Not All Gay Activists Cheering Mariela Castro’s U.S. Visit

MarielaCastroMariela Castro, daughter of current Cuban president Raul Castro and niece of infamous leader Fidel, traveled to the United States this week to fight for LGBT rights, a cause she has championed for years in her home country.

"If we don't change our patriarchal and homophobic culture…we cannot advance as a new society, and that's what we want, the power of emancipation through socialism," Ms. Castro told medical professionals at a lecture in San Francisco yesterday. "We will establish relationships on the basis of social justice and social equality…It seems like a Utopia, but we can change it."

While many people are cheering Castro's advocacy, the Miami Herald reports that many LGBT Cubans are crying foul.

"For Mariela Castro, or anybody else under the Castro dictatorship, to say they are representing the rights of anyone is an insult to the hundreds of thousands who have either been killed, jailed or assassinated by their own hands, or the nearly 100,000 people who’ve jumped into the ocean looking for freedom who haven’t made it here," Herb Sosa, executive director of the Hispanic gay rights group Unity Coalition, told the paper.

Miami resident Pedro S. Romanach also voiced opposition, saying that despite Castro's efforts, there are still fundamental rights that Cubans, gay and straight alike, lack: She may be pro-gay marriage, but the very elementary rights Cubans don’t have — freedom of the press, freedom of assembly — gay people don’t have those rights in Cuba. Neither do straights."

He went on, "She doesn’t represent anybody but herself. The real heroes in Cuba are the gay people who are pro-gay and pro-freedom and the anti-communists who aren’t getting any publicity.”


  1. PaulR says

    What a nauseating creep. “We will establish relationships on the basis of social justice and social equality” … which is why the daughter/niece of el jefe is jetting around the world or pontificating from her “institute” like any other common prole in Cuba.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    She’s totally getting a ‘pass’ by media, who are once again like the dog in the movie, “Up.” Squirrel? Squirrel?!

    She leverages media b/c gay-equality is in the news, but why are they not asking about everyday freedoms that are still denied to Cubans.

  3. EYE says

    This is only because it’s Cuba. If that was that other, Middle-Eastern country that denies rights to parts of its population, but is supposedly excellent to gays (though it denies them marriage), people would be saying that tolerance to homosexuality is enough; that as gays they don’t need to bother about the rest of that country’s civil rights record.

  4. Snap Out Of It! says

    Actually the good ol’USA has a massive & recent history of setting up heinous, murderous dictatorships in numerous countries over the past century, wiping out the human rights, if not the actual lives of individuals, in Central & South America, Africa, The Middle East, Vietnam & Cambodia (just off the top of my head). Also we have no embargo with China, which has tremendous human rights violations. (Maybe you’ve seen one or two items in this country with a “Made in China” sticker on it?) We are in no position to point fingers until we do some serious apologizing of our own.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Cuba BEFORE Castro was not a fun place for many Cubans. Ex-Cubans in Miami in most cases were the rich, power elite, upper class of the old Cuba. Of course they hate what Castro did. No one rich likes having their riches taken away. Look how the Right wing fights tax increases here in America. I applaud Mariela for her work here and in Cuba. It take courage to stand up to the Rich and powerful.

  6. PaulR says

    “It take courage to stand up to the Rich and powerful.” She is the rich and powerful, you dumbs***.

  7. Ryan P says

    Proud daughter of dictator wants to lauded over for her ‘human rights’ record? Give me a break. We need to support ALL human rights, not just our own.

  8. jaragon says

    LOL- it takes courage to stand up to rich and the powerful- but she her family has become filthy rich by enslaving the Cuban people for the past 50 years- this dim wit is nothing more than a phony- her father and uncle had concentration camps for homosexuals!

  9. Bill Perdue says

    The only concentration camp in Cuba is at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo.

    Gusansos are scum.