1. Terry says

    These bigots sound oh so nice and polite when they’re invited on talk shows. Maggie Gallgher did the same thing when she was on “Up with Chris Hayes” last month. Sounding oh so sweet and congenial…she was talking about “working with the gay community”, blah blah blah. And then, away from the cameras, they spew their hate. They’ll never change. You just hope they die off as soon as possible.

  2. kpo5 says

    If Perkins had a gay kid? I think there’s a saying for that.

    Oh yeah!

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. Stephen says

    *sigh* I kinda miss the WBC on news programs. AT least with them they don’t put on a face. They are hateful and they know it and they’ll say it right to your face instead of being all nice and then stabbing you in the back.

  4. Francis says

    Glad Pierce put him on the spot. These bigots intentionally soften their image when they are on TV and have cameras on them because it makes them look more presentable and more like “ordinary Americans”. They’re going for the “we’re normal Americans just like you and the queers are wild freaks!” angle, trying to create a contrast between us and them and that they’re the reasonable party, not gay folk/gay supporters. And, in Middle America, for rural folk who don’t know much if anything about gays, it works. That’s why Tony, Maggie, Barber, Fischer, and these other loons, still have a lot of power.

  5. Gus says

    Listen carefully, he is going after co-habitation of str8 folks, they hate that, too. The writers of the NC amendment knew what they were doing and this will punish str8 folks. They may scream “Gay is icky” but they are trying to re-legislate the 1970’s for everyone.

  6. stevenelliot says

    I wont even watch the video to hear this thugs response. My assumption is that perkins would be totally fine with a gay child as long as that offsping was kept under the radar.
    When you people start understanding that these moral-majority types are doing this for the money and influence and dont really give a rats a** about the issue, then you will understand their mindset.
    Frankly, gallager, perkins, et al are in this for the big fat paycheck. If they didnt have the gays and the abortionists to kick around, they would dry up and blow away like old dog poo….
    These political groups need us and its in their best interest financially to keep gays just a couple steps away from equal rights……BUT their own kids? Nah, they could care less. Perkins gay son would get a porsche just like his straight one.

  7. Matt26 says

    TP is teaching his children “right things”. In other words he means being gay is a “wrong thing”. Pathetic.

  8. gerbear says

    I’d love Perkins to be asked this follow-up question: “So, are you suggesting that your friend Phyllis Schlafly didn’t teach her gay son the right things?”

  9. BobN says

    Do any gay people with brains work for “journalists” like Morgan?

    Where are the background reports with him saying vile things?

    Where are the tough questions?

  10. Fahd says

    Without distracting from content, I wanted to mention that the headline here is not grammatical.

  11. Tom in long beach says

    So “policy” is more important than people. How very “Christian” of him. What a Pharisee !! ( a person way more concerned with religion, tradition, social sanding and power than helping actual people).

  12. Alex says

    hate to be the devil’s advocate here, but the divorce rate among heterosexuals is NOT 50%. that is a mistake propagated by people’s misunderstanding of how statistics work.

  13. pdxblueyes says

    What this guy needs to do is to lead the masses in outlawing divorce – if he REALLY wants to preserve the sanctity of marriage. Because this man/woman bible thing ain’t cuttn’ it. 5000 years of human history shows that marriage was a contract of ownership. not a union of love… that didn’t enter into the picture until the last 120 years or so…. As for a Gay kid, Tony, chances are you DO have one and they’re just too terrified of what you’ll do.

  14. qj201 says

    All these morons are anti-science, which includes their false belief in the fact that you can prevent homosexuality by “teaching the right things.”

    How about you teach your children about the message of Jesus instead of Old Testament Bullsh*t?

  15. says

    I bet if authorities seized his computer they’d find a world of incriminating files and materials on his hard-drive.

  16. says

    And yes, he (like Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney) does indeed have at least one gay kid. One terrified, sad, scared, lonely, gay kid who hates his/herself and has absolutely no idea how they’re going to make it through life, being part of such a bigoted backward family.

    These men all have something in common; they’re going to lose another of their children. The child will either escape the bigotry and get free and move to a big city and disown the bigotry of their family, or they’ll tie their familial heartstrings to a noose. I sincerely hope it’s the former, yet understand it may very well be the latter. And the blood will be on the hands of these petty prejudiced men.

  17. thunderboltfan says

    We don’t need a longer video. I can’t watch these assholes anymore. The headlines are enough. (But thanks for posting them anyway. I know it’s necessary.)

  18. D.R.H. says

    5000 years of human history? “Teaching” heterosexuality to your kids? It’s infuriating to that these loons are given a platform. It doesn’t matter that they’re crazy, once they’re in the media people see them as authorities. These people should be forgotten not given a public platform to further their hatred.

  19. anon says

    Weren’t there rumors one of the Romney camp was gay? With Perkins, I’m envisioning lots of leather, rope and handcuffs for some reason.

  20. ratbastard says

    The Bible STRONGLY disapproves of infidelity

    The Bible says eating shell fish is an abomination.

    The Bible says it’s OK for children who talk back to their parents to be killed.

    The Bible STRONGLY disapproves of gluttony. HELLO nation [and individual states] with a BIG obesity problem.

    The Bible disapproves of A LOT of things that are commonly accepted among hardcore Christians.


  21. says

    The story of Sodom is explicitly about greed and the hoarding of wealth. Ezekiel 16. No mention of homosexuality, at all.

    So, truly, the Sodomites of America are indeed those opposed to universal healthcare and the spreading of wealth.

    Thus, it’s impossible to be a right-wing Republican and claim to be a “Christian” – a Christian Nation spread the wealth to the poor, not defend a right to hoard money, carry loaded guns, and ban gay couples from marrying.

    But you can’t expect logic and reason from the religious-right; delusion is all they have left to hold on to.