Apple Adds Gay And Lesbian Couples To iOS 6 Emoticons


Apple's new iPhone operating system is LGBT-inclusive.

Via Gizmodo:

The new version of Apple's iPhone operating system comes with new emojis, the popular emoticons that are often used in texting and email, especially by young kids and nerdy adults like me. Two of these new pictograms represent gay and lesbian couples for the first time.

The icons are placed next to the previous relationship-related emojis showing a heterosexual couple holding hands and a heterosexual couple with a son. One shows two men holding hands. The other shows two women in the same position.

Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz wonders if these same-sex couples will have babies by the time iOS 7 comes out. And, if so, will anti-gay activists toss their iPhones en masse?


  1. Kazu says

    Actually, the people in the icons are most likely supposed to be Asian (with hair dye), as emoji are originally a Japanese input method for Japanese users and emoji is a Japanese word. Only recently are these type of graphic-based emoji becoming popular outside of Asia.

    Yes, there are emoji characters of other ethnicities in the iPhone.

    It will be nice when the couples have other ethnicities too.


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