1. Chris S. says

    How is it a Methodist college in a conservative state with a Board of Trustees made up of stodgy old Republican business men (for the most part) would end up with a gay Chairman of the Board of Trustees (Jim Stewart used to hold the post) and a gay president (one of the few in the country)? I’m a proud alumnus and still don’t know.

  2. woodroad34 says

    My mom, at the age of 78, went to get her Doctorate in Theology to become a Methodist minister in Michigan. She was surprised at the negative blow back from the state council to her presumption to become a female minister — I had always thought the Methodists were more progressive than that. She finally got the support from her local minister who became her advocate and she was allowed to proceed. Oddly enough, her local minister was gay (although no one knew it at the time–I found out at her funeral two years later when he came up to me.)