1. aj says

    as for the Romney ad espousing the “Obama Economy”, ask yourselves, those who allowed themselves to be part of this interview, who the hell do you think fought to keep your benefits flowing like a river, or a health care policy that enables you to get insurance coverage, or the continuation of and extension of food stamps, and other social programs!! You stupid putz, it WASN’T THE GOP!!!! Idiots supporting someone and a party that goes against your own personal self interests!! You are shameful ungrateful ignorant tools!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Acronym Jim says

    I absolutely adore Noah’s arrangement and performance of “Sexy and I Know It.”


  3. Justin says

    I love this blog!!!!

    I had know idea about Noah until your post. I just got done watch every one of his videos. He is really amazing.. His guitar playing is good and is voice is like heaven in my ears.

    Thank you for posting it!!!

  4. gr8guyca says

    @ Gay man w/o agenda. Not paid actors…for a variety of reasons.

    But the irony is the woman who bemoans that her unemployment benefits have run out. Umm….who wanted to cut them? Not Democrats! Republicans fought against extending benefits.

  5. gb says

    Regarding Romney ad my question is If you don’t have the skills an employer is looking for how is that the presidents fault you don’t get hired?

  6. says

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