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See Deaf Ten-Year-Old Receive Cochlear Implant: VIDEO


Science is awesome. See legally deaf 10-year-old Sammie Hicks receicve her cochlear implant, and for the first time hear the world in all its crazy polyphony, AFTER THE JUMP ...


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  1. Um...dead?

    Posted by: Brad | May 26, 2012 10:31:38 AM

  2. I think you mean to say "deaf" in the title, not dead. That changes the whole story.

    Posted by: Jed | May 26, 2012 10:32:17 AM

  3. Um, read your headline again. It should read, See DEAF, not see DEAD!

    Posted by: Craig | May 26, 2012 10:32:38 AM

  4. Um... might want to proof-read that headline.

    Though it certainly does catch ones attention!

    Posted by: jdbos | May 26, 2012 10:33:29 AM

  5. uhm title

    dead should probably be deaf

    Posted by: say what | May 26, 2012 10:37:03 AM

  6. c'mon towleroad, fix the headline. it's misleading and unprofessional.

    Posted by: erik | May 26, 2012 10:37:40 AM

  7. She sure does talk a lot for a dead person!

    Posted by: Nemo | May 26, 2012 10:38:36 AM

  8. Brandon: I've noticed that you're terrible about not proofreading your posts. Please pay more attention. This girl is DEAF not DEAD.

    Posted by: Guy | May 26, 2012 10:38:39 AM

  9. ANDY! Change this! It says "deaD" and not "deaF"!

    Posted by: Jim | May 26, 2012 10:40:41 AM

  10. I know I thought the same thing. Why would they give the implant to someone who was dead? This is one headline that needs to be corrected. ;)

    Posted by: Kevin | May 26, 2012 10:41:24 AM

  11. Poor proofing but nice story.

    Posted by: AaroncomA | May 26, 2012 10:41:51 AM

  12. Mkay eyebrows, you can relax now. 'Twas just a typo

    Posted by: Unicorn | May 26, 2012 10:44:40 AM

  13. They sure as hell don't read the comments, do they?

    Posted by: Demian | May 26, 2012 10:45:00 AM

  14. Zombies!!!

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | May 26, 2012 10:45:21 AM

  15. She doesn't look dead yet to me!

    Posted by: Kevin | May 26, 2012 10:45:38 AM

  16. She doesn't look dead yet to me!

    Posted by: Kevin | May 26, 2012 10:45:44 AM

  17. She doesn't look dead yet to me!

    Posted by: Kevin | May 26, 2012 10:45:44 AM

  18. She doesn't look dead yet to me!

    Posted by: Kevin | May 26, 2012 10:45:47 AM

  19. Some people need a life

    Posted by: Christopher | May 26, 2012 10:55:01 AM

  20. These implants have been around for years now, but everytime I read about them they bring tears to my eyes. To see how science delivers on a promise that religion has been making for 2000 years and failed.

    First the deaf shall hear, soon the blind shall see and the lame shall walk. Take that Jewish carpenter from Nazareth.

    Posted by: Snownova | May 26, 2012 11:31:48 AM

  21. nice! thanks for posting.

    Posted by: Chicklets | May 26, 2012 11:41:46 AM

  22. Brandon - get busy, it's noon and you've only got two posts!

    Posted by: UFFDA | May 26, 2012 11:59:00 AM

  23. It would be nice if people celebrated Deaf people the way they are, rather than only valuing them when they can speak and hear. Deaf people have their own language, culture, poetry, and theatre. They are very accomplished - but our education system fails them when we spend all of our time focusing on getting Deaf children to speak and hear. Those who think this is so wonderful aren't celebrating the God-given qualities of the Deaf child -- they are celebrating using technology to force Deaf children to conform to the hearing world. Naturally, Deaf people are part of the hearing world, but a person can be equally as successful and fulfilled without hearing.

    Let's celebrate people as they are, not as we want them to be.

    Posted by: Danny | May 26, 2012 1:10:19 PM

  24. Ppl need to stop hatin on Brandon. Everyone makes mistakes guys.

    Posted by: Munro | May 26, 2012 1:53:09 PM

  25. this is utterly disgusting. cochlear implant WILL NOT help! i can't believe this towleroad would promote this. this is a gay site, it's like you promote if there were any form of device to implant the "straight" in our true identity of gayhood. come on, you can do better than that. you support promote of audism. that's not cool! My last name is Hicks, proud to say we are one of the largest deaf family in nation and she denied her true identity. whatever happen to look at the whole, instead of ear. deaf is not disability - (not to me) according to my large number of deaf members. deaf is normal, gay is normal. don't be ignorant. thank you!

    Posted by: Jasun Hicks | May 26, 2012 3:13:23 PM

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