PETA Leader Dan Mathews and His Boyfriend Stage Kiss Protest on North Carolina Republican Party HQ Sign


PETA Senior VP Dan Mathews sent this along to Towleroad as a passionate reaction to the state's recent passage of Amendment One:

Hi from Raleigh! My guy Jack Ryan and I responded to NC’s hateful ban on gay marriage with a little love. We were in town with The B52s, who made an equality plea from stage, but we decided to bring the message to the streets. Our first thought was "we aren’t gonna take this lying down!" But that’s just what we ended up doing…


  1. Chris says

    What is the point exactly? And what does this have to do with PETA?

    In my opinion, PETA is one of the most dishonest, offensive, ill managed and misdirected organizations in the non profit world. The amount of money they spend on idiotic legal maneuvers like trying to get Orcas classified as people, and getting highway memorials for wildlife killed on the highway, could actually be spent advocating for more humane treatment of animals, especially livestock, which would in turn I prove the quality of our food supply.

    I have never understood how anyone cold support PETA. The standard excuse is that they only support aspects of what PETA does…and that’s not valid. You can’t support one aspect of PETA without supporting the entire corrupt organization.

  2. mary says

    Ironically, this might even help the cause. The more straight people see gays kissing, the less shocking it will look to them. It only discomforted me for about 5 minutes when I first saw two men kissing on a soap opera.

  3. Arthur says

    Dan Mathews is still a jerk fronting a self-righteous, uncompromising political cell not above degrading women and gay men in their propaganda.

  4. Benny says

    @Davi If the KKK started supporting our cause, would that make them any less of a contemptuous, evil group for the rest of the stuff they do?
    PETA regularly adopts and kidnaps animals to have them euthanized. One of the heads of PETA brags about how many animals she has personally killed.

  5. Stuart says

    @Davi Someone that hijacks LGBTQ issues just to draw more attention to their (ethically compromised) organisation is a worthless and disingenuous ally.

  6. Delius says

    I proudly support the end of animal cruelty, thats why I support Peta.
    Too bad so many of you fellow gays only care about yourselves and could give a rats butt about animals.
    So selfish!

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