1. SoLeftImRight says

    CNN is so beneath contempt at this point, a total failure as a channel. I don’t even know where it is on the cable guide, somewhere in the 70s apparently. I no longer ever watch it, and here is a great reason why. (Only exception, Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper new year’s eve banter, which is marginally preferable to Ryan Seacrust.)

  2. AJ says

    I may be done with the news for awhile after today, for my own mental health. It was wingnuts on parade here today. Cannot allow this poison into my life right now.

  3. says

    I disagree with most commenters here. If you only want one side of an argument, then watch MSNBC (or if you are right-wing – FOX News). For the most part, I like the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. I can listen to both sides, for the most part without an interviewer injecting their own personal views. Let the guests show their ass!! I prefer CNN over other cable News networks because I think I get more unbiased news.

  4. Gigi says

    Thanks for nothing Wolf. Blitzer let Perkins spill his lies unchallenged, as per. If I was one of his gay friends i’d be giving Wolfie what for!!

  5. CPT_Doom says

    David Duke’s best friend – that’s the only description of Tony we should use. If you use a Klansman’s mailing list to begin your own political life, as Tony did, you should be described as a “self-professed white supremicist” forever thereafter.

  6. Rick says

    I don’t necessarily mind that they interview him. But then they should do an actual f*cking interview! Don’t just let him spew his nonsense unchallenged. I mean seriously, Perkins asserts that gay people have all the rights of straight people, and Blitzer sits there and takes it?? What about binational couples that are being broken apart? Are gays and straights equal there?? Learn how to do an actual interview.

  7. MCnNYC says

    Wolf Blitzer enabled Glen Beck, he and CNN enable hate groups to speak unchallenged and unidentified as hate groups. Des anyone really watch CNN anymore. Piers Morgan? Anderson? Only on 60 Minutes.

  8. andrew says

    This is the USA. We have freedom of speech in this democratic country. Everyone has the right to state their opinions and try to win folks over to their side. If you want to live in a country where only one side of any position is allowed, there are many Muslim nations that you might want to check out. The only problem there is that your positions might get you beheaded or imprisoned.

  9. paul says

    The issue is journalists not challenging factually incorrect statements. If you fail to ask follow up questions, fail to ask people to back up their claims with actual references then viewers are fooled into believing anything anyone says…CNN in appearing to air both sides of the story end up doing both sides a disservice. I stick to BBC News !

  10. Rowan says

    Andrew you twit. It’s because he’s not being challenged for the rubbish he says basically giving him a platform to lie. He does that on his site to his flock, why do it on a supposed partisan channel? Heard of investigative journalist?

    Probably not. I’m sure you’re in your early twenties and ain’t seen it in your lifetime.

  11. andrew says

    @Rowan: TWIT: “an insignificant or bothersome person”. No apology because my freedom of expression bothered you. Is CNN a “supposed partisan channel”? I do however wish that you were right about my age. You missed by about 50 years. I am 73. I await your charge of senility.

  12. Michael says

    This interview is kinda disturbing because you can tell Perkins handpicked these questions which means these hate groups have far more power than previously imagined.

  13. Oliver says

    One episode of Good Morning America has more viewers than CNN has in an entire month. GMA’s ratings are going to go through the roof tomorrow. The Today Show may as well just go black for the day…better yet they should just do an hour with Sarah Palin.

  14. GRivera says

    It is amazing how you can see the pure “hatred” in these people (Tony and Maggie) by how awful they look – they are aging so fast! And not well.

    Screw them! We are going to move forward. This older generation will die with their old rheteric and future generations of gays and lesbians as well as hetrosexuals will benefit from equality.

    I have no children – so my devotion is to all the new gays and lesbians!

  15. GRivera says

    This is not a “war on marriage” issue as the groups who oppose presents it over and over – it is a religious issue (supposedly) for those who oppose it. Separation of church and state allows us move forward. These people should keep their faith a bit more personal and not attempt to customize others with it.

  16. Abel says

    Oh, Miss Tonette, how you do run on! Tell us, Miss T, when you’re going to own up to those secret desires you’ve been trying to hide all these years. That could be YOUR Saul of Tarsus moment.

  17. Swiminbuff says

    Why does CNN, and other news organizations, continue to air the views of the leader of a designated hate group? Did they invite the leader of the KKK on to discuss issues relating to black Americans? Perhpas a massive letter writing campiagn is in order to make CNN aware of the issues involved here.

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