1. Mickey says

    Its about time Tony actually got Hardball instead of the usual softball Chris Matthews has allowed. Those confrontations from our side must have finally shown Chris the light.

  2. Gigi says

    What a great way to start the day. Apparently Matthews had an ulterior motive for allowing Perkins to come onto his show for the past 2000 years, spewing his hateful diatribe unchallenged, for this particular moment. And it was beautiful!

  3. Hue-Man says

    Perkins should be treated the same way as a KKK mouthpiece wanting to spew his hate on BET! GLAAD obviously needs to have a quiet talk with senior executives at all the networks about why his organization – and the other homophobes’ – are hate groups and deeply hurtful to millions of viewers.

  4. Troy says

    That was pretty delicious. And can someone PLEASE tell me what “Research” the Family Research Council is involved in?

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “That was pretty delicious. And can someone PLEASE tell me what “Research” the Family Research Council is involved in?”

    They research how many bogus scary social issues they can use to shake down American families for $$$.

  6. AllBeefPatty says

    Mr. Perkins keeps smiling because the whole time he is thinking how much he would enjoy being Barney’s bottom b!tch.


  7. Rascal says

    Perkins is great (read: evil) at making illogical, impractical, animus-fueled arguments sound somehow rational, however superficially. That condescending little smile is chilling; I feel like I’m watching the devil himself.

  8. Michaelandfred says

    I’m guessing the 50% single parent household rate in this country would be pretty surprised to find out they don’t actually have a child. It seems, according to Tony, without a marriage license, children can’t happen. Obviously that was the second half of the abstinence only education, and why the teen pregnancies rates exploded. “You can only have a child once you’re married.” Who needs a condom or the pill…just don’t sign a marriage license and you’re baby free. Yeeha.

    News flash to Perkins: Gays can make babies. There’s nothing wrong with our biological abilities. I promise I could make babies with the best of them. Not letting us marry doesn’t render us infertile. Moron.

  9. Hoyle McCain says

    Troy, the Family Research Counsel ‘researches’ new and improved ways to hate and discriminate against gay people. It may not be their stated mission but they certainly have shown the world that it is.

  10. paul says

    i still find it infuriating that Tony Perkins talks about research and studies that suggest that kids fare better when raised by a straight rather than a gay couple…my understanding is that there are NO studies or research to prove this. The fact that he says this regularly and even here is COMPLETELY unchallenged. Its sloppy journalism to not ask a simple follow up question….

  11. Adamk says

    I sincerely wish that Frank had addressed the spurious claim that there’s any social science at all that claims that children “need a mother and a father”… they’ve been twisting the evidence about that for years. That social science doesn’t make any such claim. It claims that children perform best in households with two loving parents… regardless of those parents’ gender.

  12. JT says

    This is kind of off topic, but the phrasing “gay marriage” is starting to really bother me. Don’t we just want “marriage”? I think every time we qualify it, we allow people to think in terms of separate but equal, right? The same thing goes for “gay adoption”. We want “marriage equality”, meaning we want the same rights as other people who are in love. I don’t want my relationship qualified as a “gay marriage” while my straight friends have a “marriage”. I think even changing it to “equal marriage” carries more weight. Just my thought of the day, I woke up thinking about it and was spurred on by some friends on Facebook writing of their support for gay marriage. Its just starting to seem, to me at least, that we are fighting for a qualified right.

  13. Semangelof says

    Perkins is bastardizing, BASTARDIZING, actual research that compares the development of children in single parent households vs. households with two opposite sex parents. He conveniently chooses not to mention the research DOES NOT compare children raised by two same-sex parents and therefore DRAWS NO CONCLUSION about same-sex parenting whatsoever.

    It drives me INSANE when the fuckwads that hate same-sex marriage (and would rather put all gay people in camps, whether they say it out load or not) LIE ON NATIONAL TV and claim that “the social science shows kids do better when raised by a mother and father” because that is total crap.

    Every study ever done to compare the children of gay couples with straight couples agrees that kids raised in two parent homes REGARDLESS OF THEIR PARENTS GENDER are equally well adjusted happy adults. And (not surprisingly) the kids who have gay parents freely offer that they are more open-minded as a result of their parentage.

    The real question is: WHY DOES NO ONE IN THE MEDIA CHALLENGE PERKINS LIES??? Even worse, no guest who represents the views of the gay community challenges the lies either. Why are people who are so infuriatingly ill-equipped to shine a glaring light on FRC’s lies on television in the first place?


    Sorry for the caps. I get really worked up over this.

  14. Bobby says

    Semangelof, that’s exactly what groups like Tony Perkin’s do. Paul Cameron is notorious for a study that said all gay men live shorter lives basing his “study” on obituaries of people who had died of AIDS. They’re all idiots and will do and say anything to get their way. That includes ALL “conservative” and republicans.

  15. TJ says

    Cameron and Cameron are notorious for all their studies. One stated that children of gay parents report getting teased, which is proof that gay parents are harmful. Um, what kid doesn’t get teased at some point for whatever ridiculous reason. It’s like saying that a kid might be teased for having red hair, so parents with the potential to bear red-headed offspring should be sterilized.

  16. Richard Skolasky says

    @Hue-Man, I agree!

    Still no disclaimer. I would like to have heard Chris introduce him as, “Tony Perkins, president of FRC which has been designated as a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-gay activities”.

    That would be truly remarkable!

  17. Rin says


    “… so parents with the potential to bear red-headed offspring should be sterilized.”

    Is this an option???


  18. Rin says


    continuing in my TJ love fest. I’ve missed you. If you were in NYC I would love to bump into you sometime.

  19. TJ says

    RIN – aw shucks, ma’am! Thanks for the shout out. Back at ya. It’s been brutal here. I had someone ripping at me on the Romney bully thread and the Obama November election thread yesterday. The level of nasty was surprising. Who knew I could be so irritating, and inspire so much vitriol? The road to hell… But you know what that can be like.

  20. Richard says

    Tell MSNBC if they are going to have a bigot like Perkins as a guest, they must identify him as the president of a designated hate group.

  21. Caliban says

    I think Chris Matthews may have FINALLY heard and understood the complaints about Perkins and researched what the guy says when he’s not on Matthew’s show. Tony Perkins is smart enough not to come across as too deranged on TV but that doesn’t mean he isn’t deranged!

    I know some don’t like Rachel Maddow, think she’s pedantic or “smirky,” but at least when she has a guest on her show she RESEARCHES that person extensively first so she knows who she’s dealing with and what questions to ask. I don’t think Chris Matthews ever bothered to do that with Tony Perkins. His attitude was “He doesn’t seem like that bad a guy to me because he’s never said anything too awful on my show.” Idiot.

  22. mary says

    I would think think that with the difficulties associated with single parenting, Tony Perkins would rather see a kid raised by two parents of the same gender than a straight single parent, especially if that straight single parent had never been married. I agree with him that it’s best for a child to have a mother and a father, but to me at least, the number of parents is far FAR more important than whether the parent(s) are straight or gay. Raising children is difficult work. And few children ever have anyone who will feel the same obligation toward them as their parents do. My position may not be very “conservative”, but there it is.