1. candide001 says

    If Romney is elected the clock will be turned back on gay rights for at least 30 years. The Supreme Court is in play. The religious right will exact their revenge for whatever advances have been made. Just look at all the anti-gay legislation that has been bubbling up in statehouses across the land since the mid-term debacle of 2010. We must get Obama reelected. If not, get your passports ready. It’s going to get very, very ugly here for LGBT Americans. Personally, I will be moving back to France for good. Get over whatever petty criticisms you have of Obama. It’s do or die.

  2. candide001 says

    @Justin That’s why at this moment in time we need EXTREME political discipline to support this president. We must come down very, very harshly on the sort of self-serving narcissism that Cory Booker displayed last Sunday. It’s because of the right wing’s superior political discipline, that they continue to wield political power that is disproportionate to their actual popular support. The religious right hates us. We must give no quarter to the LGBT quislings and the LGBT quisling supporters like Booker who criticize Obama on anything whatsoever. The religious right has mastered the art of holding their nose when there is a less-than-perfect candidate. We liberals and progressives need to learn from our enemies that level of political discipline. We must display a vigorous, united front. Screw Cory Booker.

  3. Strepsi says

    You guys are right. It is time to knuckle down, stop infighting, and elect Obama.

    Because when you say “look at all the anti-gay legislation that has been bubbling up in statehouses ” that is an understatement. ANTI-GAY BIGOTS HAVE WON in over 30 out of 50 States.

    It’s easy to point and laugh at the rabid, ignorant hate-Pastors out of North Carolina who want new Nuremberg Laws for homos to make us second-class citizens, but guess what? They WON!


  4. candide001 says


    You are correct. We MUST stop this in-fighting and quibbling. This really is a life-and-death moment in our struggle for equality. The contrast could not be clearer. Again, we must vigorously shout down those quislings among us who seek to detract from Obama. We must have the maturity to overcome any former grudges and disappointments we may have with him. He has clearly proven himself to be the most LGBT-supportive president ever.

    We must especially work to join our cause with that of the 99% versus the 1%. That’s why Cory Booker’s narcissistic performance this weekend is such a serious matter to which we must have the strongest possible condemnation. We need to unite all groups that are targets of GOP oppression–women, Latinos, blacks, LGBTs, the 99%. For the moment, if you’re unhappy about something Obama has done, just STFU.

    At this historical juncture for the gay rights movement, when menaced by the possibility of a religious-right Supreme Court for 30 years, we need to remember Churchill’s words:

    “Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

    But we must not allow the quislings who regularly post here and on other prominent LGBT sites to prevail. They are the enemy within.

  5. Lucas says

    The next president will likely appoint 2 new Supreme Court Justices. If Romney is president the court will be solid conservative for the next 30 years.

    You guys are right. We all need to get over whatever critiques we have of Obama and look at the bigger picture. Do we want Hope or do we want oppression?

  6. Terry says

    Agree with everything that’s been said here. Let’s not kid ourselves…with Romney’s ties to the Mormon Church, and NOM…a President Romney would be a complete disaster for LGBT Americans.

  7. Zlick says

    Yeah, it’s gonna take a whole lot more than just the gays and even just the gays and the blacks to re-elect Obama. What’s the percentage of gays who will be voting for Romney without us lifting a finger? Can’t even be measured. I doubt he’s going to be losing much of the liberal or progressive vote either. So, does anybody in any swing states know any so-called Independents?

    It’s maddeningly impotent to be a gay progressive in California. There’s nothing I can do to stop Obama from winning this state. And I have very little influence in Ohio.

  8. says

    Hi @INSIDE, I don’t know, I have lived 43 years with presidents who have watched us drop dead from AIDS, try to get Federal marriage amendments passed and who have legislated within in an inch of our lives, DADT DOMA etc. President Obama can mention the gays and how we deserve our rights as many times as he wants, THE WORLD listens to him and HE IS CHANGING MINDS!!! He is also making change. He has proven to me he deserves the gay vote.

  9. Gregoire says

    Inside — believe it or not, there are still a lot of skeptical and bitter gays who are voting against their own well being to preserve their prejudices. Obama might win the gay vote overall, but we need EVERY vote.

  10. candide001 says


    I guess you didn’t get the memo. 2010 exit polls showed 30% of LGBTs voted Republican. You’re exactly the clueless LGBT who doesn’t seem to appreciate the urgency of this election.

  11. Paul B. says

    He’s got my vote, my husbands vote and anyone else I can drag with me. Without BO, we’re screwed and we know it. These postings are great…let’s stick together and make this happen.

  12. candide001 says

    @Paul B.

    Absolutely. Be disciplined and shout down all those quislings and NOM plants who will be posting between now and November. We cannot afford to be passive.

  13. andrew says

    If there is a single LGBT person who does not vote for Obama in Nov 2012 and contribute to his campaign and volunteer when possible, he/she should hang their head in shame. What we are being asked to choose between is continuing our march towards equality and the Taliban Lite modern republican party. If elected Romney will appoint judicial activists right wingers to the U S Supreme Court who will vote to “keep us in our place for the next generation.” Don’t kid yourselves it is do or die time.

  14. Oz in OK says

    I absolutely agree with the posters above – this is as much a ‘do or die’ situation as any I’ve ever seen.

    It’s not just the LGBT vote we need to shore up – we need to talk to our friends, our loved ones, and anyone in our social circles.

