1. Zlick says

    Enough. The first one was great – but frankly, without the amnesia gimmick, the others were majorly lacking (imo), though I enjoyed the 3rd one. Good spy movies, sure. But the first one was a stand-out that the others didn’t match, as far as I’m concerned. No interest whatsoever in a reboot.

  2. says

    Ooooooooo CAN’T WAIT! Hated Matt Damon in the role and Renner is perfect as his replacement! VERY excited! When Renner jumps down between those building from such that great height it totally freaked me out! GOOD trailer! Whoooo Wii!

  3. mike/ says

    should have used another title! “The Bourne Legacy” is a book in the series completed with permission;

    why it shouldn’t be used is because in the novel the entire history of Jason Bourne is finally explained PLUS his adversary turns out to be his own son, Joshua, who believed Jason abandoned him when Jason thought he saw him killed along with his 1st wife & daughter – the reason he joined the ‘program’…

  4. Nat says

    I liked all three movies, and thought they were a rare instance where each sequel improved the story.

    This will be an interesting test – Renner’s been in two major successes in the past eight months with Mission Impossible and the Avengers. Now he’s carrying a franchise, and inviting inevitable comparisons to an already well-established actor.

  5. antisaint says

    It’s not Bourne without Matt Damon. I’d honestly never really thought much of Matt Damon before The Bourne Identity, but I thought action suited him well.

    This one does look as though it will be action-packed, and aside from Matt Damon, that’s what I loved about the other three movies. I think it will deliver in that regard.

    …What is the deal with people like Mike that run their mouths about things we didn’t learn in the other movies? Get off on spoiling, is that? And do any of the movies follow the premise of the books? I was under the impression that they were very loosely connected to the film plotwise.

  6. gr8guyca says

    There was a little-remembered show on Bravo in 2003, “The IT Factor.” It was a reality show about struggling actors. Jeremy Renner was one of them. It’s amazing that one of the people they selected ended up being an A-list star.

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