1. Eric says

    I’ve seen this photo described elsewhere as “insane” and so forth. Considering that what they are looking at is one of the few units, if not only unit, available for photography in the world, and most of them are trying to get photos for tech blogs and other media, meaning for their jobs, I really don’t see what’s so unusual about it. There aren’t even that many people.

  2. Brad says

    I don’t get it. What’s ridiculous about this? What do you expect tech bloggers to be doing when the largest, most profitable, most popular tech company in the world releases new products? They very possibly might think the things Andy finds interesting on towleroad are ridiculous.

  3. Eric says

    I think it’s funny that Andy thinks this is ridiculous, when Towleroad posts photos of celebrities taken by hordes of paparazzi almost every day.

  4. ratbastard says

    Sad but funny.

    To people defending the blog photographers and idol worshipers:

    It’s the way some people take themselves, and their bling gadgets too seriously what some other people find amusing.

  5. Brad says

    Rat bastard
    The point is, these people aren’t just consumers. It’s their job to get pictures and report on the latest gadgets. They aren’t worshiping anything. There’s a market for tech blogs just like there is for information on gay issues, celebrity gossip or world news. I don’t see the hilarity in these me doing their jobs and trying to make a living. Human beings are interested in all sorts of things. Some like clothes, some like cars, some like computers, etc. Why make fun of people who’s interests are different from your own?

  6. ratbastard says


    Of course I understand it’s some people’s job o get a photo/video of Apple’s latest consumer product, and no I’m not laughing them for trying to make a buck. But you have to admit there’s some serious cult-like worship of Apple products that goes on, and this pic is pretty funny.

  7. Eric says


    I don’t think anyone is saying that they’re all professional photographers. Most tech blogs and other news outlets, even major newspapers, don’t employ professional photographers for events like this.

  8. minh says

    Of course there is nothing wrong with these worshippers/professionals. But some people have to agree that this picture looks a bit dranmatic and funny. It’s all about the art of photography!!! Emphasize the aspects that is amusing and relaxing to at least some people!

  9. Rovex says

    Its no more stupid than taking a picture of a random celeb because its your job. Whats really stupid is the people who hand over the cash for one of these overpriced pieces of tat, made by virtual slaves, from other peoples technology and IP.

  10. Jim says

    Yes, I get the joke, and it is humorous when looking at the photo. I do think that with a sluggish economy, the fact that this machine under glass will generate millions and millions of dollars into the U.S. and world economy is a good thing, among other detractors as well.

  11. minh says

    Apple has been well-known for its support of LGBT rights. In fact, it is one of the most gay-friendly companies according to HRC ratings. If I have to buy one tech product and can afford it, I will always choose Apple ones. If I worship one thing apart from a male’s body, it will be Apple’s

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