1. candideinncc says

    This is how Obama wins. If the Thugs win a battle over gay marriage in North Carolina, Obama kicks them in the nuts by supporting gay marriage. He can win if he show continued effort to stand for progressive principles. Never let them beat us in a battle without a counterpunch! They won the battle in NC. Now let’s win the war!

  2. RONTEX says

    He’s had my vote all along but now he has my voice and support to get out that vote! Agreed Candide, bring on the Counterpunch.

  3. kit says

    He’s standing with us — it’s time for us to stand with him. I donated and I sent an email to the White House thanking him.
    I’m a college professor and spend all day every day with the kids who were so energized for him in ’08 that some of them actually failed classes because working for his campaign was more important to them than writing their papers or studying for their exams. Then, for the last couple of years, they’ve been pretty apathetic about him — certainly weren’t energized for the ’10 elections. But they are now ON FIRE — ready to work for him again the way their counterparts did four years ago. The campus is like an excitement bomb went off. And not just the LGBT kids — ALL the kids.

  4. Mark says

    I sent a $100.00 donation to his campaign right after the announcement.!!! Thank you Mr.President

  5. Jollysocks says

    I donated $100 as soon as the news broke. After next paycheck, $500, and on from there.

  6. Randy says

    It’s only fair that I take back much of what I said negatively about Obama on the marriage issue.

    To do this during an election year earns him much respect.

  7. andrew says

    I hope not but, the left which has pushed Obama to make this public announcement for gay marriage may just have won a pyrrhic victory. I am thinking of all those progressive presidents we almost had: Humphrey, McGovern, Dukakis and Kerry. I voted for all of them, but the American people bought the republican line that they were too far left. I am afraid that this pro gay marriage position will help them paint Obama with the same brush.

  8. taxpayer and voter says

    I feel like “taking back” at least some of my criticism and disappointment, too. I genuinely didn’t expect him to be this brave this soon. This matter being front and center on his election website right now is also fantastic.

    He’s finally standing on principle. That’s got to earn him wide respect, even from people who are still not yet “evolved.”

    History will laud him out the wazoo for this.

    I feel like I can FINALLY forgive him for having that utterly vile homophobic bilker Rick Warren featured at his inauguration.

    This is not just the right decision, I think it’ll prove a politically smart decision as well. Romney supports a Federal Marriage Amendment, for crying out loud. That’s always been extreme, but it looks particularly extreme now.

    I absolutely love the contrast that is drawn now. It’s Mr. Very Cool/Very Smart vs. Mr. Creepy Silver Spoon Worker-Screwing Magic Underwear Homophobe Bumbling Buffoon.

    I particularly applaud Obama for implying, in so many words, that what just happened in North Carolina is not OK. It certainly greatly blunts the impact of what happened there.

    I’m going to seek an O/2012 bumper sticker ASAP….

  9. brian says

    LOL, I can’t believe how gullible you guys are. You only have to look at Obama’s record to see how cynical and manipulative he is with the gay vote.

    Consider this. Six months before the 2008 election, he promised to be our “fierce advocate”. We all know how that turned out. Six months before the 2012 election, he supposedly supports gay marriage. See a pattern here?

    It’s obvious that he’s courting our cash. Don’t fall for it.

  10. Harrison says

    Gay people are not the only people who are excited about and invigorated by Obama’s statement today.

  11. says

    Yeah, listen to Brian. Don’t fall for this. he just wants your cash.

    unlike Mitt Romney, who not only wants MORE of your cash but plans on banning you all from marrying while he makes sure you’re broke. and that your kids can’t afford post-secondary education. and that if you can’t pay for it your daughter will die of cancer, because Jesus only wants rich people to survive cancer.

    so yeah, listen to Brian. because he’s not a complete f***ing idiot or anything.

    ugh, i hated how he claimed to be a fierce advocate and then you know went and spoke positively about us, passed laws granting us equalities and liberties and eroded previously-existing prejudicial policies against us.

    UGH, SOOOO unfair.

    like i’ve said, it’s a hard day to be a gay republican. today’s the day you realized how little your chosen communities think of you.


  12. TJ says

    Oh KIWI, even when you are somewhat subdued you are marvelous (obtw, MARY is jealous because I fancy you over her – imagine!).

    But yeah, who deserves the cash more ( and wouldn’t it be great to not have to debate): Romney, running on a platform of the 1% over the rest in addition to gay people suck, or Obama, warts and all?


  13. Ken says

    “he promised to be our “fierce advocate”. We all know how that turned out.”

    Ended DADT, stopped defending DOMA in court, appointed pro LGBT judges, and now finally speaking out in support of marriage equality. Obama is not perfect and yeah, he trying to raise cash, but overall it’s turned out pretty good.

  14. says

    His announcement inspired me to send reelection money. I sent it to:
    President Barack
    Obama for America
    PO Box 802798
    Chicago IL, 60680-4263
    I got the address off of an envelope requesting donations in my mail.
    I am sending $ tomorrow.

  15. carl says

    Yes, it’s quite a day. Gay activists finally got what they’ve been hounding him for. Let’s see how it turns out after the buzz wears off. Hopefully, things will turn out well, but make no mistake – this is an incredibly risky political move, which could very well backfire. If he goes down, guess who will be blamed? Yep, the gays.

  16. Shawnthesheep says


    The difference is that Obama is already the president. It’s much harder to scare people into thinking that the world will end if they elect a guy who has already been president for 4 years without the world ending.

  17. bobbyjoe says

    I’m really proud of him.

    I’d never understood his (or many Democrats) previous strategy before because they kept letting Republicans and the far right own this issue and clobber them over the head with it, time and time again.

    The rightwing noise machine already convinced pretty much everyone who’d vote for the sake of voting against anybody who supports gay marriage that Obama was a secret socialist Muslim who planned to force every man, woman, and child into a gay marriage, anyway. So Democrats always looked weak and wishy-washy in not fighting back, meaning they already got tarred as secret gay agenda promoters by the GOP, while simultaneously looking passive and frightened to progressives and independents.

    By owning the issue, the Democrats start the process of looking strong and yanking this away from the Republicans. They’ve needed to do this for a long time.

  18. says

    I remember walking on a Chicago beach with my first lover in 1957, and wondering why we could not hold hands? Who were we hurting? I was involved in San Francisco’s early gay rights movement and counted Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone as friends. I have seen first hand the progress we have made since… but this moment, even though over long due was the best news in our fight for equal rights and justice. I quit High School in the early 1950s, because back then being queer was taboo at home,in school and the work place. Several years ago, I attended a student play at the Walter Payton High School in Chicago, and in the PLAYBILL, several of the students listed in their Bio’s that they belonged to the Gay / Straight Alliance. Now that’s progress! I moved to San Francisco in 1960. By osmosis I got into the early gay rights movement. I’ve played Softball in the first Gay Softball League in the country, there are over 50 cities with gay sports leagues. Up until now, I always thought that the best thing that happened for the Gay Rights Movement was Anita Bryant… she gave the movement,movement! There has been progress since then, at a snails pace. But in the last few days, I honestly believe that equal rights for gays is closer now then ever before. Thank you, Mr. President ! As Harvey Milk said ” You have to give them HOPE!” and that is what we have this morning in America… we have a way to go… and the finish line is the re-election of Barack Obama. My vote is for you,again!