Should Mitt Romney’s Bullying Past Be Campaign Issue?

MittYoungJournalist Frank Rich addressed a wide array of LGBT-related comments in his latest New York magazine piece, including whether or not Mitt Romney's past as an anti-gay bully will bring him down in the polls and whether addressing it is "fair game."

What is fair game is his strange, chuckling denial of any knowledge of a fairly violent prank that other participants and eyewitnesses remember so vividly. If no other similar incidents turn up, that will be the end of it. How big an “if” that is, I don’t know.

Much of Romney’s past remains a mystery to me, as it does to most Americans. Meanwhile Sondheim aficionados can savor a musical recounting of the bullying incident, “Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street."

I've included video of Roy Zimmerman singing that very song, AFTER THE JUMP.

As for whether President Obama's gay marriage support will cost him votes, Rich is doubtful: "In political terms, I’d say Obama’s move is either a wash or a plus. In the long-term perspective of history, his endorsement of marriage equality is a big plus."