You Throw Like A President!


President Obama managed to get in some play time following a NATO Summit dinner at Chicago’s Soldier Field yesterday.

Who is he throwing the ball to? Who knows… Maybe German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Or maybe it was new French President Francois Hollande? Or maybe nobody? How many international leaders do you think play American football?

(via TPM)


  1. UFFDA says

    It’s just part of our President’s utter coolness. How did we ever get such an awesome President? If you don’t agree just shut up.

  2. R says

    who’s he throwing to? sounds like an awesome question for some slash fiction. I’m going to go with a hot, young secret service agent who obama’s taken under his wings and enjoys spending time with, horsing around.

  3. SportySpice says

    How can you even consider “American Football” a sport?
    A field full of morbidly obese men who require instructions every 10 yards to make a play. *scoff*
    Give me Rugby or Soccer any day. Thank you.

  4. Griff says

    “If you don’t agree just shut up.”

    Yes, lets forget all the annoying free speech fixations and only allow people the right to speak if they find Obama “cool.” This guy’s ability to strike poses must turn Paris Hilton green with envy. If only he could find a little time between playing supermodel and delivering yet another speech, to make gay marriage a federal issue instead of leaving it up to homophobic states.

    I just remembered what it is that irritates me most about Obama. His fans.

  5. David says

    PERFECT campaign photo opp — throwing a football while attending the NATO Summit. Two things Mitt Romney cannot do. Foreign policy and sports. Hi, Swing States! 😉

  6. David says

    RT Milkman. Hey… more per capital lefty presidents than righties. Sign of brilliance.

  7. DN says

    Yeesh I’ve been painting miniatures too much lately – he looks like a very well-painted mini to me…

  8. buster says

    @Griff – The right to free speech includes the right to tell other people to shut up.

    Ironic, eh?

  9. Griff says

    @ Buster
    It would be ironic if I had used my free speech to demand that Uffda shut up in the name of free speech. Since I didn’t, then no. Not really.

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