Anti-Gay Activist Calls Marriage Equality “Monstrous Insaneness”

MikeHeathWith the pro-equality groups fundraising like gangbusters to pass a November vote on same-sex nuptials, homophobic activist Mike Heath (pictured) is trying to convince other right-wingers to join his hateful cause.

In a post over at the group Americans For "Truth" About Homosexuality, Heath, who heads up two PACs fighting a ballot measure that would give same-sex couples the same rights as straights, decries Facebook founder Chris Hughes' $100,000 donation to the pro-LGBT cause and then proceeds to suggest fellow activists start describing "this whole issue" — he calls it "sodomy-based marriage" — as "monstrous insaneness."

From Heaths' post, via Good As You:

[Hughes made] a huge $100,000 donation to assure Maine enacts sodomy-based “marriage” in November of this year.

The Christian supporters of common sense in Maine struggle to stay faithful in the fight. Even though Maine is the only political jurisdiction to have twice overturned “gay” rights in statewide voting, the momentum has shifted to the homosexual activist lobby. Polling shows them winning the vote in November. That would make Maine the first state to approve of so-called same sex marriage in a popular vote.

Now is, of course, not the time to soften our message. It is, in fact, the time to abandon the pro-family politicking of the past four or five decades and simply tell the truth. A good place to start is this sermon by Saint John Chrysostom. He calls this whole issue “monstrous insaneness."

Heath is most likely fighting an uphill — not to mention archaic — battle: the latest polling gives equality a 20-point lead over tired, old discrimination.


  1. David in Houston says

    This homophobic douchbag is a coward for not publishing his hate-mongers in a public venue where people can respond. That speaks volumes about his position. Even he knows he’s part of a bigoted fringe group that doesn’t represent the public at all.

    Is there any doubt this guy is a self-loathing closet case?

  2. Simon says

    Exposing bigotry with the bible :

    Hatred is the greatest sin which goes against the greatest commandments of Christ. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ has clearly mentioned that the way to have eternal life for his followers is through his commandments to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. He has mentioned that those laws are above all other biblical laws of any other prophets.

    Homophobes promoting hatred are antiChrist who do not believe or pretend to believe in Jesus Christ but do not acknowledge Christ’s commandments to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself, to be the highest of all biblical laws. The antiChrist, like the devil, is a master of quoting biblical verses except those 2 top commandments of love from Christ, they avoid using Christ’s name but use other names, even ‘God’, to bring all sort of biblical verses or ‘facts’, to lie and to prove their justification to hate. AntiChrist deceive people that those 2 commandments of love were not above all laws for Christians, and they are around in many organizations pretending to be of ‘religious’ faith.

    The issue of homosexuality, same sex marriage and many other issues (sexual/non sexual) are different forms of a test of the Christian faith on that choice of who they really believe in the end, to love (Christ and His greatest commandments) or to hate (succumb to temptation of verses NOT from Christ’s greatest commandments to justify their hatred).

  3. Wyett Earp says

    I think it’s time to go one step further and ban organized religions. The amount of followers with brain damage due to incompetent theological teaching no longer negligible.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    @ Kirkyo

    Exactly! “Monstorous Insaneness” sounds like something a cartoon version of a 1960s queen would say. I imagine this Mike Heath guy sounding like a cross between Sylvester the Cat and Paul Lynde.

  5. says

    “Sodomy-based marriage”…how does he know every gay marriage is based on sodomy? Maybe some marriages are for love alone and no sex is involved, maybe there is just oral sex, maybe it is just cuddling or jerking off, maybe both partners are impotent.

    Why does he care so much about what married people do in privacy? Does he assume that heterosexuals do not have anal sex? But what if they did, would he insist they get divorced?

    This bigoted man is a prime example of a borderline fascist.

  6. Tom in long beach says

    If we win equality at the polls then it will really deflate the NOM people who love to say “put it to a vote”. However civil rights should never be up for a vote.

    “Monstrous Insaneness” sound like a good name for an alternative rock band….

  7. Rob roberts says

    Wow, the haters are getting desperate. And the more desperate they get, the louder they will scream their hate. And this will backfire against them big time. The end for the bigots is rapidly approaching, and it is amusing to watch. Sorry bigots: we won, you lose.

  8. Frank says

    This man is standing on very thin ice and
    he hasn’t got the smarts to grasp it.
    What part of ‘nit wit’ doesn’t he understand?
    It’s a shame what a flawed
    theology pertaining to human sexuality
    has produced in this world. It is high
    time that humanity simply moves on in
    courage and faith from this kind of

  9. jakeinlove says

    Do you ever realize that they can only use “scary phrases” to describe equality issues but don’t actually produce solid facts or evidence to qualify their statements? Boogey man this Boogey man that, but when you turn on the lights it’s just a jacket on the chair.

  10. ChuckGG says

    I’m originally from Maine. This guy, along with Madore, are just completely out-of-touch with today’s world. The only reason they are against SSM is based on religious views. But, this is a secular issue having nothing to do with their version of religion or anyone else’s for that matter.

