‘NY Times’ On Reparative Therapy: ‘It Is Absurd’

TimesBuildingThe New York Times' editorial board today celebrated recent news that Dr. Robert Spitzer, a psychiatrist whose work has helped fuel the "ex-gay movement," had admitted his studies were flawed, misleading and dangerous.

[Spitzer] has now renounced a study he did a decade ago that suggested that “reparative therapy” can help homosexuals who are highly motivated to change their sexual orientation. Dr. Spitzer’s admission that his study was deeply flawed should discredit, once and for all, those claims of social and religious conservatives that homosexuality is not a fundamental part of human identity.

Critics have noted that the people interviewed [for his study] were nominated by centers that were performing the therapy and that there was no control group and no clear definition of what counted as therapy. There is also some evidence that reparative therapy can lead to depression or suicidal thoughts and behavior. It is absurd, potentially harmful, pseudopsychiatry.

It should have been rejected long ago.



  1. Danny in the East Village says

    Techniques used by psychiatrists (like techniques used by other doctors and caregivers) should be evidence-based. Clinicians basing their practice on anything other than rigorously produced evidence should be subject to professional discipline. Recalcitrants like Michelle Bachman’s “husband” should have his license revoked and should be subject to fines. If damage can be demonstrated (and that shouldn’t be too difficult) he should be subject to criminal sanctions including imprisonment just like a surgeon to operates under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  2. Oliver says

    “Recalcitrants like Michelle Bachman’s “husband” should have his license revoked and should be subject to fines.”


  3. Alan says

    It certainly is. When I met Democrat Leftist, Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas a few years ago, strong supporter of Obama, he told me I was going to Hell and I need to be institutionalized. Screw all of these haters. Screw ’em.

  4. says

    Phelps and his klan are actually very much against Obama. Silly gay republicans with no balls have to make stuff up 😀

    “imma ignore all the people i suck up to who hate me being gay so i can pretend some wingnut likes obama to justify why mah family hateses Obama”

    hehehe. silly boy.

  5. Alan says

    @LITTLEKIWI Honey, Fred Phelps came out for Obama months ago. Google it, girlfriend. Take your hatred for people that don’t agree with you and shove it.

  6. says

    and Phelps claims Obama is “the antiChrist”, which is funny because Alan’s family claim he’s a “marxist kenyan negro”

    maybe they’re related. funny thing about Republicans telling people to “google” it – they get proven wrong.

  7. says

    @alan I googled, found many items that counter that, even from Phelps’ website. As GeorgeM says, “Post the link.” Or take your troll line to another pond.

  8. MateoM says

    If that’s the best trolling Alan can do, then “he” should just hang up his towel and GTFO. Because it’s pathetic. It’s so blatantly nuts that it’s not even worth arguing.

  9. eddie says

    actually alan, I googled it and it said Fred Phelps thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ and he picketed the girl’s school and Obama’s mother’s funeral.

  10. MateoM says

    Eddie: don’t bother with Alan. He can’t even use complete sentences to concoct his crazy rants about irrelevant, false information. What makes you think he’s capable of rational thought or accepting reason?

  11. tom says

    Reparative therapy has done wonders for me! if someone wants to be gay, thats okay. But if I dont then allow me please!!! is not about self hate, I love myself as I am I do however want to live a straight life with straight feelings. Are the liberals been less liberal in this case? you guys would probably be more into a straight guy wanting to be gay :)