    Show them the concrete evidence of the rabid anti-Gay organizations backing Romney. Show them the NOM ‘pledge’ that Romney signed, that didn’t just call for a Federal Marriage Ban, but ‘committees’ dedicated to nothing other than going after LGBT folk and our allies for pushing back against extremist ‘Christians’. The other side has nothing but rhetoric and bombast – but that side is VERY loud. We must combat that with facts – cold, hard facts, of what we stand to lose if Romney becomes President. When people try to hide behind the ‘well this is just going against homosexuality’ ask them, ‘So these anti-homosexuality laws won’t affect me personally, since I am a homosexual? Why wouldn’t anti-homosexuality laws target me personally because I’m a homosexual?’

    There’s tons of evidence out there available to craft a strong argument against Romney becoming president… or Republicans becoming the majority party in Congress, for that matter. We just have to use it – and be prepared for all the neocon tactics we always see – moving the goalposts, false equivalency, slippery slope fallacies and religious freedom vs. civil law. And do it again. And again. And again.

  15. MaddM@ says

    I am beginning my contingency plan in career for the chance that Romney gets elected. The way I see it is if he gets elected we’re going to see a rise of some kind of neo-fascism in this country with Romney one of the last strongly powered president. I think he will give more power to private corporations and put in place measures for an already wealthy oligarchy to amass even more resources and wealth outside of the reaches of the state (since they’re already making it tax free and keeping it in foreign accounts).

    After he “fixes” government to allow corporations more power I think he will see to it that the US government/the state has a lot less power to reverse his changes. All the while I don’t think they will directly do as much state sanctioned genocide but I also think the feds would turn a blind eye because “hey, it’s not the feds’ job to tell states what to do”

    It’s all gotten a lot more real with recent events and that NC pastor… I think it’s going to get crazier/worse before it gets better, please prove me wrong America

  16. candide001 says

    @Maddm@ You are exactly correct in your fears. It will be a Sarah Palin sort of creationist/anti-gay nightmare that will descend on the country. As someone with dual French-American citizenship, I too am making my preparations for relocation. The alarming betrayal by Cory Booker this weekend has increased my fears that Obama has lost control. The situation is so serious that countenancing any of the anti-Obama rhetoric that a few quislings indulge in on this site simply cannot be tolerated.

  17. screech says

    Granted Obama finally did the right thing and supported gay marriage. That doesn’t mean that you should support Obama. If Muammar Gaddafi had supported gay marriage would you have voted for him too? American idiots, you lot. You’re as one dimensional and shallow as your education system.

  18. Randy says

    I’m concerned about use of the term LGBT.

    Beyond the label LGBT, and the brief mention of gender identity when talking about the hate crime law, was there any other T content in the video?

    Were any trans people in the video?

    What do trans people think of it?

  19. Simon says

    Homophobic haters are antiChrist who do not believe or pretend to believe in Jesus Christ but do not acknowledge His 2 commandments to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself, which are the highest of all biblical laws. The antiChrist work with the devil who is the master of quoting biblical verses except those 2 top commandments of love from Christ, to disagree, to avoid using Christ name but other name even ‘god’, to bring all sort of biblical verses and to lie. Their objective is to deceive people that those 2 commandments of love were not above all laws for Christians.

    The issue of homosexuality among any other issues is a test of the Christian faith on that choice of who they really believe in the end, to love (stay with Christ to follow His commandments) or to hate (succumb to temptation of verses NOT from Christ and his top commandments and to justify their hatred, a deja-vu of Eve falling into temptation by satan the snake with the apple for the ‘gift’ of ‘knowledge’).

  20. andrew says

    @Simon: In my opinion Your heart is in the right place but your head is still clouded by that collection of myths, mostly made up history about the bloody conquests of the Israelites, riddled with contradictions and a tribal god called yahweh who was a war monger so vile that he makes Stalin, Mao and Hitler look like altar boys: that book is the bible. Just imagine a god who tells his followers to kill every living creature in the lands that they conquer. Thats your god yahweh. Have you read the O T with a questioning mind? Do you use it as a moral guide? If you see me working on the sabbath will you stone me to death as yahweh requires?

  21. bruce says

    This is simply verbal pandering by Obama. I’m not buying it. I want to see acts, not words.

    If he doesn’t act, he will lose our support, simple as that. He has the opportunity to enact ENDA with an executive order. If he doesn’t do it, he most definitely will not get my vote.

    As for Joe Solomnese, I think he’s sad. Sad and misguided.

  22. Oz in OK says

    @Bruce – Serious question here – if Obama signs ENDA into law through Executive Order, will that secure your vote?

    The reason I ask is because I’ve seen too many examples of people ‘moving the goalposts’. They wouldn’t vote for Obama as long as Gay and Lesbian couples had no hospital visitation rights; but when he acted on that, they simply ‘moved the goalposts’ and said they wouldn’t vote for him as long as DADT was still enforced. When he signed the repeal, they just ‘moved the goalposts’ again and said as long as he was defending DOMA, they wouldn’t vote for him. Then he stopped defending DOMA, and even directed the DoJ to call it unconstitutional… but these same folks just ‘moved the goalposts’ again – which leads me to believe they never actually planned on voting for Obama in the first place, and were scrambling about for an excuse. Terribly sad, if you ask me.

  23. MateoM says

    Oz: Those people were never going to vote for Obama anyway. They change their excuses to sound noble/rational, but at the end of the day their disdain for Obama has very little to do with his stance on LGBT issues, or LGBT issues in general.

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