racial, sexual, ethnic. Until (and unless!) someone can convince me otherwise, I’ll stick with the position that if you can do the job you should be treated the same as other job applicants.

  16. say what says

    aren’t red heads witches?

    they used to burned as witches and doubly so if left handed red heads

    just saying

  17. says

    did y’all see the piece last night on The Daily Show about the passage of a bill in missouri?

    Republicans passed a bill that protects gun-owners as a specific group. second amendment already exists, but they made it illegal to fire someone….if they own guns. despite the fact that at no point in the state’s history has anyone ever been denied a job, or fired, for owning a gun. and the republican woman who introduced that bill, and the republicans who helped pass it, have continually struck down bills that would protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination. despite the fact that there are hundreds of such cases in the state.

    why? simple. republicans are stupid. and bigoted.

  18. NorthoftheBorder says

    suddenly I feel the urge to open a business in Oklahoma, or any other state.. hire a bunch of people, then fire their collective asses because they’re straight!

  19. TJ says

    Okay, I’ll play along. It’s a choice, and it’s a behavior. As such, firing someone for their choices and behaviors is not the same as firing because of race or gender.

    I don’t like your tie, which you chose to wear IN PUBLIC! I should have the right to fire you.

    I really don’t care for country music. Listening to country music is a choice. If you engaged in the behaviors of turning on your car’s radio and listening to country music, on your own time, I should be able to fire you. No protections for your personal choices or behaviors.

    This is a free country. Except when it’s not, and that’s okay.

  20. says

    You can’t give those bigoted nutcases the follow-up question “So you chose to be heterosexual?” They would not understand this question and state, that it is an illogical one. Because for them, heterosexuality is the norm – we are naturally wired this way. And gays decide to go against this wiring. We shouldn’t waste time asking these guys questions like this. Maybe we see it is a smart one, but they don’t.

  21. Caliban says

    Well there is one thing we DO know beyond a shadow of a doubt, RELIGION IS A CHOICE.

    It’s arguable that Humans have a built-in tendency toward religion I suppose, but personally I think it’s a “mis-fire” of the same pattern-making ability that also gives us science and knowledge. Religion and superstition are just bad science. “I was doing THIS when it rained, therefore if I do THIS again it will rain again.” “My tribe has THIS idol (god) but we were beaten in war by a tribe that has THAT idol, therefore THAT idol is more powerful than THIS idol, so I should worship it instead.”

    All that aside though, PEOPLE CHANGE RELIGIONS EVERY DAY or drop them altogether. Compare that with sexuality, which even the main proponents of “ex-gay” therapy now admit does not work. People change religions because they want to marry someone of another faith, because the tenets of that religion appeal to them, or because practicing that religion gives them some practical advantage. And sometimes people drop religion altogether because they come to believe it’s all hogwash.

    And even if you DO believe in a Creator, Supreme Being, or Higher Power, it does NOT follow that the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, or ANY religious text ancient or modern says a SINGLE true or meaningful thing about that being or entity.

    This pr*ck could DECIDE to switch to a religion or denomination that isn’t homophobic, that has come to terms with human sexuality, of which there are several. That he hasn’t done that is HIS CHOICE, unlike the sexuality of those who he wants to oppress.

    Besides, and god worth its salt would have fried this f**ker with a lightning bolt long ago!

  22. Caliban says

    Oh, and I would add that one of the proofs that religion is a choice is missionaries (like Mitt Romney was) and door-to-door proselytizers. They attempt to get you to CHOOSE their religion over many other options. If you already practice a religion they want to convince you that their is better.

    If religion wasn’t a choice there would be no need for “salesmen” to promote it. There would be no need for missionaries to go to poor countries and extort fealty to their religion in exchange for food and shelter.

  23. Roman Bolliger says

    How is it possible that nature “chose” to produce a creature somewhere in between Draco Malfoy and Beavis?

  24. Rob says

    People who say that same gender desire is a choice are ADMITTING THAT THEY FEEL IT TOO! They fight against it and choose not to indulge, which is very difficult, so they want some acknowledgment of their efforts. To them, the people who just give in are taking the easy way out and are therefore deserving of scorn.

    And this guy is no lumberjack, lemme tell ya.

  25. jim says

    Um, he didn’t answer the question.

    Think it’s hilarious that his immediate response is “have you seen a piece of legislation on that, are you referencing a specific one?” like his first reaction was to NOT get caught with his pants down. Gotta wonder just how attentive he is to the legislation he’s VOTING ON!

  26. Rob in OKC says

    Yep..another closet case OKie Republican hiding behind God. Jeez…there’s so many here.

  27. andrew says

    It does puzzle me that many gay people who post on this site seem to think that the worst thing they can say about an enemy is that they are probably closeted homosexuals. They are basing that conclusion on what?

  28. Aeronaut says

    I am making a new religion. It´s called Gaylegion. The praying rituals include having what outsiders might perceive as gay sex.

    You can just practice your religion under protection of the US constitution.

    Take opportunity of the special offer, first 2000 members can sign up for only $10 a year (+pp for the card)

  29. Rafi says


    The only thing the First Amendment explicitly guarantees with respect to religion is that the government can’t mandate it. Just looking at that amendment alone, any private company would have the right to fire someone based on religion (as happened in the past). The reason that’s illegal now is because of laws that came later.