Massachusetts Church Sends And Then Removes Anti-Gay Message


Above you see the recent message sent by St. Francis Xavier Parish in Acushnet, Massachusetts. It reads “Two men are friends, not spouses.”

The church’s director, Steven Guillotte, insists it is a neutral message. “We don’t feel that there’s anything hateful in it,” he said.

Protester Kim Miska, however, sees things differently: “I think it was bigoted … very ignorant. You can believe in what you want to believe in, but there’s no reason to shove it down everybody’s throat.”

The church has since removed the message, put up Tuesday, and replaced it with a more neutral message about the upcoming mass, yet deny their decision is over any kind of protest.

The message below the sign, in case you can’t read it, says, “You may not be welcome at this church, but all people are welcome in this community. Spread love, not hate.”


  1. Matt26 says

    Two messages, one from church full of hate on a billboard. The other one written in a paper full of love. Shows how love always wins hate.

  2. kit says

    It’s stunning to me how the haters never see themselves and their actions clearly. They are always so stunned when they are called out on their hatred. It makes me wonder how truly miserable their daily lives must be if they can’t even recognize that this kind of message is, in fact, hateful.

  3. MT says

    That is a particularly eloquent and awesome response to teh church’s hateful message. It’s simplicity speaks to its sincerity.

  4. says

    Since under MA law two man can in fact be spouses, and in 1000s of cases are, that church is deliberately spreading falsehoods. God would not approve.

  5. The Milkman says

    Catholic priests have no business lecturing anyone about marriage, which is an institution with which they have no personal experience.

    Go ahead. Keep on flogging that hateful opinion (and it’s just that… a simple opinion… no better than anyone else’s). It’s clear to everyone that the society is racing toward equality at what amounts to break-neck speed. You’ll hate yourselves into utter irrelevance, spend generations living down the horrible rhetoric of your predecessors, and then maybe… just maybe… many decades from now… you’ll find your true calling and focus on love and charity and kindness.

    And three cheers for whomever put that sign up there. That’s love for your fellow man right there. The churchgoers could take a lesson.

  6. NullNaught says

    We don’t always agree, but I feel very respectful of you when you say such smart things. You have left me nothing to add.

  7. Bob says

    The pope and bishops are conducting WAR against you. I suggest you to to your church before mass and stand on the front steps, telling everyone that you won’t be going in, and asking them to withhold donations until this changes.
    Or you can be “nice catholics” about it

  8. Kenneth says

    The church’s sign makes about as much sense as if it said “Divorce doesn’t exist.” It quite simply is not true.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    One Black woman and One White man are Friends, not spouses. Is that neutral also? Must be.

  10. Vint says

    @Kenneth: Ah, but the Church has “redefined” divorce. They call it “annulment”…

    Apparently they’re in favor of “redefinition” when it benefits them, and against it when it punishes those they hate.

  11. frank says

    My anger fills me. I was a priest at this parish for three years. It seems like a long time ago and I have grown and traveled far.
    I feel the sentiments expressed in the paper sign speak the mind of the good people of this church. The church sign expressed the bigotry and ignorance of the catholic hiararchy. May their power die as the sunshine warms the earth.

  12. jim says

    @Vint: I’ve always been curious (but obviously not enough to research), in the eyes of the church, an annuled marriage in effect never existed, correct? What, then, is the status of the children produced by the marriage that never existed? Are they bastards to Mother Church? My soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law is catholic. I’m assuming she’ll go for an annulment, but what about the 3 nieces & 1 nephew I have?

    I’m with you, the very hypocrisy of the church using re-definition when it suits them…so very catholic.

  13. Vint says

    @Jim: The children of an annulled marriage are considered legitimate. (Canon 1137 in the Code of Canon Law specifically states this). This seems to be based on expediency rather than logic.

    I can’t imagine it would make much difference in any case. The Church’s opinion of someone’s legitimacy matters only if they want to become a priest, I think. And really, there are easier ways to date altar boys.

  14. pete says

    Reminds me of when I was a youngin’ back in the 60’s. At family gatherings, Unlce John was always with his “friend” with whom he lived for 47 years!

  15. Rod says

    Leave them a protest voice mail at 2am:

    133 Main Street Acushnet, MA 02743
    (508) 998-7445

  16. Giles says

    All religion is bat sh*t crazy. Break free of it and live full and happy lives.