1. russ says

    That man is completely off the rails. That helium voice, and that gay fixation , rings bells for me. He’s not even capable of making a point. Is he Kurt’s father? If so, it explains a lot.

  2. tim says

    what an incredibly brutal view of religious leaders today. he looks at politicians as his puppets, who would cynically pander to the desires of the religious right just to win their powerful yet declining voice.
    what a mess!

  3. Jay says

    Cameron is, and always has been, a fraud and charlatan. The only purpose he serves is to point up the stupidity and falseness endemic to the whole tribe of anti-gay bigots that make up the Family Research Council and their related pseudo-christian purveyors of hatred.

  4. says

    “The problem with puppy mills” is a pretty poor one-sentence synopsis of that article about Ramen Noodle. In fact, it’s only slightly shorter to the reference to puppy mills in the article itself!

    Not everything is about a political cause. Please, Brandon, don’t force human interest stories into activist stories.

  5. andrew says

    That time magazine picture of Aesha shows us exactly where unchecked christian fundamentalism would lead. The judeo-christian bible can easily be used to justify such barbarism and even far worse. That bible calls for the execution of those who work on the sabbath, curse their parents, sleep with same sex partners, committ adultery, worship gods other than the Israelite tribal god yahweh etc etc. It is an evil book that can and is used by believers to justify all sorts of violence.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Scot – Yes, that was a human interest story, but it was certainly an indictment of puppy mills. Ramen Noodle had weak bones. The puppy mill caused it by breeding the pups to be small.

    I don’t know why you’re gunning for Brandon, but you are incorrect this time.

  7. Tim says

    I agree with Scot about the puppy story. The best they could offer was that he was probably from a puppy mill. Didn’t have a lineage of the dog at all. Yes, he’s cute and it’s sad that he has only two legs (not ARMS!!! dogs don’t have ARMS!!!) but there are far more credible ways to cover that story than what the Buzzfeed author did.

  8. says

    Why are you quoting a crazy conservative on Elizabeth Warren? The ‘issue’ is weeks old at this point and a total non issue to begin with. She’s the same exact percentage of Cherokee as the Cherokee’s freaking head leader.

    Can’t we focus on the actual issues in this race? You know, like how the banks and Wall Street want to destroy America for 99% of us… and how she wants to stop that from happening? Or how she’s rock solid on GLBT issues and would be an amazing leader for us in the US Senate? Or how she’s the democratic party’s best bet in being able to retain the US Senate — in a year not many people thought we’d have much of a chance before a few months ago?

  9. gregory brown says

    Mitt romney’s “faith”….a nice wrapup that does nothing to explore the fact that he is a prince among the wannabe gods of other worlds. The desire to show that Mitt is wise as Solomon and goes about his priestly duties with a kind heart can’t hide the fact that everything shows him to have an Authoritarian personality that makes it easy for him to deny fellow believers the solace of eternal happiness. He can lead a vicious assault on a non-conforming younger kid at school and file it away in the Unclaimed section of his memory. He can ax other people’s jobs without remorse because they are, after all, not among the Chose.

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