    I’m not sure where he got the idea that SSM has been put to the vote twice in Maine. It has not. The Maine legislature passed a SSM bill in 2009 and it was signed into law by the Governor. Then, the hate group, NOM, along with the Catholic church spent a lot of money campaigning and got the issue on the ballot via the People’s Veto. The people voted and in a 47/53 split amounting to 30,000 votes, in an off-year, referendum-only ballot, SSM was repealed.

    Mainers now have had a chance to review what happened and this November we are optimistic SSM will be restored.

    Heath and Madore are dinosaurs and in November they will share the fate of their ancient cousins.

  11. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Please stop saying that marriage equality has a 20-point lead in Maine polling. If readers will click to the Towleroad link that you provide for the prior story, and if they will read the Comments related to that prior story, they will see that many of us believe there is no 20-point lead, and that the election will be much, much closer.
    For those who think that we’re definitely going to win in Maine, please don’t take that view — we need to continue contributing $$ to Maine because there is a great chance we CAN win, but there is still a lot of work to do.

  12. woodroad34d says

    This jerk’s words are readily applied to him and his ilk. The only difference is that we’re right (I mean ‘correct’) and he’s miserably wrong. His mother should have been concerned about the PCBs she ingested while nursing him.

  13. Keith says

    Exactly how do lesbians have a “sodomy-based marriage”? Actually, my marriage here in California is based on a lot more than our sex life. If that were the only reason to get married, then what is the point of the entire institution? How sad for him if his entire relationship is based on just one aspect of it.

  14. Anthony Veneziano says

    Actually most heterosexual marriages are “sodomy based.” Plenty of oral gratification and an amazing increase in anal sex, just look at straight porn these days where anal sex is the norm. And don’t get started on all the S&M, swinging and hetero perversities. It’s enough to bring the wrath of GOD down upon those nasty disease spreading hetero hedonists!

  15. Mary says

    “I think it’s time to go one step further and ban organized religions. The amount of followers with brain damage due to incompetent theological teaching no longer negligible”

    Wyett, I would imagine that if you think “incompetent theoological teaching” causes brain damage you’d advocate COMPETENT teaching rather than a ban on religion. But please realize that “the other side” reads gay blogs precisely for statements like the one you made about banning religion. Many will take this statement literally. They’ll ask each other “if this is what gays are saying openly in a gay website that is open access, what are they saying or planning in private conversations?” We need to keep America peaceful and free from paranoia. Calls to “ban religion” take us in the opposite direction. I know since I was from “the other side” until recently.

  16. CHEVYTEXAS says

    ‘Saint’ john Chrysostom is a fake saint created from the Jerry Falwell of his time, which is why he is being reinvigorated lately. I was wondering if a lotta Greek Orthodoxy was joining NOM but not so. Oddly, poor old mysogonistic St. Paul never gets quoted, possibly since he was One of Us.

  17. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Shop at JCPenney, buy more Oreos cookies and watch Ellen DeGeneres. Do not help this guy and the One Million Moms choking on their own hate.

  18. Mike says

    Scott: I think you mean choking on something else. Get real you little gay robot. My sexuality didn’t depend on a department store or a brand of cookies. Now was that choke or gag? You’ve been there haven’t you?

  19. Chuck Mielke says

    Actually, as a piece of persuasive rhetoric, “sodomy-based marriage” isn’t terrible; it gets some attention for “sodomy” but still has the “aw, gosh” warmth of “marriage.” In other words, it doesn’t carry a clear and inflammatory message.

    More and more, the haters fail to understand that they are “preaching to the choir” and that the “choir” is getting smaller and smaller as the desperation, hatred, and xenophobia mount. Soon, I predict, we’ll see an instance of anti-gay violence that will actually be the death-knell of organized homophobia. While I don’t actively hope for such an event, I imagine a crime of substantial magnitude and brutality with a sympathetic victim and a violator who is emblematic of the hateful fringe. Something that will help many of the anti-gay crowd wonder, “What have we done to make this possible?”

    Look how the story of Matthew Shepard and the drum-beat of gay teen suicides have helped our causes. It’s cynical, I know, but martyrs have value.

  20. the village elder says

    Religion has become more and more toxic as it has become the shelter of dull-witted cowards who either can’t or won’t think for themselves. It is a mistake to talk of banning religion. The type of religion that is intent on attacking “the gays” will self destruct on it’s own. I’m OK with them babbling away as long as we have the right to defend ourselves. America still has some basic freedoms which means that even douchebags have a right to spew their dribbling load. And we have the right and responsibility to counter the drivel they produce.

    Heath is a sad little loser who has dedicated his life to hate. He’s obssessed with the private lives of other people. It certainly suggests that his own private life is pretty empty and meaningless

  21. rocco11 says

    Sodomy….fellatio….cunnilingus everlasting…..Father, why are these words so nasty? Masterbation can be fun! Join the holy orgy kama sutra EVERYONE!!!!

  22. andrew says

    The writings of St John Chrysostom were use down through the centuries as a weapon against Jews. Women may be interested in the following quote of his:” Among all the savage beasts none is found so harmful as woman”. Romney may not want to use another of his quotes as a bumper sticker: “It is not possible for one to be wealthy and just at the same time”.

  23. andrew says

    Why does this site sell ads for the Tea Party, Liberty University and other anti homosexual rights people? Is it all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? Will I next see ads about Rev Phelps church? Where do you draw the line Andy?

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