5 Arrested In Texas Anti-Gay Graffiti Case


Police in Arlington, Texas, have arrested five teens ranging from 16-18 for their alleged role in over a dozen anti-gay vandalisms there.

From the local CBS News affiliate:

Police say while there were several victims in the case they believe one victim, as lesbian woman, was intentionally targeted because of her sexual orientation.

Police believe the vandals spotted a sticker on a car window that showed symbols of two moms, a child, and a dog.

“There’s an identifying sticker that you could associate with that type of sexual orientation and so we believe that once they saw that identifying mark that is what prompted, in our belief, them to spray paint these hateful messages,” Arlington police Sergeant Christopher Cook said during a press conference.

Police are treating the case as a hate crime. “We are committed in Arlington to prevent all crime especially crime that was committed for no other reason than possibly toward hatred," said Chief of Police Will Johnson. Johnson also said video footage helped nab the five men.

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that Johnson and his team's swift action is "commendable." "They are not turning a blind eye to the anti-LGB factors involved – in fact quite the opposite. This is a shining example of law enforcement officials doing the right thing, and working diligently to ensure all members of the community they serve feel safe and protected."


  1. ratbastard says

    Finally, they actually caught some perps in one of these cases. And I’m happy [if that’s the word] it doesn’t appear to have been a fake hate crime, which are all too common.

  2. cdubois says

    Hate to be silly on such a serious topic, but I swear every lesbian I know drives a Subaru…. that pic is just so fitting… Im glad the people were caught and will have to pay for repairs!

  3. says

    Anti-gay violence goes down in every single one of Obama’s 57 states. My boyfriend and I have had rocks thrown at us in Boston. We have had our tires slashed at the gay bar I work at. And one of our patrons was beaten outside the bar a few weeks ago by a Red Sox a-hole leaving the game. I guess beatings in Boston aren’t worthy of a post here.

  4. Jerry says

    A ray of hope in that the Police actually investigated and arrest were made. We still have a bullet hole in the shade of our dawn to dusk security light and in the Police report, the two prime suspects were never interviewed. Hopefully someday soon, arrest will be made. Our cowardly hate filled critter neighbors just can’t seem to process two senior gay men having stood up to them.

  5. says

    Jerry — Your security light would be more effective if it was a dusk-to-dawn model; the dawn-to-dusk ones don’t help much.

    Regarding the Arlington, Texas story: The homeowners had security cameras and a DVR recording 24/7. Somehow having video you can take directly to “the media” gets the cops to take a break from guarding the doughnut shop.

  6. Zwirad says

    I laud the Arlington TX Police Department for taking such swift action in seeing this for what it is; HATE and anti LGBT hate. And to the person making a side swipe comment about “Obama’s states”; No, they are OUR states and this was happening long before Obama became president. Racist slant there?

  7. says

    WonderDallas, do you think hetero-bigot idiots give a sh*t about the “accuracy” of the slurs they use? And are you implying that “f*ggots” is in any way a proper word for Gay men? I beg your friggin’ pardon!

    Let this be a teaching moment for all of us: Hate speech is hateful and ignorant, no matter which slur is used. And for those of us who still think the Q-word is “reclaimable”, take note that both it and f*ggot were used to terrorize LGBT property owners. It happens all the time. “Queer” will NEVER belong to us, and we’re damn fools to want possession of it!

  8. ratbastard says

    Alan is right. Real anti-gay stuff from name calling and vandalism to actual assaults occur everywhere, including politically correct and ‘progressive’ places like Boston, NYC, Montreal, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, etc. I understand TR is pushing the ‘red’ states bad, blue states ‘good’ thing because it’s an election year, and that’s fine. But in reality, crime, assaults, vandalism, hate, occur everywhere. Don’t think people of all ages in, for example, Boston [New England] aren’t just as capable of being homophobic/anti-gay as anywhere else, because oddly enough, they are. Not nearly to the extent as some other places [I think this is due to the influence of evangelical Christianity and other conservative religions, which have little influence here], but it still happens. I wouldn’t want to confront a group of teenagers late at night who have been drinking and being aggressive here by myself anymore than I would anywhere else.

    And @Alan,

    I know you know this, but a lot of those Red Sox fans come into the city from the outer burbs and boonies.

  9. Chitown Kev says

    well, in Boston I guess what happens depends on where you confront…

    Although by Fenway Park, I SUPPOSE anything…and I do mean ANYTHING could happen, lol

  10. says

    I proudly self-identify as Queer. Always have, always will.

    dear wimps, imagine it said “Blacks”. Would that mean people should stop self-identifying as black? No. It means that some ignorant stupid bigots still think a person being ______ means they’re automatically open to be harassed or attacked.

    grow a brain.

    this has nothing at all to do with self-identification as Queer, and those who try to spin it that way are useless.

  11. Francis says

    First of all, Alan is of course right, there is hate everywhere, hate crimes everywhere, against our community, against all minorities. Obviously there would be less in like WEHO or San Fran than there would be in Texas, or fewer in Cambridge than in Boston, but they happen everywhere, hate is hate, it’s all horrible and we shouldn’t be blind to it’s presence. With that being said, the statistical facts are that around 2/3s of hate crimes happen in areas considered socially conservative. So therefore a place like Arlington, Texas simply is less safe than Manhattan, for example. That shouldn’t be denied, either. It is not really safe to be gay in Texas overall. It’s sad, but it’s something that needs to be highlighted as a reminder of what we’re up against in many communities/states.

    Also, if there was a violent, public, hate crime in Boston that happened a several weeks ago then I am almost positive it would have made news.

    As for queer, some people identify with the word; others don’t, and part of self-identifying with the word queer is not allowing bigots shame the word. It’s about now simply allowing the word to be a catch-all insult. It is what it is.

    Lastly, good on Arlington police for not dismissing the obvious homophobic intent by the 5 thugs who did this. Good to see a quick and stern response to anti-gay hatred by police, for once.

  12. Francis says

    One of the kid’s names have been released in connection to this incident and NO surprise………….on his facebook page, he has several likes of religious pages, including “Jesus Daily” and Texas Christian University or TCU for short. No surprise at all. Someone who says they know these teens called them “straight-A students, Church goers, white……..they look decent”, whatever that means (clearly racially motivated comment).

    Just good to know these bigoted kids will be off the streets and behind bars for hopefully a fair while.

  13. MaddM@ says

    they believe someone with “faggot queers” spraypainted on their car might be related to sexual orientation.

    Crack squad of investigators they’ve got down in Arlington…

    Also I thought the point of the movement was freedom to self-identify, I’ll use whatever qualifiers I want thanks, queer amongst them.

  14. anonymous says

    I know one of the girls that did this, she had gotten beat up in Jr High for saying she hated the way the school was flooded with “Ni***rs”

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